My Billionaire Mom Chapter 795

Chapter 795

Sergio was in a state of shock! The owner of the jewelry store, Matteo, just slapped him. That really shocked him! And he even dared to say that he was just a nobody compared to Chuck? Sergio was extremely furious!

“Matteo, what did you say?” Sergio had never been slapped in front of so many people before!

“It seems that you are really ignorant. Your family money is nothing compared to Mr. Cannon’s. Do you understand? So what if Mr. Cannon wants to buy my jewelry store? Do you want Mr. Cannon to buy your family business as well?” Matteo smiled and said.

Sergio was stunned. Even his mouth trembled as he said, “What did you say? Does he want to purchase your jewelry shop? All of them? Where did he get so much money?” Sergio knew that Matteo’s assets were worth almost the same as his. If Chuck could afford Matteo’s jewelry stores, it meant that Chuck could also buy his! How was that possible?

“Ignorant! That’s right, your family is not in the jewelry business. Do you know that Mr. Cannon has spent over a billion dollars on three pieces of the Imperial Green Jadeite? Those jades are worth over two billion…” Matteo said. It was still unbelievable to him. How could Chuck have such a keen eye? His eyes were really sharp.

“What?” Sergio was completely stunned!

“And, do you know Pedro died in the hands of Mr. Cannon…?”

“What?” Sergio was terrified! He slumped to the ground! He had heard of it. He heard about the two bosses who died overnight. The assets of those two bosses were worth almost as much as his! They actually died in Chuck’s hands? Then, the Felton family… Fear had turned his face pale.

“Do you still think that Mr. Cannon has no money?” Matteo asked.

There were beads of sweat on Sergio’s forehead as he shook his head repeatedly. “No, of course not!”

Libby was stunned. Why did he react that way? What did Sergio know that made him look at Chuck with great fear?

“Mr. Mr. Cannon!” Sergio got up and called out to Chuck.

What! Everyone in the jewelry store went into an uproar! Sergio, who was extremely rich, was actually showing respect to Chuck?

Libby was so shocked that her jaw dropped! “How can that be? Can he really afford this jewelry store? Is he? Is he really more powerful than Sergio?”

Quinn was no longer surprised. She stared at Chuck with her beautiful eyes. Besides Libby who was shocked, Wina was also dumbfounded! She was stupefied from the moment her boss suddenly changed his attitude and became polite to Chuck. Mr. Felton, whom she thought was extremely rich, actually referred to Chuck as Mr. Cannon and he were sweating profusely… How was she going to continue working there? She did not dare to think about it!

“Who allowed you to call me that?” Chuck’s face was expressionless. How dare this person be interested in Quinn? Chuck could not tolerate it!

“Young Master Cannon, it’s my fault. I was wrong. Can you forgive me this time? I was arrogant and have mistreated you. Please spare me this time, Young Master Cannon!” Sergio was terrified. He remembered that the two bosses, who were almost as powerful as his family, were killed by Chuck. It meant that Chuck could kill his family easily! How could he not panic?

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to compete with me? It’s not over yet!” Chuck shrugged.

“I’m not going to compete anymore. I’ve lost. I admit defeat!” Sergio did not dare to continue.

“This is not like you. You were quite arrogant just now. I haven’t even spoken, but you’ve already admitted defeat. I was just getting riled up!”

“I don’t want to compete anymore. I surrender!” Sergio’s legs trembled as he was extremely terrified! Chuck’s aura oppressed him, making it hard for him to breathe! He couldn’t take it! At that time, he finally believed him. If Chuck was not super rich, how could he have such an aura? Even his father’s aura was inferior to Chuck’s!

“You surrender? Just like that?”

“Young Master Cannon, you can punish me! Just don’t kill me!” Sergio begged while he was trembling.

“Sergio, what are you doing? You’re also rich. Even if he’s rich, there’s no need for you to do this!” Libby was deeply disappointed. Libby especially favored Sergio. She felt that a rich man like Sergio had a sense of responsibility and would definitely be able to provide for her daughter and give her a happy life. However, what had Sergio become now? He looked like a coward! They were both rich. How could Sergio be so humble with Chuck? Was he a coward?

“Shut up! Damn it, Why didn’t you tell me that Quinn had a boyfriend like Young Master Cannon?” Sergio wanted to slap Libby. Chuck was so powerful that he even dared to kill the bosses who were as powerful as his family. Even if he had the courage, he would not have the ability to do so! It was all because of Libby! He had really gotten himself in deep trouble!

Libby was stunned and trembled with rage. “Sergio, how dare you scold me? I’m your elder!”

“Elder? You’re a fool!”

Libby was so angry that she felt dizzy. “You, you…”

“Young Master Cannon, please spare me this time! I’ll do whatever you ask me to, as long as you spare me.”

“Alright, if you kneel at the entrance of this jewelry store for three days, I’ll let you go!” Chuck said.

No one spoke in the jewelry store. They all looked at each other in disbelief! What? Kneel for three days? Wouldn’t his legs break? Furthermore, kneeling down might have an impact on his dignity. Sergio was rich and his family was reputable. How could he bear such humiliation? It was pushing a man to the extreme! Drastic times called for drastic measures, even if it involved a man’s dignity! However, they were all stunned by what happened next!

Sergio wept with joy. “Thank you, Young Master Cannon. I’ll kneel! I’ll kneel right away!”

Thud! Sergio ran to the entrance of the jewelry store and knelt down immediately!

Libby was about to faint. Her mouth was agape when she saw what Sergio did! Since the start, she never expected Sergio, who was high-spirited in her house and wanted to expose Chuck, to kneel down at that very moment! All just because of what Chuck said!

The people who passed by the jewelry store were also shocked and walked over to watch! They were baffled and asked, “What’s going on?”

“What happened? Why is this young man kneeling down?”

“That’s Sergio Felton! Why… Why is he kneeling down? And he’s kneeling down to a young stranger?”

“It’s incredible. I think this young stranger must be even more powerful than Sergio. Otherwise, why would Sergio kneel down in front of him?”

While they were discussing, they all glanced at Chuck. “Who is this guy?”

“I don’t know, but he must be super rich…”


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