My Billionaire Mom Chapter 781

Chapter 781

Nancy was stunned! Only ten billion? Oh my! How rich was he to say that?

“Are you interested?” Chuck asked.

“I… I…” Nancy stammered. She did not know what to say. She thought that Chuck’s family had at most 10 billion dollars. That was why he could spend more than one billion to buy the three stones. But how much did he actually have? Chuck talked about ten billion dollars like it was nothing to him! In an instant, Nancy clearly felt the gap between her and Chuck.

“I… I don’t have that much money. I can only afford 200 million with my current cash flow.” Nancy’s voice became softer.

“It’s fine, you don’t need to pay. As long as you are interested, you can invest and assist me. You can take five percent of the shares. What do you think?” Chuck said with a smile.

Five percent? Five percent was equivalent to 500 million dollars! Nancy was shocked again!

“Are… are you serious?” Nancy felt that she might have misheard him. How could she have met such a good person! No wonder Yolanda said that she could work for Chuck for the rest of her life. Chuck, as a boss, was really good!

“Of course I’m serious. We can plan a specific program in the next few days. As for the ten billion, I’ll make a call to the bank tomorrow,” Chuck said.

“Tomorrow? Aren’t you afraid that I will take the money and run away?” Nancy did not know what to say. She was stunned by what Chuck said.

“You’re a smart woman. If I can fork out 10 billion dollars, it means that I don’t need that 10 billion…” Chuck did not finish his sentence.

Nancy got his point. “Understood!” She really understood. If a man could afford to invest 10 billion dollars in a business, how could he be concerned about her running away with it? She couldn’t run away with it, anyway! Even if she could run away with the money, she would not be able to spend it.

“Alright, I’ll come up with a plan in a few days. Let us research it together,” Chuck said.

“Then, Yolanda will not be involved in this?” Nancy asked. Yolanda absolutely would not have any problem with the plan.

“Yolanda is now in charge of the plaza, a hotel and a construction site. There’s also a pharmaceutical company to deal with and I have something else for her to do. She’s busier than I am, therefore I will be responsible for the gemstone investment!” Chuck shrugged.

Yolanda’s ability was not limited to these areas. Chuck wanted to expand his business in a short period of time!

Nancy looked at Yolanda with envy. She was so lucky to work for a boss like Chuck. Yolanda felt that there was no problem. She could manage more things.

Chuck wondered if he should hire an assistant for Yolanda, or find someone else. After all, his business empire needed many talents.

“I understand.” Nancy nodded.

“Okay, I’ll hand over the three stones to you after the production line has been set up.”

“Okay, Director Cannon!” Nancy lowered her head. It was hard for her to address him like that, but from that moment on, she had become Chuck’s employee.

“You don’t have to call me that. You can just call me Chuck,” Chuck said. He was not used to it.


“All right. I think everyone’s hungry. Let’s find a place to eat.” Chuck’s mood was quite good that day. He had made a few hundred million dollars. The commercial landscape was rapidly expanding.

Yolanda and Nancy both had no objection. Yolanda was driving.

Chuck smiled and said, “Nancy, you don’t have to be so restrained. Just relax a little. We’re all friends now, there’s no need to be so serious.”

How could Nancy relax? The man in front of her was super rich with a net worth of more than 100 billion dollars! To rich people, her 200 million net worth was considered nothing. They were not on the same level. How could she not be nervous?

Nancy lowered her head while Chuck did not say anything else. After all, they weren’t too familiar with each other. It was normal that she could not relax!

Screech! Suddenly, Yolanda stepped on the brake! Nancy, who was sitting behind, did not fasten her seat belt. She suddenly jerked forward when Yolanda braked suddenly. However, Chuck reached out and held her. Nancy’s face was as red as an apple. Because Chuck’s hand accidentally touched her. She did not lose her temper. Chuck did not do it on purpose, he did it out of kindness.

“Nancy, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Nancy shook her head while she started blushing. In an instant, she became extremely reserved.

“Yolanda, what happened?” Chuck shrugged and asked. He had good physical fitness, therefore even though the car had braked suddenly, he could react fairly quickly.

“There is an excavator on the road.” Yolanda suddenly wondered why there was an excavator on the road. What was going on?

Chuck looked out and sneered, “Yolanda, come to the back seat. Let me drive!”

“Okay!” Yolanda heard Chuck’s serious tone and understood that something must have happened. They switched positions.

“Could it be because someone is mad?” Nancy was rather experienced. What Chuck did earlier was too astonishing. It was more than two billion dollars! It was normal for others to get mad!

“Well, it’s okay. I promise that you both will be safe!” Chuck stepped on the accelerator with a rumbling sound. When the engine roared, the car soon sped ahead. Even if there was an excavator in front of him, he could go around it as there was a grass patch by the side of the road.

Nancy and Yolanda immediately fastened their seat belts. They had never encountered such a situation before! They were scared and nervous.

“What the hell! This guy’s driving skill is surprisingly good! Go after him now!” A man with glasses, Spencer, who was driving a Land Rover, sneered disdainfully. Wasn’t it normal for a young billionaire to be good at driving?

“Okay. If you want to play, let’s play!”

Vroom! Vroom! Seven Land Rovers rushed forward like mad beasts. They roared and chased after him!

“Go after him! Puncture the car tire!” Spencer laughed ferociously! He was very excited about the mission, because he would be rewarded eight million dollars thereafter!

Vroom! Vroom! One of his men fired a shot and it hit the tire.

Boom! The tire burst instantly! Screech! The car shook violently and almost overturned!

Whoosh! Seven Land Rovers surrounded the car. All the strong men inside the cars laughed at them. It was a simple mission! It was easy money!

“Guys, get down. Pedro asked us to get it done clean!” Spencer smiled slightly. Everyone in the cars got out. There were more than 20 of them! They stared at Chuck’s car like a tiger eyeing its prey!

“There are so many of them!” Nancy’s face was pale. Yolanda’s expression did not look good either, but she was calm.

“Chuck, why don’t we give them the stones?” Staying alive was more important.

“It won’t be that easy to rob my things! You two just wait for me in the car!” Chuck opened the door and went out.

“Don’t go out! Chuck, you will die!” Yolanda turned pale. There were so many people outside, how could Chuck handle them alone?

“It’s all right. I forgot to tell you, I’m good at fighting now,” Chuck said with a smile.


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