My Billionaire Mom Chapter 787

Chapter 787

“Mom, please don’t be like this!” Quinn was devastated. After her company went bankrupt, she had been under a lot of pressure. Her mother was giving her even more pressure and even threatened her with her life! How could Quinn stand it?

“Quinn, do you have the heart to see your mother suffer along with you?”

“Give me some time. I’ll be able to make a comeback!”

“Don’t be delusional. Think about how much money you owe. It’s absolutely impossible for you to pay the debts by yourself! The only way out is through Sergio! He can help you! He can help you to repay all your debts! This is the only way to start afresh, do you understand?”


“Auntie Libby, Quinn…” There was a male voice from outside. Quinn’s face turned cold. Libby was pleasantly surprised.

“Quinn, look, Sergio is here. Where’s your so-called boyfriend? Hurry up and get changed!” After she said that, she went to open the door. At that moment, a tall, handsome, elegant and charismatic man walked in. He was indeed a handsome man! He was definitely the most sought after bachelor! He was rich and had a high status. He had a good temperament too.

Libby knew that Sergio had been interested in Quinn since he was young. At that time, the two of them were still young, but Sergio was still interested in her till this day! Libby was moved by Sergio’s persistence. It was true love! If her daughter could marry such a man, Quinn would definitely be happy!

“Hello, Auntie Libby! How are you?” Sergio said with a smile. He was very friendly. He was very well-mannered!

“Hi Sergio, I’m good. Quinn is getting changed in the room. Please wait a minute.”

“It’s okay! Quinn, take your time!” Sergio said with a smile. He waited patiently.

“Sergio, you don’t need to wait for me. We are not going out today!” Quinn walked out and said.

“Quinn, what did you say?” Libby was furious. Why couldn’t Quinn understand her intentions? Sergio was such a good man. He was a man with good qualities. Libby felt that if she was 20 years younger, she would have wanted to marry Sergio.

Sergio stopped smiling and said, “Quinn…”

“I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you since we were young. Therefore, I won’t go out with you today! Not today, tomorrow or in the future!” Quinn felt she had to give him an ultimatum that day!

“Quinn, shut up!” Libby was furious and her eyes were teary. Quinn could not bear to see her mother’s gaze.

“Mom, don’t force me. The person I like can help me solve everything…”

“Then ask him to show up! Where is that coward hiding?” Libby roared at Quinn. Libby hated that Quinn could not live up to her expectations! When did her daughter become so stupid?

“He is not a coward. He is very busy in the United States. I don’t want him to help me. I don’t want to be a burden to him!” Quinn said clearly.

“What!” Libby was enraged, “Don’t speak for him. If he doesn’t show up, he’s a coward! Sergio, please don’t mind Quinn. This is what she’s like. She’ll understand eventually.”

“It’s okay. I’ve been in love with Quinn since I was a child. I know her character very well. I’m also willing to continue to wait for her!” Sergio said, “Quinn, don’t worry about anything else. If he does not have the ability to help you now, I can help you. It’s fine, I can help you first…”

“I don’t need your help! Please leave!” Quinn did not want to listen to him. Ever since she was young, she hated Sergio, who was smiling all the time. That kind of person did not have a temper. He suppressed all his anger in his heart. If it were to explode one day, it would be extremely terrifying. That kind of person was just too scary!

However, Chuck was different. He had feelings of happiness, anger, sorrow and joy. Chuck’s heart was pure and kind. That to her as a woman, was important…


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