My Billionaire Mom Chapter 799

Chapter 799

“What’s the matter?” Chuck was shocked. With Yolanda’s strong ability, there was absolutely no problem for her to deal with any troubles. If she could solve the problem herself, she would not call him. If she called, it meant that it was a very serious matter!

“It’s better to talk in person. I’m at the construction site. It’s hard to explain the matter clearly over the phone!” Yolanda said. She was in a panic! Yolanda had always been calm! Something must have happened unexpectedly and it must be a huge problem!

“Okay, I’ll head over there immediately!” After he hung up, he drove to the construction site. After Chuck bought the land earlier, he had visited the construction site once. But he did not go again after that. He knew that something must have happened at the construction site, therefore he drove as fast as he could!

When he arrived at the construction site, Chuck saw that many workers surrounded a spot. The construction had been ongoing for half a year and the structure of the building was beginning to take shape. It was not a high-rise building, therefore the completion period would not take long. But if something happened all of a sudden, wouldn’t the construction be delayed?

Chuck was speechless! What on earth had happened during this crucial period? Chuck’s car stopped at the entrance and he ran inside immediately!

But at that moment, there was a sudden ear-piercing sound of a car screeching behind him! Even Chuck, who was a combat expert, felt uncomfortable upon hearing it.

“Fuck, look where you’re going! Are you blind?” A young man in a suit, who was driving a BMW X6, scolded Chuck.

Chuck frowned. He was in someone else’s way. It was his fault. Chuck did not say anything, but moved aside silently.

“Get out of the way! If you block my way again, I’ll beat you to death!” The young man in the suit spat out his window and it dirtied Chuck’s shoes.

Chuck’s eyes turned cold!

“Is that Chuck?” At that moment, someone asked in surprise from the passenger seat. Chuck felt that the voice was a little familiar. He took a look inside the car and saw an extremely beautiful woman. She had long hair and was wearing a strappy top showing off her charming collarbones!

Oh! Chuck remembered. It was his first year class monitor, Florence Mate! At first glance, he could recognize Florence immediately. Chuck could also recognize the young man in the suit. Florence used to be pursued by a rich boy, Hargus Stark, during their school days. He even kissed Florence in public, which became a well-known incident in school.

Chuck did not expect the two of them to still be together. They must really love each other! Florence had transformed from the mighty class monitor to a beautiful woman. Perhaps it was because they loved each other at an early age, but even though she was the same age as Chuck, she had the charm of a young woman.

“Florence Mate!” For Florence’s sake, Chuck ignored his shoes being stained.

“Wow, what a big change! What happened to you? Did you quit your studies? Dropped out of school and you’re now working as a construction worker?” Florence smiled with a mocking expression on her face.

“I…” Chuck explained casually.

“Are you the infamous Chuck Cannon from school?” Hargus was surprised. He had seen Chuck before. But from his memory, Chuck was just an ordinary boy who was ugly and unnoticeable. But the person in front of him at that moment…

Damn! How did he become handsome now? His aura was also different. So what if he was handsome? He had previously dropped out of school and started working since then. He must have worked at the construction sites, earned some money and dressed himself up. Therefore, he looked different. But he was still a construction worker!

“Yes, it’s him. How did he suddenly become so handsome?” Florence’s eyes lit up. She thought she was mistaken earlier. Chuck looked different from how he did when he was a student. At that time, when Chuck was a student, he wore cheap clothes and was extremely poor. They were in the same class. How could she not remember him?

But how did Chuck look so charming now? Could it be because she had never looked at him clearly before? It could be. Most people would dress up a little after they started working, but it was a pity that he was only a construction worker. There wasn’t much of a future as a construction worker. He could only earn a little money, even after working so hard. He would not be rich even if he worked for his whole life!

“Handsome? He’s just average.” Hargus was not happy as his girlfriend praised another man. He was jealous.

“Damn. With such a handsome face, it’s a shame that he’s only a construction worker.” Florence shook her head and felt a little sorry.

“With his education background, what else could he do?” Hargus said with a smile.

“This guy was so poor when he was a student. He only had an allowance of 500 dollars every month. Besides, this guy used to like me before.”

“Liked you?” Hargus was even more pissed.

“Then, why are you still staring at him?” Florence’s face turned red. She did not realize that while she spoke, she kept staring at Chuck. How did he change so much? Florence could not believe it.

Florence sighed and thought to herself, “Looking at his handsome face now, I should have been more proactive in the past. If I had known, I would probably have agreed to date him. But unfortunately…”

However, it was the right decision to ignore him at that time. If she was with him, she would have to suffer with him. He was just a construction worker!

“Nothing. Chuck, if you don’t earn enough from this construction site, you should come to my husband’s construction company! We’ll offer you a job!” Florence said.

“That’s not needed! What are you two doing here?” Chuck asked. His construction site had always been handled by Yolanda. When Florence mentioned their construction company earlier, Chuck suddenly wondered if his site was handled by Hargus’s construction company. It must be. Otherwise, why would they be at the construction site? It was such a coincidence.

“What does it have to do with you?” Hargus was in a bad mood. His construction company handled the construction. In order to expedite the construction period according to the boss’s demand, three workers fell down earlier and died as they did not wear any safety belts. They went over to deal with the matter. When a worker dies, the construction project must be halted. It was better for the matter not to be known by many people.

“Chuck, are you working at this construction site? If you’re not, then don’t be nosy!” Florence also said coldly. “Hubby, let’s get out of the car and deal with the matter. If the boss of this project comes over, it will be a problem.”

Yolanda had always been in contact with them. She knew that Yolanda was the supervisor, but they had never met the boss before. The construction site was huge, with billions of dollars of investment put into it. The boss must be filthy rich.

Although Hargus was rich too, he could not compare to him at all. If the boss was angry with how the project was progressing, he could even terminate the contract with Hargus’s company. That would make Hargus suffer a great loss!

After all, it was a problem with their workers. They squeezed into the crowd.

Chuck saw through the crowd where there was blood on the ground. He was shocked and then sighed. It turned out that a few workers died at the construction site.


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