My Billionaire Mom Chapter 782

Chapter 782

Chuck said that he was good at fighting? Yolanda and Nancy were speechless! Even if he was good at fighting, how could he handle so many people by himself? But there were dozens of people outside. How could he handle them alone? Even Hercules could probably only handle four at once! Not even the God of War could do it!

“Chuck, don’t be stubborn! Give them the stones. Your life is more important. If you lose it, how can you set up your business empire?” Yolanda stopped Chuck. How could she allow Chuck to go out by himself and die? She could not just sit back and watch.

“Don’t worry.” Chuck shrugged.

“I can’t. You’re young and aggressive. I’m worried that you can’t withstand their strength!” Yolanda emphasized.

Nancy nodded. “That’s right, Chuck. Give them the stones. Your life is more important!” Nancy said. She was glad to have met a boss like Chuck that day. She did not want to see Chuck get beaten to death by them. It was not worth it! How could a super-rich person like Chuck in his prime time just die there like this?

“Those three are still discussing! Hey, there are two beautiful women in the car and their bodies look great!”

“Boss, that one is beautiful. I like her!”

“Fuck! Do you like her? The boss always chooses first! Don’t you know the rules?”

Everyone surrounded the car. Spencer looked at Yolanda and Nancy from head to toe with his fiery eyes! He had seen many women, but his eyes lit up when he saw Yolanda and Nancy. They were gorgeous!

“I did not expect that in addition to making money today, I would meet two beautiful women. Dudes, I’ll enjoy myself first. You can have them when I’m done!” Spencer laughed wildly in excitement. This transaction was really too great! Even if he was not rewarded with a few million, it would be sufficient to get his hands on Yolanda and Nancy who were beauties.

“Let’s go!” Spencer could not wait any longer! His gang was also very excited when they heard they could also be part of the action. Their eyes brightened in an instant.

Nancy’s face turned pale. She started to panic under the gaze of those perverts. There were so many of them. Would she be tortured to death there? Yolanda’s face did not look good either.

“You see, this group of people will not let us go even if we gave them the stones!” Chuck already knew. All men liked beautiful women. Needless to say, they all took an interest in Yolanda and Nancy!

“Chuck, let’s run!” Yolanda forced herself to calm down.

“No need. Just wait for a while, I’ll be back in a moment.” Chuck stepped forward.

“Chuck is going to die! There are too many of them!” Nancy was trembling. Nancy had never encountered such a situation before. If she was meant to die, she would accept it with dignity. But if she were to be raped to death by so many men, Nancy could not accept it. Yolanda did not answer. She did not know why, but Chuck’s calmness gave her a sense of security, albeit being in such a dangerous situation. She could not understand it herself. Where did the sense of security come from?

“Let’s have faith in Chuck!” Yolanda said. The only thing they could do was to trust Chuck! Because they were hopeless! Nancy gave a wry smile. What other option did she have but to trust Chuck?

“Alas, I have such a bright future ahead of me, how could I die here?” Nancy thought to herself.

“Yolanda, I do not want to be harassed to death. So, just kill me later! No, the two of us will kill each other at the same time! This way, we will both die in honor!” Nancy’s heart was filled with bitterness.

“Okay,” Yolanda agreed. Up until that moment, she was still an honorable woman. How could she be insulted by those people?

“Don’t blame Chuck. He will do his best!”

“I don’t blame him. I can only blame myself for having such bad luck!” Nancy sighed. She was extremely worried. Alas! Yolanda did not say a word.

“Who sent you here?” Chuck asked with a shrug.

“Do you think it’s necessary for a dead man to know?” Spencer said with a grim smile, “Get rid of him. It’s time for us to enjoy our time with the ladies!”

“Alright!” They were extremely excited!

“Well, if you don’t say it now, I will ask you again later! Do you really want a fight? I can give you a chance. Leave now and I will spare your lives! What do you think of this deal?” Chuck asked everyone on the spot. But in return, everyone laughed at him!

“He’s so foolish!”

“Is this a new way to beg for mercy? You’re asking us to leave? How stupid are you to say that?” Their sarcasm was ringing in his ears!

“Well, if you want to die, then I have no objection. Then, go ahead!” Chuck’s eyes were cold as he said that.

“Do you want to start with me? I’ll beat you to death…” However, before he could say more… Suddenly… A fist was coming toward him somehow! He was stupefied. He avoided the inconceivable speed, but a second later, another fist landed on his chest!

Crack! His rib was broken!

Bang! He flew like a piece of trash!

Bang! He laid on the ground and twitched. Blood flowed out from his mouth while he could not speak clearly. He soon died with a hint of reluctance in his voice.

In that instant, everyone fell silent. Laughter? There was no laughter anymore! Not even the sound of breathing could be heard. They fell into a dead silence. It was because of Chuck’s punch!

Yolanda and Nancy were shocked! They could not believe what they had just seen. It was too fast. How did Chuck appear in front of that man and sent him flying out with just a punch? How did that happen? It was like an illusion!

“Chuck is so awesome!” Nancy was unable to control herself. The scene was even more exciting than a movie!

“I did not know he was this good at fighting!” Yolanda’s beautiful eyes twinkled. At that moment, Chuck’s sculpture-like figure was imprinted in her mind.

“Fuck! What happened? Is he dead?” Spencer was shocked. One punch sent a person flying out and even killed him? It was too terrifying! Everyone was in shock!


“No! Don’t!”

“Please don’t hit me!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Chuck moved swiftly among them. Each time he moved, a person would fly out while spitting out blood. They could not withstand Chuck’s punches. He was such a powerful man!

Chuck wore a special ring that weighed a few kilograms! The power of one punch was equivalent to a few hundred pounds! No human could withstand his punches at all! In less than a minute, many people laid on the ground motionless.

A few of them were howling and crying. They regretted that they did not grab the chance to escape earlier! They even laughed at him! It was too late to regret it!

“All done! I think it’s time for you to tell me who sent you all here!” Chuck flexed his wrists while showing his shiny white teeth.


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