My Billionaire Mom Chapter 786

Chapter 786

Why did Quinn’s phone number become invalid? Chuck was worried and surprised. Quinn must have suffered hard recently, therefore she needed to cancel her phone number. Alas! Why did she have to do that?

Chuck was speechless. He called Betty and asked her to find out where Quinn was.

“Young Master Cannon, please wait a moment.” Less than ten minutes later, Betty called him back. “I have sent you the address. Quinn is in her hometown, it’s not far from where you are…”

“Okay.” Chuck was assured because Betty was extremely efficient. Chuck checked the address and headed toward the place where Quinn was.

“Quinn, what do you plan to do?” A charming middle-aged woman shouted at Quinn.

“Mom, I don’t want to think about it. I just need a quiet place!” Quinn sighed.

“How long do you want to stay in a quiet place? When you started the business, I did not agree to it. What kind of business can you do alone? You should have married a good man. If you did that, your child would’ve been seven years old by now. It proves that I was right then. But now that the business has gone bust, not only is the money you’ve earned over the years gone, you still owe 300 million dollars! How long do you need to pay them back?”

Quinn’s mother, Libby Xanthe, nagged at Quinn tirelessly. She was really concerned about Quinn.

“I’ll pay them back slowly! I have my own plans!” Quinn was busy with her own work. She took on a new job as a designer. She was working three jobs at the same time. She was determined to pay all the money back. It was a principle which she had insisted on upholding since she had been in business for a long time.

Losing her credibility was equal to losing her conscience. She would not do such a thing. No matter how much money she lost or how much effort she had to put in, she would find a way to pay back all the debt!

“What’s your plan? Stop tormenting yourself! Is it necessary for you to torment yourself? I’ve already thought of a way out for you. You will marry Sergio Felton, the man you’ve grown up together with. He’s willing to pay off all your debts and give you an additional ten million dollars as an engagement gift! Just marry him!”

“Mom! Stop coming up with any ideas for me! I have enough concerns!” Quinn was so angry that she almost lost her temper, but she could not do so with her mom.

“What’s there to be concerned with? Stop being stubborn. Sergio is on his way over and we’re going to have dinner together later,” Libby said firmly. She had already accepted the engagement gift. Therefore, Quinn had to agree to have dinner with Sergio that day!

“Mom, don’t worry about me, okay? I have a boyfriend. Isn’t it appropriate to see another man?”

“Boyfriend? Where was he when your company was in debt? Where was he when you sold off your house? Where is he now that you are heavily in debt? I don’t see anyone at all. What kind of boyfriend is he? I can only see Sergio now, who is willing to help you in your time of crisis! He is your actual boyfriend, got it?” Libby was furious!

Quinn always said that she had a boyfriend, but where was this so-called boyfriend? When his woman was in such a difficult time, he hid and became a coward? Why did she want such a boyfriend? Just for eye candy?

“Mom, don’t say that. He is very busy in the United States!” Quinn was angry and had a headache. She really could not do anything about her mother, who had always decided her life for her without consulting her.

Chuck had left for the United States. He must have something important to do there. How could she call him and ask him to return? It was absolutely out of the question. Quinn felt she could never be a burden to a man! Therefore, she chose to bear her sufferings silently, no matter how much money she lost. It was her own mistake. She had to bear the consequences herself!

“Busy? Quinn, don’t lie to yourself, okay? No matter how busy he is, now that you are in this situation, he has not even called you. What is the meaning of this?”

“He is busy!”

“Shut up! Is he the president? How busy can he be? He only got busy knowing that something had happened to you? He did that on purpose. That kind of person can’t even be considered a man!” Libby was furious. What kind of man was he? A piece of trash!

“Mom, please stop it! I beg you!” Quinn could not control herself. She wanted to get out of the house. She could not have dinner with Sergio.

“Don’t beg me. You said that you have a boyfriend, didn’t you? Tell me, what is his name and how old is he?”

“His name is Chuck and he’s 20 years old.”

“Quinn!” Libby was very disappointed,”This person is not your boyfriend. You think I don’t know? You have never liked a man younger than you. How could you accept a man so young? Stop lying to me!”

“Mom, I’m not lying to you. I used to dislike men who are younger than me. But now, I’m fine with it because of him!” Quinn’s beautiful eyes twinkled. She used to dislike men who were younger previously. But after Chuck saved her several times, she changed her mind. There was no age restriction when it came to love. The most important thing was the feelings for each other.

“Do you think I will believe you? Don’t lie to me. You’re my daughter. Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking? Quinn, can you be considerate of me? I’ve raised you all by myself. Do you want me to be in millions of dollars of debt at the age of fifty?” As Libby spoke, her eyes turned red and she burst into tears.

“Mom…?” Quinn sighed and felt guilty.

“I did not ask you to bear the debt with me!” Quinn definitely did not mean for this to happen. She had a plan. With her ability, she believed that she could definitely make a comeback.

“You’re my daughter. Do you think I will let you suffer by yourself? Do you think I have the heart to do that? Marrying Sergio is the best solution!”

“Mom, I won’t!”

“Then ask your so-called boyfriend to come here. Ask him to come out now! What’s the matter? Why did you stop talking? Ask him to appear in front of me right now. Call him!” The more Libby spoke, the angrier she became.

“He’s busy! Alas!”

“What is he busy with? His woman is in trouble now and he’s being a coward? Humph, what kind of man do you have? He’s not even a man! I think he’s just a poor guy. When you had money, he stayed with you. Now that you are in debt, he left… Sergio has arrived. Go get changed!” Libby walked out of the room.

“I won’t. I still have work to do!” Quinn was furious. She had a strong character. If she was forced to do something, she would definitely not compromise!

“Fine! You’re unwilling, are you? Without Sergio’s help, the two of us will definitely have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars of debts by ourselves. Even if I work until I die, the debt will not be settled. I might as well die now…” She said with her face full of grief and anger!


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