My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2265

Zacharias didn’t go downstairs but instead went to the study on the second floor. He took a book that he hadn’t finished reading last time -a biography of a famous person. Usually, at this time, he could patiently read and learn about the governance philosophy of the historical figures in the book.

However, today was different. Although his gaze was fixed on the words in the book, his mind couldn’t focus. He sighed slightly before rubbing his temples with a sense of frustration. All of this was a consequence of the reaction just now.

Zacharias put the book back onto the shelf and stood up. Then, he headed downstairs to the garden to get some fresh air and relax.

Corinne was busy preparing dinner. This time, she meticulously crafted each dish with hopes of capturing Zacharias’ taste buds so that he would pay her more attention.

After more than an hour of preparation, the table was finally set at 6.30PM, which was the usual time Zacharias had dinner.

Upon seeing Zacharias going to the garden, Corinne tidied herself up and walked toward the garden. She took light steps toward him when she saw the man sitting in a chair in the garden with his eyes closed and seemingly lost in thought.

However, she didn’t dare to disturb him. Even though he had his eyes closed, he was emanating a dignified aura that couldn’t be ignored by one. His sitting posture was not ast upright as usual; it seemed somewhat lazy and relaxed.

The evening light enveloped him and gave him. a golden glow. His features were deep, with perfect contours. Along with his noble status, his face was captivating to women.

Finally, Zacharias opened his eyes and his piercing gaze made Corinne’s heart beat faster. She said gently, “Mr. Flintstone, you can have dinner now.”

Zacharias nodded and said to Corinne, ‘You can go back to rest. Imogen can handle the things here on her own.”

Corinne felt a mixture of envy and jealousy after hearing this. Why did Zacharias always want Imogen alone by his side to serve him?

She felt a strong sense of being chased away and hurriedly said, ‘Mr. Flintstone, I can also stay and serve you. This is my job.” Zacharias stared at her with a sharp gaze. “I like quietness and don’t like crowded places.”

“Imogen might be tired today, so let me stay.”

she insisted. He frowned slightly, feeling impatient. “Having her here is enough; you can go back.” Upon sensing the displeasure in his tone, she quickly nodded. “Okay.”

After saying that, she went back to the hall and took out her phone. She couldn’t figure out why. Zacharias always wanted Imogen to stay by his side. Where did she lose to Imogen?

Shirley descended from the second floor. Upon seeing the delicately arranged dinner on the table, she thought to herself that Corinne’s cooking skills were indeed good. It was an aspect where she fell short.

At the same time, Zacharias entered the hall from the yard, and Shirley immediately stood straight to welcome him.

“Let’s have dinner together!” he suddenly said to her. She shook her head. “No. I’m your subordinate, so I can’t dine at the same table with you.”

She was well aware of her position and status. “I need someone to accompany me for dinner,” Zacharias emphasized, then glanced at her. “This is an order.”

Shirley was secretly surprised. Was accompanying him for dinner also part of her job?

She stopped insisting and nodded. “All right.”

After that, she sat across from him. She served him a bowl of rice, and he reached out to take it. She also served herself.

For a while, there was only the sound of the two of them having dinner in the quiet hall.

“At what age do your earliest memories start?”

Zacharias suddenly asked while eating. Shirley blinked and carefully thought before answering, “Probably around six years old.”

“Do you not remember anything before the age of six?” he asked. She nodded affirmatively. “I have no impression at all.”

After saying that, she was a bit curious, “Why are you asking me this question?” “It’s just a casual question,” Zacharias said while picking up a piece of food and chewing elegantly.

Shirley continued to eat her dinner earnestly. However, she didn’t dare to take the steak since she wanted to leave it for him..


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