My Billionaire Mom Chapter 779

Chapter 779

Frankly, Yolanda was also a little anxious! It was his first time doing gemstone investments, but he seemed so confident. Where did he get the confidence from, since he didn’t have much experience in that field? Wouldn’t he lose a lot of money? Yolanda thought that she had caused him to suffer losses by bringing him there. She shouldn’t have brought him there in the first place.

Alas! There was an uproar at that moment!

“What are you guys making noise about? Let me go first. Open mine first!” The man who was the first to purchase the stone, walked over and said.

“Sir, this…” The staff member asked Chuck.

“It doesn’t matter. He can go first.” Chuck wasn’t bothered by it. He had never seen that before!

“Alright, I’ll cut this stone for him first.” Since Chuck didn’t have a problem with it, the staff member just agreed. There was a clamor! The sound of the cutting machine was ear-piercing as it drilled into the stone. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on the stone!

Chuck was also very intrigued about what was inside that piece of stone. When the machine drilled deeper, a dash of green could be seen!

“Wow, there’s jade!”

“Wow, you have such a good eye for jade. You can easily earn six million dollars…”

Everyone was shocked. They did not expect that there would be jade at all in that piece of stone.

“What if I buy this from you for 15 million dollars.”

“I’ll pay 16 million!”

Several bosses started to quote their prices. That ore seemed really good. As long as they bought it, they would definitely make a lot of money. So, why wouldn’t they try to buy it over? It sounded like they were trying to snatch it away from him. The boss was laughing while negotiating the price. On the other end, the rest of the buyers also walked over to cut their stones. Chuck didn’t mind letting them go ahead first.

Chuck actually found that gemstone investment was rather interesting. “Boss, it’s your turn,” the staff member said to Chuck.

“Okay, cut this one!” Chuck pointed at the smallest piece. Everyone’s gaze was on the stone! They were also there to watch the show. The staff member slowly cut in! From the edge, one-third of the stone was cut!

“Didn’t he buy it for 80 million? I think he is going to lose 20 million!”

“I’m sure it’ll be more than that. I think he is going to lose 30 million!”

“I think he is going to lose half of his money!” They were all laughing at him.

Nancy was silent for a moment because she felt that what they were saying was true. Everyone there was an expert in this field. Everyone agreed Chuck was definitely going to suffer huge losses. Nancy felt that it should only be worth around 20 million.

A person could suffer a great loss in gemstone investment, even if they had the money. They needed to have a keen eye! If Chuck didn’t have a keen eye, he was bound to lose money! With how recklessly Chuck spent his money on the stones, it was better for him not to be involved in that field.

Thud! The sound of the cutting machine was ear-piercing. Dust was all over the place.

“There’s a shade of green!”

“There should be jade in it! Otherwise, he would have suffered a great loss.”

“The stone is filled with jade. Based on the color, it looks like imperial jade!”

“What? Oh my gosh, it’s imperial jade!”

Everyone was taken aback! Everyone was frozen! It was just shocking! Even the expression of the staff member changed. When he was cutting through, he became even more meticulous.

“It’s really imperial jade! This will definitely be worth billions. He is going to make a huge profit by just buying it for 80 million!”

They were all astonished! Everyone had been wrong about that stone. It was highly profitable! Everyone could not believe it!

“It’s actually imperial jade. How did he figure it out?” Nancy muttered to herself. Her beautiful eyes widened. Yolanda was dumbfounded too. Did Chuck have such a good eye for stones?

Chuck smirked in his heart. It was his mother who had a keen eye. Through the video call, his mother could tell how much it was worth. His mother was truly impressive. Chuck was looking forward to the next stone. What would happen then?

“Continue!” Chuck pointed at another piece. The staff member gulped and began to cut the second piece. He really didn’t expect that the first piece would have the rare imperial jade. What kind of vision did he have? As the sound of the cutting machine rang out again, everyone glanced at each other.

“I don’t think he would be so lucky again. At the very least he is going to suffer a loss of 50 million with an investment of 300 million!”

“I also think he is going to suffer a great loss!”

While they were making their assumptions and before they could say further, the stone revealed a dark green gem! Everyone was shocked again!

“Oh my gosh! It’s impossible!”

“Is it true? It’s another imperial jade!”

They were all petrified! Their jaws dropped. The imperial jade was rare, but getting two at once was really unimaginable!

Nancy was really dumbfounded. Her jaw dropped. Her beautiful face was filled with horror! Both of them had imperial jade. How lucky was he?

“Oh my gosh. Such a large piece of imperial jade, it is worth at least 500 million!”

The hall was filled with exclamations of amazement! They had expected earlier that Chuck was going to lose lots of money. However, to everyone’s surprise, he was profiting from the first two stones! He was just a newbie in that field!

“How about I buy this from you for 500 million?” One of them said hurriedly.

“I, I’ll pay 530 million!” Everyone was scrambling for it!

“Sorry, I’m not selling!” Chuck shook his head. He was going to make a necklace out of it.

“You are new to this. You can’t handle such a huge thing. Sell it to me and I’ll help you out!”

“I can handle it!” Chuck shrugged.

Everyone was speechless! How could he handle it by himself! Nancy couldn’t believe how Chuck made his remarks so calmly. She had the hunch that he wanted to get into that industry! What did Chuck want to do? Did he want to turn it into a necklace? It required a huge amount of investment!

“Cut the last one!” Chuck’s eyes twinkled. He was also a little excited. Chuck had learned quite a lot from his mother and had gained some experience from the last two stones which were cut earlier. Could it be imperial jade again? Everyone held their breath!

“There were two consecutive imperial jades. He can’t be so lucky to get the third piece too?”

“Absolutely impossible! If this is another imperial jade, I’m going to change my last name!”

“I don’t think it’s possible either. How could he be so lucky? Let’s find out. He has profited 300 million from the last two pieces. He is surely going to suffer a huge loss this time. If he didn’t bid for this last one, he couId’ve still profited…”

Everyone made their assumptions again, but Chuck remained unmoved. He stared at the third stone and said,”Cut!”

Thud! The staff member gulped hard and started cutting the stone nervously!


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