My Billionaire Mom Chapter 783

Chapter 783

Spencer was so frightened that he sat on the ground. He was also a mercenary who had retired from the army. It was not a problem for him to handle twenty people alone, but he would need to go through a hard battle! But, he definitely could not kill a man with just one punch like Chuck! It was obvious that there was a gap of strength between them! It was terrifying!

“Don’t, don’t come closer!” Spencer yelled. He took out his gun and was about to pull the trigger. Chuck threw out a dagger at the same time! It hit Spencer’s wrist, of which the hand was holding the gun! Everything seemed to have happened at the speed of lightning!

“Ah!” The dagger was given by Sophia. At that speed, it could pierce through bone.

Spencer screamed loudly! Since his bone had been pierced through, he could not hold the gun anymore!

Thud! The gun fell to the ground!

Barn! Chuck kicked him mercilessly!

Spencer screamed again and was unable to retaliate against Chuck. He laid on the ground and screamed, “Please, don’t kill me. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything!” Fear flooded him. He did not expect that Chuck could handle all of them alone!

“Why didn’t you just tell me earlier?” Chuck shrugged.

“Spare me, please! It was Pedro Gellert who sent us! He ordered us to kill you and retrieve the stones!”

“Oh? Pedro Gellert? I don’t know him. Do you?” Chuck asked Nancy. She was amazed by what she had seen. One punch could actually kill a person? What kind of strength was that? She still could not figure it out!

“Pedro was the one who just competed with you for the final piece of stone,” Nancy said.

“Oh, I see!” Chuck did not have an impression of him at all.

“I’ve already told you who it was. Let me go now!” Spencer coughed violently. Chuck’s kick nearly killed him.

“Let you go? It’s not that simple! If you take me to him, I will let you go,” Chuck shrugged and said.

“What!” Spencer was terrified! What did he mean? Was he trying to get revenge on the two bosses?

“If you don’t want to, then you’ll have to die here!” Chuck revealed his pearly white teeth.

Spencer could not stop shivering, “I… I’ll take you to him!” Chuck’s smile made him shiver. Spencer knew that if he did not agree, Chuck would not hesitate to hit him again! He wanted to live! The only way out was to be obedient!

“Good, you chose wisely! Yolanda, Nancy, get in the car with me!” Chuck said. The car that he bought for Yolanda could not be used anymore. Yolanda and Nancy did not have any other cars, therefore they could only drive Spencer’s Land Rover.

“Okay!” Yolanda understood. The sense of security she had felt earlier came from Chuck’s hidden strength! She never thought that this rich kid would actually be good at fighting! He was the first in the world!

“Come on, get out of the car! We can’t drive this car anymore.” Yolanda felt sorry and distressed. It was the car given by Chuck to her. She had always been very fond of it, but she did not expect it to be ruined that day!

“Alas!” Yolanda sighed. Nancy got out of the car as well. Chuck grabbed Spencer, pulled him up and pushed him into the car!

“You, drive… The two of you, get in the back seat.” Chuck took the stones from the car and placed them into the Land Rover. The four of them got into the car. Spencer drove toward the place in fear. He drove into a villa.

The two bosses were laughing. Everything was normal. In a short moment, each of them would get more than a billion dollars. Shouldn’t they be happy?

“Why hasn’t Spencer arrived yet?”

“Don’t worry. Spencer has done this many times before. Also, he brought more than 20 men with him. There shouldn’t be any problems! Just wait for the money to arrive!”

“But it’s been a while.” One of the bosses was very dissatisfied.

“Spencer is a man as well. When he sees a beautiful woman like Nancy, wouldn’t he have fun with her on the spot?”

“Oh my! I’ve forgotten about Nancy. I’ve wanted her for a long time, but Spencer gets his hands on her first!”

“I like the women with that boy. Their figures are extremely hot! Unfortunately, I have forgotten about it. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten Spencer to bring those two women back. Wouldn’t it be great to earn money and enjoy ourselves with the women too?” The two bosses felt a little disappointed. But soon, they drank and celebrated in advance.

Suddenly, a voice sounded!

“You two are in such a good mood. You are drinking too? Were you waiting for me?” The two bosses were shocked as Spencer and Chuck were right at the door! Spencer looked ghastly pale while Chuck remained unfazed!

“What? How could he still be alive?” The two bosses were in shock! Shouldn’t Chuck be dead?

“What happened? Spencer, you brought so many people with you. Were they all killed?”

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance that he is so powerful? More than 20 of my brothers were all killed by him with just one punch!” Spencer was fuming! If he knew in advance that Chuck was so powerful, he would not dare to kill Chuck even if he was paid 100 million!

“What? They died with one punch?” The two bosses were stunned. Was he a demon? How could a person die by a single punch?

“All right, I don’t want to see the two of you anymore. Spencer, go and beat them to death. Then, I’ll let you go!” Chuck shrugged and said.

“What?” Spencer was shocked!

The two bosses were terrified!

“Wouldn’t it be easier for you to kill them in just three minutes?” Fear consumed Spencer. His face was pale and he thrust forward with a chair!

Crack! It was a mahogany chair, which was extremely sturdy. With just one hit, one of the bosses sat on the ground with his head bleeding, looking blank.

Spencer was scared again. The boss screamed and then laid on the ground motionlessly.

“No, don’t kill me! Please, I was wrong, I was wrong!”

“It’s good that you know that you are wrong. Anyway, I won’t forgive you. Kill him!” Chuck said coldly.

Spencer picked up the bloody chair and smashed it on the other boss!

“Argh!” The scream was endless! There was a lot of blood on the ground! It was a horrible scene! It was too late to regret it!

“I… I’ve killed both of them!” Spencer said in fear.

“Oh, I can tell! Come here!” Chuck ordered him.

Spencer was terrified and quickly knelt down. “Please spare my life. From now on, I will be your servant! Please spare my life! I beg you!”

“You want to be my servant? Alright, get up!” Chuck shrugged. Indeed, he wanted to gather a team. Otherwise, how could he overcome Sabina’s revenge against him?

Spencer was ecstatic. “Really? “

“Yes. As long as you are obedient, I won’t mistreat you!” Chuck said.

Spencer, who was close to death, was about to cry, “Thank you. From today onward, I will be at your command!”


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