My Billionaire Mom Chapter 788

Chapter 788

“Quinn, I’m the only one who can help you. Now, please let me do something for you, okay?” Sergio sighed dejectedly.

“Quinn, have you lost your mind? Only Sergio can help you now. Who else can help you? Don’t mention your boyfriend anymore. Where is he hiding now? Don’t count on him. Sergio is more reliable! What else is there to think about?” Libby was really anxious. She was her daughter. Why did she choose a bad man instead of a good one? What was she thinking?

“I’m not thinking about anything. I’ll handle this myself. I don’t want anyone to help me, not even you, mom!” Quinn wanted to go back to her room.

“If you don’t go out with Sergio today, I will die in front of you!” Libby cried and said to Quinn. Was it easy for her? It was not easy at all. She wanted to save her daughter from the fiery pits of hell. Why did her daughter have to wait for that coward who was hiding himself? She must be crazy!

“Mom! Don’t do this!” Quinn was in pain. She loved her mother very much, because she raised her on her own.

Libby and Quinn did not notice it, but Sergio was smiling coldly at them! Finally, the day had come! Sergio was ecstatic when he learned that Quinn’s company had closed down. He could finally have his revenge on Quinn. Quinn had been rejecting him ever since he was a child. He had enough.

Quinn had lost so much money and it was a great opportunity for him. No one would spend over 300 million dollars to help her! Except him! He was the only person who was willing to help her! Who else besides him was willing to help? Absolutely no one! After Libby forces Quinn to agree to the marriage, his revenge would begin. He was going to take revenge on her for all the humiliation that he had faced over the years!

“What else can I do? Tell me! I don’t want to bear so much debt with you. Can’t you be considerate of me? I’m already so old.”

“Mom!” Quinn’s tears were streaming down her face as she felt guilty for letting her mother down. Her mother was worried about her company’s failure, but… Sighs!

“I’ll call him and he’ll help me!” She chose to compromise when she was facing Sergio whom she hated. However, she would not compromise to marry Sergio. She would rather call Chuck!

“Help? You can’t even contact him, can you?” Libby was enraged by what Quinn said! What the hell was wrong with her daughter?

Sergio smiled coldly. Who would want a woman who had 300 million dollars worth of debt? Only he would! He was not worried at all because he knew no one would help Quinn! In front of the two of them, Quinn took out her cell phone. Her original sim card was useless, as she did not want to use it on Chuck. She would use another number to call Chuck.

She was going all out! The call was connected. ”Hello…”

“Chuck, it’s me.”


“Yes, it’s me. Can you do me a favor?” It was hard for Quinn to ask the question! However, she still needed to ask him for it.

“Wait, I’m already at your door. Open the door for me!”


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