My Billionaire Mom Chapter 794

Chapter 794

Matteo was stunned. Mr. Cannon? Could it be… His heart began to tremble. He turned around and found that Spencer’s expression had changed all of a sudden. He became extremely respectful as he repeated, “Mr. Cannon, why are you here?”

Spencer was facing Chuck who had a smirk on his face!

Matteo was utterly shocked! He had known Spencer for many years and he knew that Spencer was a retired mercenary. He led a group of fierce men and was afraid of nothing! He had worked with Spencer several times and Spencer did a very good job for each assignment. He knew Spencer’s capability, but he was so polite to that person? He even addressed him as Mister? It felt like a double blow to Matteo. He was stunned!

Furthermore, Spencer just mentioned that he was working for a person who had killed dozens of his men and had bought three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite…

Was that the same person he just met in the store? In an instant, Matteo broke out in a cold sweat. The man in the store admitted that it was him earlier, but he did not believe him…

Matteo started sweating! Rumors had spread in the industry that the man who bought the three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite was a filthy rich person! Otherwise, how could someone be so bold as to spend one billion dollars on three raw stones that no one thought highly of? Even he himself did not dare do that! If it caused him a huge loss, he would be extremely distressed!

Furthermore… There was also surprising news that the two big bosses, who had the same status as him, died after the auction that night… Who could have killed them? No one in their circle of friends was sure because it was such shocking news! There was also a brief moment of panic among the circle of friends! There was a reasonable explanation for the news that was going around.

Apparently, the two bosses had evil intentions as they were jealous and had hired someone to kill the young man with the three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite. However, they were instead killed by this young man… That rumor flashed across Matteo’s mind. The more he thought about it, the more he broke out in a cold sweat! Was it him? That person turned out to be right here in his store. He even mentioned that he wanted to buy his store, but he rejected him…

Matteo’s face turned pale. Sergio, Wina and Libby were astonished! They did not know Spencer. But what did he mean by addressing Chuck as Mr. Cannon? Quinn was shocked. What actually had happened to Chuck? Just what has he been up to recently?

“I’m here to buy something.” Chuck shrugged.

“Buy something? Mr. Cannon, what do you want to buy? I know the boss here. He can give it to you as a gift!” Spencer waved at Matteo.

Matteo was dumbfounded and confused.

“Give it to me as a gift? No, I wanted to buy it but he refused to sell it,” Chuck said.

“He refused?” Spencer was astonished. He walked over and said, “Matteo, what are you doing? Why wouldn’t you sell it to Mr. Cannon?”

”He… he really bought the three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite?” Matteo’s voice became hoarse.

“Yes, he did!”

Matteo felt even more uneasy.

“Matteo, don’t blame me for not telling you this. Pedro asked me to kill him that night. I took more than 20 men with me, but he killed them all in one minute…”

”What?” Matteo was extremely shocked! He looked so young, how could he be so powerful?

”You decide. I won’t say much. But now that you’ve offended him, you should be cautious!”

”Me?” Matteo felt uncomfortable, ”What do you mean? Will he kill me?” Since he had killed Spencer’s men in just a minute, wouldn’t it be very easy to kill him? Matteo knew his own abilities!

”I don’t know, but he’s super-rich. His value is indescribable. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll be frank with you, boss. Sometimes, it’s good to realize what you’re capable of and what’s best for you!”

Matteo’s back was soaked with cold sweat. ”Then should I accommodate his request?”

”Go ahead!”

Matteo ran over to Chuck and said, “You want to buy my store? Okay, I’ll sell it to you!”

As soon as Matteo said that, everyone went into an uproar! ”What… what did the boss say? He’s selling the store?”

”Why?” Wina was in disbelief.

Sergio was stunned. He looked at Libby in shock. Why did the boss suddenly change his mind?

”Didn’t you say that you did not want to?” Chuck shrugged.

”Sorry, I was wrong just now. If you want to buy it, I can sell it to you any time,” Matteo said in an ingratiating manner.

At that moment, he realized the reason Spencer was so polite to Chuck. As he approached Chuck, he could feel the pressure from his aura. It was definitely the feeling that only a super-rich person could give off!

”Any time? All right, tell me your price!”

”700 million. No, no, 300 million dollars!” Matteo was in a cold sweat!

Sergio froze in shock! How could the value of the store be only 300 million dollars? He was actually selling the store to Chuck at a loss? Why? He really could not understand.

”I won’t take advantage of you. I’ll buy this store for 700 million dollars,”Chuck said. He was not a pirate.

”Also, I want to buy more than one shop!” Just what was Chuck thinking? Nancy had established a production line which would need stores for the retail business. It would be easier to buy all of his stores directly.

”What do you mean?” Matteo broke out in a cold sweat.

”All of them, I want to buy all of them!”

Matteo was in a daze. ”All of the stores? There are 109 stores!”

”I want all of them! Tomorrow, I will arrange for my people to estimate the value of all the stores and then I’ll buy them at a market value of ten percent higher!”

Matteo was shocked and immediately changed his expression. ”What? You’re willing to offer ten percent higher?”

The investment of more than a hundred shops was different. The total value of jewelries was over five billion dollars, while the rest of the shops were estimated to be worth about sixteen billion! In other words, a ten percent increase was equivalent to 1.6 billion dollars!

Matteo was pleasantly surprised. It was a great opportunity for him. How could such a good thing happen?

”Yes! I’ll buy it. I’m sure you are pleased!” Chuck shrugged.

”Okay, I’ll sell them! I’ll sell all of my stores!”

”Alright, I’ll give you the estimated value tomorrow!”

”Matteo, he’s just joking! Don’t take it seriously!” Sergio sneered as he walked over. How could he not know the value of Matteo’s stores? It was over ten billion dollars. Did Chuck have so much money to buy them? It was impossible!

Matteo frowned. ”Mr. Felton, I think you should be tactful with your words!”

”Be tactful? I will not be fooled by him!” Sergio walked over slowly.

”He does not have that much money to buy…” Before Sergio could say any further, he was slapped!

Sergio was stunned, ”Matteo, did you just slap me?”

”Damn it, don’t cause me trouble! You’re nobody compared to Mr. Cannon. Do you understand?” Matteo said coldly.


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