My Billionaire Mom Chapter 784

Chapter 784

In the Land Rover outside the villa… It was dead silent! Yolanda and Nancy were waiting for Chuck.

“How will he deal with Pedro and the others?” It was unbelievable to Nancy! When Chuck returned, there was a murderous look on his face!

“I don’t know. We don’t need to know,” Yolanda answered. No matter what Chuck did, Yolanda had decided a long time ago that she would work for Chuck for the rest of her life.

Nancy was stunned. She understood why Chuck trusted Yolanda so much. Because Yolanda trusted him as well! It was a subtle relationship.

Nancy was envious. When would she be able to form such a subtle employer-employee relationship with Chuck?

“Chuck is out!” Yolanda breathed in relief. Actually, she was worried about what would happen to Chuck. She thought her reasoning made sense. She did not want to lose a good employer!

“Mr. Cannon, what can I do for you?” Spencer asked with his head down. He already had a near death experience earlier.

“Account number!”

“Mr. Cannon, l…” Spencer was stunned. He was like a slave to Chuck. There was no need to give him any money!

“Give me your account number. Since you work for me, I won’t mistreat you! I’ll give you money because I want you to groom talents for me. I need quality bodyguards for my businesses. Gather them for me! The more, the better.”

“Yes, sir! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!”

“Account number!”

Spencer thought that Chuck would give him at most a thousand dollars. But when he received a message, he was shocked, “Fifty million dollars?”

“That’s right. 50 million is the start-up capital. I need a lot of people who are good at fighting. Help me find them! You can use the rest of the money on yourself!”

“Yes, sir. Consider it done! Thank you, Mr. Cannon!” Spencer was ecstatic. Although he had become a servant, he had also found a good boss!

“All right, please go ahead with work.” Chuck was tired. He wanted to take the two ladies to have supper and then have his rest.

“Yes, sir!” Spencer left.

Chuck drove and left along with Yolanda and Nancy. He headed to a place for supper. He did not bother to drive Yolanda home and instead drove directly to his mother’s hotel. He had arranged a room for them!

“This hotel belongs to Chuck?” Nancy was astonished! It was a five-star hotel and was very luxurious. There were many Rolls-Royce cars parked right in front of the hotel to chauffeur guests around. The hotel was worth at least five billion dollars.

“It belongs to Chuck’s mother.” Yolanda only found out about that recently. But it was normal. Chuck was super rich and so was his mother!

Nancy took a deep breath and wondered why. It was very simple! As soon as she entered the hotel, she knew that the management was absolutely top in the world! What did it mean? There were definitely more than one 5-star hotels like that. There might be a few or perhaps dozens of such hotels! He was filthy rich!

Nancy was stupefied! They went to their respective rooms. Nancy lay on the bed. She had stayed in many 5-star hotels before, but there was no hotel that could give her the same satisfaction and enjoyment as this one! She even had a dream and it was a beautiful dream. She dreamed that she was wearing a wedding dress in the largest hotel in the world and made a vow to a man in front of her friends and relatives! She saw the man’s face! She was stunned. It was Chuck?

Nancy woke up and was at a loss. How could she have that kind of dream? Nancy slapped herself. What was she thinking? However, when she thought about it, her face turned red. He was so rich that any woman would like him! She was a woman too!

Chuck checked into a room to take his rest. The next day, Nancy got up early and started her planning while Yolanda went to the pharmaceutical factory. Both of them were busy.

Nancy could not rush her planning. As long as there was a solid plan, the production line could be set up soon. Yolanda could not rush either. She had to do it in an orderly manner!

Chuck was short of assistants! Therefore, he wanted to find someone like Yolanda to assist him! However, it was not easy to find someone like Yolanda! Such talents were harder to find than a project! Chuck had already asked Yolanda to buy her own car. However, she was busy and did not have the time for it.

Chuck had the 4S Automobile Store contact number. He called them directly to deliver a car to Yolanda, then transferred the payment to them! Yolanda saw the new car. Her beautiful eyes were red and glistening.

“Young Master Cannon, there is news about Quinn!” Betty looked for Chuck that day.

“Where is she?” Chuck asked. He could not wait to see her. Quinn was special to Chuck. The two of them had even slept together. Did he miss her? When Chuck returned to his home country, he definitely missed her.

“She’s in Belington City!”

“What is she doing in Belington City?” Chuck did not understand. Wasn’t she going to invest here? Why did she change her mind?

“Quinn’s business investment failed and she had a big problem, therefore she went to Belinton City.” Betty managed to find out from her investigation.

“Got it.” Chuck wanted to look for Quinn there. He could also explore if there were any potential investments there as well.

“Betty, I’m driving to Belinton City!”

“Okay, have a safe journey!”

Chuck went to the basement parking lot and took one of his cars. When Chuck left the hotel and headed to Belington City, he saw a familiar person by the roadside! It was Queenie! Queenie, whom he had slept with earlier in Yvette’s house. Both Zelda and Queenie were unforgettable!

Chuck stopped by the side of the road and shouted, “Queenie!” Chuck had given her a house and over one million dollars. She was coping well. Even though she had to raise her younger sister by herself. Queenie was shocked and turned around in surprise.

“Chuck! You’re back?” That’s right! After Chuck dropped out of school, Queenie dropped out too. She could not focus on her studies anymore, therefore she discontinued it. With Zelda’s help, she started her business. It was not bad. She was an entrepreneur!

“Yes! Get in the car!” Queenie got into the car and became reserved, just like how she was that night. The atmosphere changed.

“Chuck, how are you doing?”

“I’m alright. What about you?” Chuck was grateful. This woman was just as important to him as Zelda in Chuck’s heart. It was hard for him to forget her. She gave him her most precious thing, but he did not give her anything in return. Chuck was ashamed of himself.

“I’m fine!” Queenie said. She suddenly felt that Chuck had changed a lot. He was no longer the reserved boy, nor was he the man who had slept with her. Queenie sighed.

“Well then…”

“Wait a minute, I’ll send you home,” Chuck said. Getting to Quinn need not be in a hurry. He could not let Queenie leave like that.


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