My Billionaire Mom Chapter 798

Chapter 798

Karen was not sure herself! She knew she would eventually die, because it was the law of nature. However, it was a matter of whether she would die in the hands of the Yeager family or the Whitlock family!

For the first time, Karen was uncertain! Sabina had grown so much. She was almost the same as Karen was back then. Karen knew how terrifying it was! On top of that, the super smart Adriana was keeping an eye on her like a tiger eyeing on its prey. She was emotionally unstable and also a threat to her. Could this matter be resolved?

Karen, who always had a good sixth sense, was not sure at that moment. She only wanted to make sure of one thing and that was for Chuck, her only son, to die of old age naturally and not by being murdered.

“Auntie Karen?” Willa was shocked! She knew Karen had always been confident, but she did not underestimate her enemies. How could she be so hesitant at that moment? Willa also understood that the strength of the hidden family was unimaginable! The hidden family had over thousands of years of history and had been passed on for many generations.

However, Karen had only been established for over 20 years. There seemed to be a huge difference in comparison. The difference was obvious to all! If Karen’s family had been passed on for thousands of years and many generations, would the hidden family still exist? Time waited for no man. How could Karen have enough time to grow and expand?

“Yes, I know what I’m doing. You should go back to your home country first!” Karen said calmly.

Willa was silent for a moment. She felt powerless as she went to pack her things and left. She knew that it was best to listen to Karen at that moment. Willa knew that Karen was trying to buy more time for Chuck’s expansion, as Sabina and Adriana would be targeting Chuck!

After Willa left, Karen calmed herself and then called Betty, “Betty. go to my room in Hotel Luna and take out a box under my bed! Hand the things in the box to Chuck!”

“President Lee?” Betty did not know that Karen had placed something underneath the bed.

“I have a hunch that something bad is about to happen, therefore I’m sending Chuck to the place where I learned my battle skills…” Karen said.

“Can he endure it?”

“He needs to endure it no matter what! Up until today, the Whitlock family has yet to have a truly powerful person! If the most powerful person has been discovered by the Whitlock family, then…”

Last time, she had dealt with Adriana’s bodyguard. The man was no match for Karen, but the Whitlock family was the top family in the world. There must be some hidden Masters who had not shown up yet! Karen had never met such a master before, therefore she was not sure! It was time to retaliate! If those people were to look for Karen, what would Karen be afraid of?

To be honest, Karen was even a little excited because she had not used her true strength in over so many years. But what if they targeted Chuck? How could Chuck be able to resist them with his existing skills?

Although Adriana was very good to Chuck, a woman like Adriana had a strong desire to control others. Once Chuck pushed her past her limits, he would need to deal with the Whitlock family’s crazy revenge! How long would it take for Adriana to lose her patience?

Karen was not sure at all! But Karen knew it would happen soon!

“I understand. I will give it to him immediately!” Betty went to retrieve the box right away.

“Tell Chuck that I used to be there for training for 15 days. Since he’s my son, I hope he will use the same amount of time as I did. He can’t decide on the date, but the sooner the better!” Karen had high expectations of him. Karen’s strength was not just because of her own talent, but also from her continuous practice.

Chuck had learned the skills before, but it was just the basics! The place where Karen wanted Chuck to go would involve intense training! It was challenging to make it out of that place alive. As long as he could make it out, he would become a superb battle Master!

In the real world of battle, he would definitely emerge at the top! Once that happened, Karen would not be worried for Chuck anymore!

“Chuck, there are things that I cannot help you with. It’s up to you. Don’t let me down. I’ve always trusted you! If you can defeat them, then…” Karen’s eyes were filled with anticipation and gratification…

“President Lee wanted me to give this to you.” Betty found the box that Karen mentioned. There was a piece of jade inside. There was the word “Battle” imprinted on it!

Chuck was taken aback, “What on earth is this?”

“It is similar to the school that you went to last time, but it’s much better. President Lee stayed there for a few days!” Betty did not know much.

Chuck suddenly realized that it was almost the same as his current school. Chuck had basic battle skills. If he went to that school, he would be able to improve his battle skills in a short period of time!

“I did not know that my mother had been there before.” Chuck shrugged, “Where is it?”

“Please decide on the date. After you’ve decided, I’ll bring you there!” Betty said. She knew that Chuck had his own plans recently. When Chuck was free from distractions, his progress would even be faster.

Chuck was silent for a moment. “Okay, I got it.”

“I’ll go there in a few days. Once I’ve returned, my strength will be almost the same as Mom’s, won’t it?” He thought. Chuck looked forward to it! Among all the people that Chuck had come into contact with, his mother was the best in terms of combat skills!

Even the strongest bodyguard of the Yeager family was not a match for his mother! However, when he met Adriana for the first time, she said that if the bodyguards of the Whitlock family were to be ranked, his mother would not even make it into the top 100. How exaggerated was that? Chuck was not clear at that stage.

However, Chuck knew that since the Whitlock family was the top family, there must be many battle Masters among them. Where would his mother rank among them? Would he be qualified to be placed in the ranking?

Chuck was unsure. The only thing he knew was that no matter how powerful the others were, it was useless to him. After all, only by improving one’s own strength could that person become the champion! Therefore, wherever his mother wanted him to go, he would definitely oblige!

“Then, you can decide on the date. Just tell me when!” Betty then left.

Chuck put the jade away. An average person would definitely not be able to enter that place, as they needed to be recommended by someone. Was that place in that ravine? After all, it was in the forest previously!

While Chuck thought about that, Yolanda suddenly called him and he answered in surprise. “Chuck, where are you?”

“At Quinn’s place.” Chuck had been with Quinn the previous night, but Quinn left to run her errands that morning.

“Something happened!” Yolanda said.


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