My Billionaire Mom Chapter 797

Chapter 797

Libby suddenly felt uneasy upon coming to her senses. She did not know how to express it. For the first time in her life, she stammered in front of a person.

“Chuck, just now…” Suddenly, she thought of a question. If she was not Quinn’s mother, would she have to kneel for three days, just like Sergio? She was terrified!

“It’s fine.” Chuck shrugged. She was Quinn’s mother and therefore Chuck would definitely not do anything to her.

“Chuck…” Quinn was very grateful to Chuck.

“It’s okay. Let’s go for dinner!”

All of a sudden, Libby felt perplexed. She had made a mistake. She did not know that Chuck was stronger than the cowardice Sergio who was kneeling in front of them! When the three of them were leaving, Sergio lowered his head and was too embarrassed to face Quinn. The person he liked was leaving with another man. But he could do nothing about it!

Chuck glanced at Sergio and thought to himself, “Serves you right!” Otherwise, Chuck would have already ordered Spencer to bring his men to pay the Felton family a visit. Seeing that Sergio had been so obedient, Chuck decided to let him go. However, if he did not kneel for three days as promised, Chuck would deal with him! It was up to Sergio. His life was in his own hands!

“Mr. Felton, he’s gone. You can get up now. He will not know…” Someone in the crowd said.

Sergio wanted to stand up and leave too. His legs were already numb. But he did not dare to! “All of you, go away. I will kneel for three days!” Sergio said while enduring the pain. He had no choice. After all, a pair of crippled legs was still better than death. He knew which to choose and which to sacrifice!

“You’ll kneel for three days? Mr. Felton, who on earth is he?” The onlookers were all shocked.

“A person that I could not afford to offend…” Sergio said regretfully.

Everyone was stunned!

After dinner… Chuck sent them home mainly because he still wanted to help Quinn. Quinn was in so much debt, how would she repay the debts herself? After they had slept together, Chuck could not bear to see her suffer.

“Chuck, you can sleep in this room with Quinn tonight.” Libby still could not let go, even though she realized Chuck was very easy-going and friendly during the dinner earlier. However, as soon as she thought of Chuck as a super rich person, she was still afraid of him. She was afraid that if Chuck broke up with Quinn one day, he would take revenge on her.

Quinn felt a little embarrassed. Although she had slept with Chuck twice, but…

“Thank you,” Chuck said with a smile.

Libby returned to her room. She did not dare to look at Chuck as he had an overpowering vibe.

“Sister Miller, come in please!” Chuck smiled.

Quinn walked in sheepishly. She thought about the courage she had when they first slept together. Quinn took a deep breath and rushed toward Chuck.

“I’ll lend you the money to repay your debts.” Chuck held Quinn. The woman was strong-willed. When Chuck thought back to the time when they first met, he could not help but laugh out loud. Quinn wanted to refuse, but she could not resist Chuck’s gentle tone.

“Okay, I’ll borrow your money, but I will definitely pay you back!” Quinn made a solemn vow! She was not joking. She would definitely pay him back! What Chuck said was meant as an excuse. How could he ask Quinn to pay him back? Quinn was his woman.

“Why don’t you pay the interest now?” Chuck asked with a slight smile.

“Chuck, you are naughty, but I like it.” Quinn’s face was red.

Nancy was in a state of shock. What was she doing? She could not think reasonably. Chuck actually took over a jewelry chain store of more than a hundred outlets! When she received Chuck’s call, she found it hard to believe! Everything happened too fast. Chuck actually bought more than a hundred stores?

When Matteo made the arrangements the next day, Chuck asked Betty to estimate the value. After that, Chuck offered 10% higher than the market price and transferred the amount into Matteo’s account. Matteo certainly would not say a word since he would receive so much money.

It was in the afternoon when Nancy finally asked, “Chuck, why did you buy them?” She was just too curious! It was extremely easy for Chuck to buy anything he wanted. In two days, he had spent over 10 billion to buy over 100 stores!

Chuck did not elaborate much. His brief explanation caused Nancy to be even more shocked! It was true that a super rich person would be so straightforward when it came to business! Ten billion dollars worth of investment was just a piece of cake! The world of the extremely wealthy was so casual. Wasn’t it boring?

“We need to speed up the production line. As for the stores, I’ll get someone to manage it,” Chuck said. There was no problem with the sales. Now that the stock supply was settled, it would not take too long to start and take over the jewelry market in the country.

“Yes, I will work hard! Chuck, please give me a chance!” Nancy worked hard. She wanted to be someone like Yolanda, who had gained Chuck’s trust!

“I will give you the chance! It depends whether or not you can seize it.” Chuck admired employees who were strong-willed. Nancy had a determined look in her eyes.

“I will!” Nancy was pleasantly surprised! She would not let Chuck down!

Yolanda accelerated the refurbishing of the pharmaceutical factory. Chuck was pleased with Yolanda’s efficiency. He believed that the production line could be completed in a few days. It would be easy to make money then. He needed to build and strengthen his business empire quickly!

“President Lee, Young Master Cannon just bought a store chain with more than a hundred outlets. The stone production line is in progress and very much in order for the future jewelry retail stores. There is also a pharmaceutical factory…” Betty reported to Karen.

Karen felt gratified. Chuck did not disappoint her. He had made great progress! He needed to act fast. She found out that the Yeager family had made great progress in recent days too! It meant that Sabina could no longer hold back. It was a signal of danger.

“Tell Chuck to be cautious! Also, let him invest freely. To become the richest person, investments must be diversified. “

“I understand.”

Karen and Willa were talking to each other. Willa had not returned to the home country as she was still waiting.

“Willa, I think you can go home,” Karen said. The situation seemed urgent.

“Okay.” In fact, Willa could not wait any longer. She was eager to meet Chuck. Willa went to pack up.

Karen paused for a few seconds, “Willa…”

“Yes, Auntie Karen?” Willa had never seen Karen so solemn. It was as if she had encountered a formidable enemy!

“The Yeager family has always been the hidden family. Furthermore, they are now controlled by Sabina who has unlimited potential. Which is why it is even more difficult to predict their next move? Therefore… if I die one day, tell Chuck to proceed with whatever he wants.” Karen was extremely calm. To deal with the Yeager family, one had to be prepared to die! But would Karen die?


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