My Billionaire Mom Chapter 785

Chapter 785

“Queenie, let me send you home,” Chuck said gently. Chuck had different feelings for Queenie. He could not describe it, but he did not want to see Queenie disappointed. She was a quiet and well-behaved girl.

“Alright, thank you.” Queenie agreed. She was moved, but she knew that there was a huge gap between her and Chuck. She did not dare to dream about it. Because she knew that even if she worked hard her whole life, it was impossible for her to catch up to Chuck’s status. Therefore, she had given up during the time when Chuck was away. She had thought it through, not having hope for it anymore…

Chuck was super rich, but who was she? She was poor and they were not from the same world. What could she hope for? They were silent along the way. While Chuck drove, Queenie lowered her head and reminisced about the times when they were together. Time passed by quickly.

After a while, they arrived at her apartment. Queenie was in a daze! Yvette bought the place previously before it was bought over by Chuck and then given to Queenie. Chuck was feeling emotional!

“Queenie, let me take you upstairs.” Chuck wanted to see if Queenie had been living well. She was thrifty and certainly would not spend money unwisely. Chuck thought that she might not have used up all the money that was compensated for her at that time. Chuck’s heart ached for her.

“Alright.” Queenie did not speak much and kept quiet thereafter.

Chuck went with Queenie to the first floor. When Queenie opened the door, everything inside was familiar and unchanged, just like the time when Yvette stayed in it. Everything was tidy and neat. She was a girl who loved to keep her things tidy and neat.

“Chuck, please come in and have a drink!” Queenie whispered.

Chuck entered. Queenie handed him a glass of water and said, “Chuck, please have some water!”

Chuck drank the glass of water and asked, “Is there anything that you need? Money?”

“I don’t need it, I have enough. I don’t need it at all.” Queenie shook her head. She knew Chuck had good intentions. She did not blame him at all. She just felt sorry that the gap between her and Chuck was too big.

Alas! Chuck put down his glass and hugged her. Queenie’s body trembled.

“Take good care of yourself. You must call me if you need anything, okay?” Chuck was afraid that Queenie would keep things to herself.

“Okay, I will.”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Hey, Queenie, open the door. I’m so handsome. Why don’t you like me? Who do you like then? Open the door!”

A voice came from outside the door. Queenie was frightened. After he saw Queenie a few days ago, the man had fancied her and insisted on going after her. He had been knocking on her door every day!

“Queenie, if I had left you alone earlier today, you wouldn’t have told me that you’ve met such a person, would you?” Chuck was angry and sighed. There was no other way. Queenie was the kind of girl who endured all hardships silently.

Chuck had no other choice.

“I… I’m sorry. He…” Queenie hurriedly bit her lip and did not know how to answer Chuck’s question.

“Remember, if such a thing happens in the future, you must tell me. Got it?” Chuck’s heart ached for her.

Alas! He cared so much for her.


“Wait for me here.” Chuck loosened his grasp on her.

“Chuck, what are you going to do? He’s a huge man!” Before she could say further, Chuck had already left.

“Who are you? What are you doing at my girlfriend’s house? Damn it, what did you do to my girlfriend?”


Thud! There were shouts and screams outside the door. After a few seconds later, it became silent. In less than a minute, Chuck opened the door and walked in safely. Queenie was shocked. “Chuck, what did you do?”

“Trust me, he will never disturb you again.” Chuck’s heart ached. That loser at the door thought that he was strong and could bully people. However, he did not know that Chuck couldn’t be bothered to fight with that kind of person. If Chuck punched him in the head, he would have a concussion. He would suffer from brain damage easily.

Chuck knocked him out and dragged him away. He called Betty to ask someone to handle that loser. He could even have him kicked out of the country. Queenie was moved.

“Thank you!”

After waiting for a while, Queenie was touched and felt a sense of security. No one had ever given her such a feeling, except for Chuck. She was a conventional person. If she gave her most precious thing to Chuck, she would reserve herself forever for Chuck only. No matter what would be the outcome, she would still insist on doing So. Even if she would be single forever, she was fine with it. She was happy with just a brief memory. It was enough for her for the rest of her life.

Aside from sighing, what else could Chuck do? They stayed in Queenie’s house for half an hour, but they did not do anything. They could control themselves. Queenie cherished their time spent together very much. She had not seen him for so long and the only thing she wanted to do was to listen to his stories.

While they were talking, Chuck told Queenie what happened to him in the United States. There were a few occasions where she started to shed her tears. The way Chuck described it was so thrilling. She could even feel the danger that he experienced!

In the end, Queenie was reluctant to let Chuck leave. When Chuck left, he told her to call him if anything were to happen. Queenie cried for a long time in her room until her eyes were swollen. It was only when her sister returned home that she stopped crying. It was a mistake to meet Chuck. Although it was a mistake, Queenie did not regret it…

Chuck sighed loudly. He was also reluctant to leave. What should he do about Queenie?

Alas! Chuck did not think too much about it. It was a long drive to go to the city where Quinn was. There was no other way. Quinn was in trouble and he did not know what she was doing at that time. Chuck was worried about her because he had a relationship with three women. They were Queenie, Quinn and Sophia…

Each of them had their own charms. Chuck would never forget them for the rest of his life! Before he knew it, he arrived at the city where Quinn was. Using the information provided by Betty, Chuck went straight to look for her. When Chuck arrived at the company, he learned that the building belonged to Quinn, based on Betty’s findings. However, when Chuck arrived, the building’s name had been changed. It was obvious that Quinn had just sold her building.

Did Quinn have a problem with her business? Why didn’t she ask him for help? Perhaps, Quinn did not want Chuck to see her in a pathetic state after she had failed!

Chuck headed to Quinn’s house. Although her company was gone, she should have a home. However, when he arrived at her house, Chuck found out that the house was sold to someone else.

How much did Quinn lose? Would she be able to recover from her loss? Chuck really could not wait to find her. He initially thought that Quinn did not suffer too many losses based on what he learned from Betty. He could not imagine how much debt Quinn had to the point where she had to sell off her company and her house. Could it be that she was working somewhere to pay off her debts?

Chuck started to worry and gave Quinn a call. However, the phone number had become invalid.


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