My Billionaire Mom Chapter 800

Chapter 800

The construction workers were hardworking and the money they made did not come easy. If the workers died, it meant that the bread-winners of three families were gone.

Yolanda had not encountered such a situation before and it was not easy to deal with.

Chuck called Betty. “Betty, three people died at my construction site. Please help me find out about their families!”

“Yes, I’ll look into it right now! Please wait a moment!” After Chuck hung up, he squeezed his way into the crowd. It was not the first time that Chuck had seen dead men. However, it was the first time he had encountered such an incident.

Chuck’s emotions were complicated, but he had to be conscientious when it came to dealing with the matter. Chuck decided to compensate the same amount that Hargus would compensate the families, although Chuck did not need to be responsible for it.

“Hubby, the death of these people really came at a bad time. Damn it, couldn’t they have been more careful?” Florence was angry. They had to compensate for their death! 700,000 dollars each!

“Whatever,” Hargus said.

“It doesn’t matter! Well, Declan, you and the other three are from the same hometown. Ask their families to come over to retrieve their bodies and I’ll compensate them each with 300,000 dollars!”

Florence was secretly delighted. Her husband was so smart. He would only pay them 300,000 dollars each instead of 700,000 dollars to keep their families quiet!

“What? Only 300,000 dollars? Aren’t you too heartless?”

“It’s a person’s life! It should be at least 700,000 dollars!”

“We’ve been working for you for some time. How can you be so heartless?” The construction workers were mostly from the same hometown. When they heard what Hargus said, they were all anxious. They all had families to support. The bread-winners of the household were gone all of a sudden. What would happen to their family members? 300,000 dollars was not enough!

“What are you all arguing about? They did not wear any safety belts. Why are you blaming me for their death? I’m losing 900,000 dollars to compensate them. Who can I claim the money from?” Hargus was angry.

“Boss, you can’t say that. You have asked us to speed up the work. You also said that as long as the speed and quality is there, we don’t need to worry about anything else!”

“Are you crazy? If I ask you to die now, would you listen as well? They did not wear their safety belts, so they were asking for death. I’m doing my part by compensating them 300,000 dollars each! Whoever is not satisfied, just get out of here!” Hargus was in a rage!

“How can you do this?” Yolanda’s beautiful eyes were cold. After all, it was a precious life. How could it be worth so little? Now was not the time to be cheap. How could he compensate them less than the standard amount?

“Miss Lane, I’m the unlucky one. They did not wear the safety belts. What does it have to do with me? I’m also a victim here!” Knowing that he could not offend Yolanda, he became a little polite!

“Anyhow, you can’t do this!” Yolanda knew how hard it was to work at the construction site. The dignity of the deceased would be lost if the compensation money was even lesser.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal. I have done what I need to. I shouId’ve let them know that if they wanted to die, they should die further away from me and not get me into trouble!”

“What! How can you say that?”

“When you first asked us to work at the construction site, you said that each of us would get 700,000 dollars if anything happens to us! Now that there is an accident, you do not keep to your promise?” Hargus stirred up their anger! It caused the workers to be furious!

“What are you talking about? I’ll only pay 300,000 dollars. If you don’t want it, just leave!” Hargus had nothing to fear. His father was influential, therefore it was easy for him to deal with such things.

“You are too heartless!”

“My three friends died in vain!” They could not do anything about it. What else could they do? Hargus was very proud of himself. As expected, he had to be fierce.

Yolanda was furious. That person was too outrageous. She regretted engaging with such an irresponsible construction company!

“Hubby, you’re awesome. You’ve saved more than a million dollars. I want to buy a necklace with the money!” Florence said happily.

“No problem!” Hargus shrugged. Was it not better to buy a necklace for his wife? Why should he give the money to those people?

“Hargus, you are too heartless!” Chuck squeezed his way through the crowd.

“What does it have to do with you? Chuck, you don’t have the right to talk here!” Hargus was furious.

“Chuck, are you crazy? Who allowed you to speak here? Just shut up!” Florence was furious as well.

“300,000 dollars is too little. Compensate two million for each life!” Chuck said.

“Who is this person? Is he from our construction site?”

“I have not seen him before, but he is right!” Chuck earned their support!

“How dare you! Two million dollars? Do you believe that I would kill you? To kill someone like you, 50 thousand dollars is enough! Be smart and get out of here!” Hargus said angrily.

“Get out!” Florence pushed Chuck away. Chuck was a combat expert. How could he be pushed away by a woman who did not know how to fight?

“Two million dollars, not a penny less!”

“Who the hell do you think you are? You’re just a poor man pretending to be righteous, aren’t you? Declan, who told you to allow him to work in my construction site?” Hargus snorted and shouted.

Chuck appeared at the construction site on which he was contracted, therefore he must be a worker at the site! Florence could not stop laughing. It turned out that Chuck was a worker at her husband’s construction site. What a good-for-nothing man! How dare he try to be righteous? Did he have the ability? He really was ignorant!

“He is not from our construction site!” Declan looked at Chuck again. He shook his head as he did not recognize him. The other workers also shook their heads and said that they did not know him. At the construction site, they met each other every day. How could they not know each other? Chuck’s face was too unfamiliar.

“What? If you are not from here, then get out of here! You have no right to be here! Declan, ask someone to get rid of him!” Hargus shouted.

Declan did not move. He was particularly dissatisfied with the way Hargus was dealing with the matter. How could he still obey Hargus’s instructions?

“I’m here and no one can make me leave!” Chuck walked closer toward Hargus. That was his own construction site and project. Who dared to ask Chuck to leave?

“No one can make you leave? Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are?” Hargus laughed. A poor man who dropped out of school unexpectedly was so shameless to say those words. It was an eye-opener for Hargus!

Florence said disdainfully and scornfully, “Chuck, you weren’t so silly back then. Why are you so shameless now?”

“Get out of here. This is the construction site I have been contracted with. There’s no place for you here! Get out!” Hargus walked over and pushed Chuck. Hargus was angry when Chuck stood still, even after he had pushed him. How could this silly construction worker not move an inch?

“It’s true that you’ve contracted this site, but don’t you know that this site is mine?” Chuck said flatly.


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