My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2264

When they parted ways, the little girl introduced herself. “Hello, my name is Shirley Lloyd. Will you come to play with me in the future?”

At the age of ten, Zacharias was already 5-feet tall, while four-year-old Shirley was only about 3-feet tall.

For some people, even just one meeting was unforgettable. Zacharias’ childhood lacked much joy, with heavy academic burdens and extremely high expectations from his parents. He had no friends. So, when he saw a carefree little girl, he envied her.

Unexpectedly, nineteen years later, they met again under these circumstances. However, he thought that the little girl from back then probably wouldn’t remember him because a person’s earliest memories started at around six or seven years old, so he was the only one who remembered the encounter.

Zacharias recognized her at first sight, but this little girl was just a passing guest in his life. Therefore, he didn’t pay special attention to her.

However, he found her quite interesting after last night’s sparring. Moreover, what made her interesting wasn’t just her skills but also her belonging to an influential family in the center of power. After tidying up the kitchen, Corinne came down to start preparing dinner.

“Imogen, help me prepare the vegetables. I’m very busy right now,” Corinne requested. Shirley took the vegetables over to peel them while Corinne began boiling a pot of water.

“I feel that Mr. Flintstone doesn’t like spicy food. Can you make it a bit milder?” Shirley offered a suggestion.

“I know that. You don’t need to remind me,” Corinne replied ungratefully. Shirley decided not to speak anymore. After peeling the vegetables, Shirley went to the laundry room. The clothes that had just been dried needed to be taken out, ironed, and then hung in the cloakroom for Zacharias.

While ironing the clothes, she felt somewhat speechless. She had never even ironed her father’s clothes, yet now she found herself coming here every day to iron a man’s clothes.

After finishing ironing the shirts, pants, and suits, she noticed that there was one more item left in the dryer. As she reached for it, her face turned slightly red. It was a pair of men’s underwear-a black pair of briefs.

She felt a bit awkward while holding the underwear in her hands, but she patiently ironed it as well. After she finished ironing, she carried the clothes to the cloakroom.

Just as she reached the third floor with the clothes in her hands, she saw a figure walking toward her in the corridor. Holding the clothes, she immediately acted like she was a maid. She faced the window and lowered her head while waiting for the man to pass by.

Zacharias stood in front of her while gazing at the girl with intense eyes. Under the soft lighting, her delicate and beautiful features, slender figure, and graceful demeanor were revealed. Indeed, time was a skilled artist as it transformed a little girl into a beautiful young woman.

Shirley saw that the man was standing in front of her and felt his gaze on her. She couldn’t help but feel nervous and flustered. Could he have really discovered something?

Just then, one of the clothes she was holding. suddenly slipped and it was the smallest piece -the black briefs. It fell onto the golden carpet and was especially eye-catching. She lowered her head to pick it up and quickly said to the man, “I’ll wash it again.”

She didn’t know if this man had cleanliness issues, but since it fell on the ground in front of him, she had to wash it again.

“There’s no need for that. Put it back in the wardrobe.” Zacharias spoke while looking at his underwear held by her slender and fair hands. In an instant, it seemed as if these hands were also holding a certain part of his body, causing a sudden tightening in his abdomen.

The man’s breathing quickened and he turned to leave hastily..

Only then did Shirley exhale while watching his retreating figure. She quickly hung his clothes back in his dressing room and stood in this spacious closet filled with neatly arranged dark- colored suits, waistcoats, and shirts. This was probably the largest collection of suits she had ever seen.


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