My Billionaire Mom Chapter 791

Chapter 791

Chuck could not do anything about it. He knew that Quinn would refuse. Should he forcefully help her? But Chuck could not do so.

“Okay. Whatever you do, I will support you.” Chuck looked serious. Quinn wanted to be a strong woman, therefore he should let her be. It was her dignity as a woman! Chuck could not bear to take it away.

“Thank you!” Quinn was relieved and moved.

“No need to thank me. But, later when I’m playing with Sergio, please don’t stop me.” Chuck’s eyes turned cold.

“No, I won’t.” Quinn also wanted to know what Sergio wanted to play with Chuck. However, it must have something to do with money.

“Oh right, did you really win that much money on the first day of the casino’s opening?” Quinn could not hold back her curiosity. She wanted to know.

“Yes, let me tell you all about it.”

“Okay.” Quinn listened attentively. Quinn was shocked when she heard Chuck’s story. She did not know that Chuck could play poker and even win so much money from it! It was unbelievable!

“We’re here. Let’s talk more about it tonight.” Chuck shrugged.

“Tonight? Okay.” Quinn’s face turned red. They got out of the car.

Sergio and Libby were already waiting at the door and they looked impatient!

“Oh, we’re playing this?” Chuck smiled. He was wondering what Sergio wanted to play. It turned out that he wanted to go shopping!

“Yes, we’re going shopping! The diamond inside is huge and the most expensive one is more than ten million. Can you afford it? How many can you afford?” Sergio said with a sinister smile.

Chuck only drove a car worth about 300,000 dollars. Would he be able to afford a diamond worth more than ten million dollars and a diamond necklace worth tens of millions of dollars? Dream on!

“Let’s go in and take a look first.” Chuck shrugged indifferently.

Libby looked at Chuck with contempt and thought, “He’s here, but he’s still pretending?” Could he even afford a diamond worth more than 10 million dollars?

Quinn did not say anything and the four of them went in.

“Mr. Felton!” The manager of the jewelry store, Wina, smiled and walked over to welcome him personally! Sergio was a frequent customer of the jewelry store. As the store manager, she certainly welcomed him!

“Yes, I’m here to look for a diamond necklace. Take out the best ones! Remember, I want the most expensive ones!”

“Mr. Felton, don’t worry!” Wina happily went to get them. They would close a high-value sale that day. Chuck went in from behind, but Wina did not even glance at him. It was enough to have Sergio. As for the others, she could not even be bothered to attend to them personally!

“Mr. Felton, these are the most expensive jewels in our store. This is a diamond necklace with 108 diamonds, worth 38 million! This necklace is entirely hand-made and is embedded with 318 diamonds, worth 50 million! And this is the best jade of all! Look at how lustrous this jade bracelet is. It’s worth 8 million!” Wina recommended the jewelry with her best effort.

“Is this the Imperial Green Jadeite?” Chuck asked casually.

Wina looked at Chuck disdainfully, “Sir, do you know about jade? The Imperial Green Jadeite is a very rare kind. Our boss has been in the jewelry business for decades, but he could never get a piece of Imperial Green Jadeite. The price of that kind of jade is exorbitant! Can you afford it?”

Judging by Chuck’s appearance, he definitely could not afford it! How could he be so shameless to ask about the Imperial Green Jadeite? He really was an ignorant commoner.

“I don’t need to buy them. I already have three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite, worth more than two billion. If I want a bracelet, I’ll just make it myself.” Chuck shrugged. It seemed that if the three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite were all handmade, they could be sold for more!

“Sir, are you kidding? Do you know the value of the Imperial Green Jadeite? You obviously don’t!” Wina said disdainfully.

Three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite? It was extremely high in demand! Only a big jewelry merchant had the ability to own three pieces of Imperial Green Jadeite! Others could forget about it!

Sergio laughed hideously. Chuck was addicted to boasting, wasn’t he? He boasted that he had the biggest casino earlier. Now, he even bragged that he had three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite?

Libby could not listen anymore. It was really unbearable.

Quinn’s beautiful eyes widened. Three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite? Chuck was into gemstone investments?

“I do know.” Chuck shrugged. He already knew about it.

“If you really knew, you would just keep your mouth shut then. In fact, if others hear you say that you have it, they will laugh at you. You’d better be careful!” Wina did not want to talk to Chuck, she felt it was a waste of her time. The biggest customer that day was Sergio! Why would she waste her time on people who didn’t matter ?

“Chuck, which one do you want to buy?” Sergio asked with a sneer. The minimum price was at least 8 million dollars. He certainly could not afford it!

“Me? I don’t like this jade. I already have the Imperial Green Jadeite, therefore I don’t want this jade. This so-called diamond, I have a big one too. There is no need for me to buy them.”

Chuck still remembered that when he returned, Yvette gave him a big diamond. Wasn’t the diamond from Yvette more beautiful and valuable than the one in front of him now?

“Does that mean you don’t want to buy it?” Sergio said with a smile.

Wina could not stand it anymore. Chuck was so shameless to brag about the Imperial Green Jadeite and the big diamond.

“There’s no need for me to buy them.” Chuck repeated what he had said.

“So what now? You’ve spoken about the Imperial Green Jadeite and the big diamond. Where are they now? Take them out!” Sergio was annoyed.

Libby sneered. What a joke!

“I did not bring them with me.” Chuck really did not bring them out with him. The three pieces of Imperial Green Jadeite were in his mother’s hotel. The big diamond was also in his luggage at the hotel. Chuck certainly did not bring them along! Besides, why would he bring them along?

“Can you find another excuse?” Sergio mocked.

“Just tell me if you want to buy them or not!”

“No, I don’t!” Libby became impatient and said, “If you don’t want to buy them, then why are you here? What a waste of time!”

“I want to buy something else,” Chuck said.

“Something else? What can you afford?” Libby wanted to slap Chuck. He was too shameless.

“I’m still considering it,” Chuck said.

“I can’t stand it anymore.” Libby could not listen any longer.

“Wrap them up for me. Wrap all three of them!” Sergio smiled as he snapped his fingers and took out his card.

Wina was overjoyed as Sergio bought all of them. It totaled to almost 100 million dollars. What a huge closed sale!

“Please wait a minute, Mr. Felton. I’ll wrap them up for you right away!” Wina personally wrapped all the pieces of jewelry for him. It did not take long for Wina to wrap all the jewelry.

Sergio was holding a bag and said, “Chuck, right? You don’t have any money at all!” Definitely not! Chuck boasted so much earlier. But when the time came to spend money, he would come up with many excuses.

Libby snorted impatiently, “Let’s go! What are we waiting for?”

“I have not bought anything yet!” Chuck suddenly said.

“What do you want to buy? I’ve bought the most expensive ones. If you want to buy something worth a few thousand dollars, don’t bother.” Sergio was waiting to give the necklace to Quinn.

“Are you sure that you have bought the most expensive one?” Chuck asked with a mysterious smile.


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