My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2266

Corinne had only grilled one person’s portion, so while the presentation was beautiful, there wasn’t much of the grilled beef ribs to go around. That was why Shirley didn’t take any.

Just as she lowered her head to eat the food on her plate, suddenly, a knife and fork picked up two pieces of beef ribs and placed them on her plate. Shirley immediately raised her head and lied, saying, “I don’t like this. You can have it, Mr. Flintstone.”

“I don’t like it either.” Zacharias smiled. From his face, she couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth or not. Is he a vegan?

In the end, she happily started eating with her head lowered. Looking at her two rows of delicate eyelashes twinkling, he actually forgot to eat.

When she lifted her head, he quickly lowered his, avoiding her gaze. After she finished her meal, he put down his cutlery as well. She then asked, “Are you done?”

“Yes.” He nodded. With his answer, she quickly cleaned up the table. Meanwhile, he didn’t go upstairs; instead, he sat in the living room, watching the news.

His gaze would frequently shift toward the kitchen, where he saw the slender figure washing the dishes. As for what was on the news, it no longer seemed important because his mind was not there.

After washing the dishes, Shirley realized it was almost 8.00PM, so she walked up to Zacharias and said, “Mr. Flintstone, if you don’t have any further instructions, I’ll head back to my dorm now. You should get some rest too.”

Suddenly, he looked at her and said, “Tomorrow, pack your things and move into my guest room.” This statement shocked her. She quickly said, “That is not in accordance with the rules, Mr. Flintstone.”

“I set the rules.” He reminded her. In his household, he had the final say in everything. For instance, the question of where his bodyguards should stay.

Yet, she still wanted to refuse. “Mr. Flintstone, my dorm is only a mile away from your residence, and guards are stationed outside every night. You’re very safe.” In other words, she did not need to stay at his place to protect him.

“Do as I say.” He suddenly picked up the remote and turned off the TV, his tone growing colder and firmer. That night, after she informed her captain, Roy, about this, he was also surprised for a few seconds, then he asked, “Are you sure it’s Mr. Flintstone’s decision?”

Shirley nodded. “Absolutely sure.”

After thinking for a few seconds, he agreed. “Alright, then follow his instructions. Perhaps he has a reason for this.”

At this moment, she couldn’t fathom what Zacharias’ intentions were. She couldn’t help but ask, “Captain, do you want to discuss with Mr. Flintstone about substituting someone else to stay at his place? I’m young and inexperienced. I’m worried that I might not be able to provide adequate protection.”

Initially, Roy was puzzled as well. Zacharias had told him before that, unless it was work-related, his bodyguards should not get close to him, as he needed absolute peace and rest. So, why would he suddenly want a female bodyguard to stay at his house? As he looked at Shirley’s puzzled face, he finally found an answer.

As high-ranking as Zacharias was, he was still a man, and perhaps what he wanted was not a bodyguard but someone who could keep him company and have a chat.

Shirley, being new to the bodyguard industry and having a youthful and pleasant appearance, might indeed be a good choice to keep him company.

After all, a man understood another man better. Roy had a hunch, but he couldn’t tell Shirley. He simply advised, “Shirley, if Mr. Flintstone has specifically asked for you to move in, there’s no room for substitutions. Just focus on your primary duties.”

Seeing that he couldn’t change the situation, she nodded. “Alright, I’ll move my things tomorrow morning.”

That night, she held her phone and plucked up the courage to send a message to Cole, but after waiting for a while, he still didn’t reply. She felt slightly disappointed and eventually fell asleep.

Early in the morning, she packed up her belongings, and around 7.00AM, she carried her luggage downstairs. Corinne happened to be coming from her dorm, and when she saw Shirley packing, she was momentarily surprised. Then, she asked with a hint of schadenfreude, “Did you get fired, Imogen?”


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