My Billionaire Mom Chapter 790

Chapter 790

“You’re pretty awesome. How much did the casino cost?” Sergio asked with a smile.

“It is quite big and the renovation cost about 100 million. The building was from my mother who had built it earlier, which must have cost more than a few hundreds of millions. The floor of my casino is all made of gold…” Chuck said as if he was describing it in detail.

“Stop talking!” How could Libby bear to listen to him anymore? The renovation cost more than a few hundred millions? What kind of a show was he pushing on? And the floor was made of gold? Just how brainless was he to brag about all of that?

Quinn was stunned. Based on what Chuck said, the casino would cost billions of dollars. How could Chuck open such a big casino in the United States? How long would it take to earn back such a large amount of money?

“Madam, let him continue with his story. It’s quite interesting,” Sergio said as he almost laughed to death in his heart. He invested so much money? Was it even possible? Libby hated him to the core!

“Well, since your casino is so huge, how much are you earning every day?”

“Well, I think a few billions of dollars.”

“Billions of dollars? How dare you say that!” Sergio said with a mocking laugh.

“Why not? On the first day of business, I won ten billion dollars!” Chuck shrugged.

Quinn was shocked beyond words! He won so much on the first day? Oh my goodness! Ten billion dollars! That amount was a lot to her even before she went bankrupt. How could he earn so much money in a day?

“It’s so funny. What kind of casino allows you to win so much money in a day? Is it using some fake coins?” Sergio said with a smile. His sarcasm had gone a bit too far. This guy won 10 billion in a day? Was it not ridiculous? It didn’t make sense at all. Even if he wanted to brag, he could at least be more realistic! He was not professional at all.

“Of course not fake coins!” Chuck shrugged, “You’re not on the same level as I am, therefore it’s normal that you don’t believe me!”

“What level are you on? Your words are hilarious. You can’t even imagine how much money I have!”

“A few billion dollars?” Chuck asked. How arrogant he was!

Libby really could not stand it anymore. How could Chuck say a few billion dollars in such a light manner? How could he be so shameless?

“That’s right, a few billion! And it’s real money!” Sergio said as he took a step forward. He had a mocking gaze and was full of sarcasm.

“You, stop pretending in front of me! You won’t even have a chance to fight back if I wanna compare my wealth with you.”

”Only a few billion dollars? That’s not even equivalent to my win that day!” Chuck said.

“Is that so?” Sergio grinned hideously.

“Then your casino business must be really good. Since you’re so rich, let’s play. Do you dare to?” There was a playful expression on his face.

“What do you want to play?” Chuck shrugged and asked indifferently. Why wouldn’t he dare to? He dared to play no matter how big the amount was!

“Do you agree?”

“Of course!”

“That’s good, come with me! Madam Libby, Quinn, you two should join us too!”

When Sergio snapped his fingers, a car approached from a distance. It was a Rolls-Royce.

“Get in the car. You have not sat in this kind of car before, haven’t you?” Sergio said with a smile.

“I drove here!” Chuck drove a car over earlier.

“What car is that?”

“Well, it’s parked at the entrance of the community.”

“You drove a Benz worth about 300,000 dollars here?” Sergio said with a smile.

“Yes, it’s not bad.” Anyway, it was in his mother’s basement parking lot and it belonged to his family. Of course, Chuck just picked any car to drive out. He was not too particular about it.

“You have not driven a luxurious car before. Of course you would think that it’s not bad. Madam Libby, Quinn, please get in the car!” Sergio invited them. He would teach Chuck a lesson that day, so that Quinn would give up on Chuck. It was very simple. He just needed to expose Chuck’s lies.

Libby stared at Chuck impatiently! She got into Sergio’s car. Quinn did not say a word and got into Chuck’s car. Libby was mad with Quinn. That damned silly girl!

“Sergio, don’t mind her! This is just how Quinn is.” Libby was worried that Sergio would be angry. What was there to be angry about?

Quinn would soon be disappointed with Chuck! Then she would throw herself into his arms!

“Madam Libby, how could I be angry?” Sergio closed the car door and snapped his fingers. His driver started driving.

“Sergio, what do you plan to play with him?”

“It’s just a simple game! I’ll expose this clown to Quinn and let her see his true colors. I think she will change her mind.”

“Then, I’m relieved. When I heard him boasting just now, I really wanted to slap him and make him leave! A casino that can win ten billion dollars a day?”

“Don’t be angry, it’s not worth it. I regard his words as jokes.”

“It was really uncomfortable to listen to him. He opened my eyes to a new level of shamelessness.” It was hard for her to listen to Chuck. How did her own daughter get tricked by him? It was obvious that what Chuck had said earlier were lies! But her daughter believed in him firmly. She must have been possessed.

“Madam Libby, just wait and see. I will expose his lies. He will have nowhere to hide at all!” Sergio said ferociously. His family was the richest in that place! If Chuck dared to compete with him, he must be looking for death!

“Yes, eliminate him immediately and get him out of here!”

“Don’t worry!” In Sergio’s eyes, Chuck was a piece of trash. It was Chuck’s honor to have Sergio to play with him!

Chuck’s car followed right behind Sergio’s. Chuck would just play along with Sergio if he wanted to play with him. “Chuck, what happened to you in the United States? You look different from before.”

“It’s a long story. Let’s talk about it tonight,” Chuck said with a smile.

“Talk about it tonight? Where? In the car?” Quinn’s voice became softer.

Chuck was stunned. He immediately understood her meaning and said with a smile, “Wherever you like!”

“No, it’s up to you,” Quinn said. Did she just flirt with Chuck?

Chuck’s face became serious after he laughed earlier. He then said, “Sister Miller, I’m sorry. Such a huge incident has happened to you, but I was not by your side!”

Her business went bankrupt! Ordinary people would not be able to withstand such a blow and only someone like Quinn could withstand it. If it happened to any other person, they would be completely devastated.

“Don’t say that. I am very happy that you have returned to look for me,” Quinn said gently. She was very moved.

“Well, now that I’m back, I will help you make a comeback!”

“That’s not needed, I can do it myself. Don’t interfere!” Quinn could not bear to hear it. If Chuck helped her, she would become a burden to him.


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