My Billionaire Mom Chapter 789

Chapter 789

“What did you say? You’re at the front door of my house?” Quinn was shocked. Why did Chuck appear in front of her house? She didn’t remember telling him where her hometown was. No, she did not. How did he find out?

Sergio and Libby were shocked as well. They turned to look at the door at the same time.

“He’s already at the door? Is that even possible?” Sergio smiled and asked.

Libby’s eyebrows furrowed. Her daughter’s boyfriend was actually right in front of the door? Was that a joke? Wasn’t he in the United States? Why was he here now? How did a man full of lies like him end up as her daughter’s boyfriend? Libby was truly furious. Her daughter was simply too disappointing!

Alas! “Yes, I’m at your door.”

“Chuck, are you serious?” Quinn’s beautiful face turned serious! She understood. Chuck’s mother was so powerful that it would not be difficult for him to locate her whereabouts!

But, when did he return? It was too sudden! Did he come back on purpose after discovering that something had happened to her? Women really liked to let their imagination run wild, even a strong and independent woman like Quinn.

“Of course I am. Come out for a moment. I’m a little lost.”

“Okay! I’ll be out!” Quinn ran out immediately, looking surprised.

Libby was annoyed. “Quinn, do you believe him? How could he be outside? He’s playing you!”

Sergio was still there, yet Quinn went to welcome another man. What about Sergio? Libby had already accepted the ten million dollars engagement gift!

“Mom, I believe him. If he says that he is at the door, he must be there!” Quinn said firmly. Ever since the two of them had slept together, Quinn believed in Chuck! She believed in him unconditionally! If Chuck said that he was outside the door, he would definitely be there! Quinn ran to the door and opened it!

Libby was furious. “Sergio, don’t mind her. This is how Quinn is. She will give up on that man eventually! Don’t worry! I’m on your side!”

“Madam Libby, I’m assured by your words,” Sergio said with a smile. Although Quinn usually did not listen to Libby, if Libby really threatened her with her life, Quinn would definitely give in! Therefore, what else did he have to worry about? Nothing else!

“Didn’t I tell you? He is just messing with you, Quinn!” Libby walked out of the house with anger in her eyes. Quinn was disappointed as she did not see Chuck. There was no one outside the door.

Sergio laughed in his heart. The more disappointed Quinn was, the happier he was!

“Mom, Chuck would not lie to me. If he said that he is at the door, it means that he definitely is. Just wait and see!” Quinn explained. Even at that time, she still believed in Chuck, even though she could not see him! The reason Chuck had not appeared was that the entrance of the community was too complicated. There were too many blocks. It was Chuck’s first time there, therefore it was normal that he could not find his way.

“Quinn, are you trying to piss me off? Where’s this person you’re talking about? Where is he?”

“He is…”

“I want to see him! Where is he?” Libby was enraged! Quinn could not answer because she could not see Chuck either.

“Why would you choose a piece of trash? Why do you want to give up a good man like Sergio? Look at him. When you’re in trouble, he won’t appear. He’ll disappear and go missing. When you’re in great debt, he’s still playing with you. What does this mean? Tell me, what does this mean?” Libby was really upset with Quinn for not coming to her senses! What was wrong with her daughter? Why did she trust him so much?

“Mom, listen to me. He must be nearby somewhere. I’ll go out and find him!”

“You are not allowed to leave! You won’t be able to find him even if you go out! Why waste your time?” Libby scolded Quinn angrily!

“I’m going!” Quinn went out resolutely. She ran outside.

Suddenly, a person appeared. Quinn was ecstatic. “Chuck, this way!” She was about to cry. One of the reasons was that she had not seen Chuck in a long time! The other reason was that Chuck had really returned from the United States! And upon his return, he actually looked for her!

Quinn was moved, but she was disappointed at the same time. How could she tell him that she went bankrupt? The gap between her and Chuck was even bigger now. How could she be with him? How could she be a match for him in terms of status?

Chuck walked over with a smile and said, “Sister Miller… It was so hard to find you. I have been driving around in circles just now and kind of lost my way!”

“Really?” Quinn was touched. She suddenly realized that Chuck’s aura had changed. What kind of changes had he gone through? What happened to Chuck in the United States? In such a short instant, many questions flashed across Quinn’s mind.

“Yes! This must be Madam Libby, right? Hello Madam Libby! How are you?” Chuck saw Libby, whose features were similar to Quinn’s. Of course, he could tell at a glance that they were mother and daughter.

“I’m not well!” Libby refuted. Who was that? What was his intention? He was so young! At first glance, Libby disapproved of Chuck. She thought that he must be a poor man with no money! That kind of temperament simply could not be compared to Sergio’s! The difference was huge. Sergio looked like a rich young man. Chuck looked like a construction worker, as his skin was dark and rough! What the hell was this!

Sergio smiled when he saw Chuck. Why? Chuck’s appearance was ordinary. How could such a person compare to him?

“Madam, are you not feeling well?” Chuck said with a smile.

“I feel very uncomfortable after meeting you!”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Quinn was really angry. Since Chuck was there, wasn’t it enough?

“I don’t like him. Ask him to leave! If he couldn’t even find his way here, what kind of potential does he have?” Libby was extremely furious! He was terrible!


“I am Quinn’s boyfriend. What are you dissatisfied about? Just say it!”

Quinn was stunned. What did Chuck say? She was his girlfriend? Was it true?

“I’m not happy with you! Weren’t you in the United States? What were you doing there?” Libby was suspicious of Chuck. She did not believe that a person like Chuck could afford to go abroad. He must have been hiding somewhere in the country and said that he was abroad instead.

“I have been very busy. I just opened a casino in the United States and I’m preparing to do something else.”

“A casino?” Libby was furious.

“Yes, it’s one of the biggest casinos in the United States now.”

Quinn was shocked. Chuck went to the United States for a business start-up? He actually owned the biggest casino there?

“Are you kidding?” Libby looked at Chuck in anger.

“A casino? Then, you must be rich!” Sergio said with a smile. He could tell that Chuck was a pretentious man. How much would it take to open a casino in the United States? It would cost more than a few billion. He also said that it was one of the biggest casinos there! How shameless of him to say that!

“I suppose so.” Chuck shrugged while Sergio smiled. He supposed so? Sergio was one hundred percent sure that Chuck was just pretending.

Sergio was going to expose him!


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