My Billionaire Mom Chapter 801

Chapter 801

“You really know how to joke around! This construction site is yours?” Hargus laughed with mockery. He roughly knew how big the investment of the construction site was. The land alone was worth over 100 million, not to mention the cost of investment for the construction. How could someone possibly own such a place if he did not have at least three billion dollars of net worth?

How would someone like Chuck, who had dropped out of school and worked at a construction site, be able to afford the site? It would be difficult for Chuck to even earn 10 million dollars. How could he become the boss of the construction site?

“Chuck, I did not expect you to be so vain! How could you say such a shameless thing?” Florence said with contempt and disappointment. At first, she thought Chuck had changed a lot since they last met. She instinctively had a good impression of him because he was in good shape and was good-looking. After all, women were also lascivious. Chuck’s figure was much better than Hargus’s. She had been with Hargus for so long that she was aesthetically tired of him. But the good impression she had on Chuck was completely ruined by his shameless words earlier. What a shameless man!

“Yes, it’s mine!” Chuck stepped forward.

“Get out of my way!” Hargus yelled at him. It was a waste of his time!

“You are so shameless! Get lost!” Florence could not stand it anymore.

“You don’t believe me? It doesn’t matter. I will terminate the contract with you!” Chuck said. Hargus was a man with no conscience. How could such a person build a good construction site? It would be better to terminate the contract as soon as possible. There was no problem in finding another construction company to replace them.

“You’re so good at pretending! Terminate the contract with me? Who are you kidding?” Hargus laughed.

“Chuck! You’re here!” At the same time, Yolanda appeared out of the crowd.

Hargus frowned. He knew that Yolanda was the manager of the project because they had been dealing with her. He could not believe that Yolanda knew Chuck. Even Florence was shocked.

“Yes, I am. Terminate the contract with them and find another construction company.”

“Alright, I’m sorry, I…” Yolanda did not expect that Hargus was such a person. He was really heartless!

“Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t know.” Chuck shrugged.

“Miss Lane, is he really the owner of this site?” Hargus was still in doubt. Yolanda’s behavior told him that Yolanda and Chuck knew each other and they had a good relationship as they addressed each other casually. If Chuck was really the owner of the place, why did Yolanda directly call Chuck by his name? Shouldn’t she address him formally?

“Of course, I’m working for him.”

Hargus immediately stared at Chuck, while he was still full of doubts.

“Florence, didn’t you say that this guy was poor?”

“Yes, he was poor. You were not in the same class with him, therefore you don’t know him. He has been poor since he was schooling. I have never seen him buy any good clothes and food. How could such a poor person be the owner of this place? It’s impossible!” Florence said disdainfully.

When Chuck was a student, he was obviously not from a rich family. He dropped out of school not long ago, so how did he manage to earn so much money? It was really impossible! Unless Chuck had deliberately pretended to be poor.

Hargus was silent for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Well, I don’t think he’s rich either, but the way Yolanda is treating him…” Yolanda would not help Chuck for no reason, would she?

“They must know each other,” Florence analyzed.

“That’s right!” Hargus’s doubts vanished at once. There was no reason to suspect!

“Stop pretending, Chuck. It’s not funny! Get out of here!” Hargus said with a smile.

“You are the one who should get out of here. Hargus Stark, we’ll terminate the contract with you!” Yolanda said coldly.

Hargus was stunned and furious. “Yolanda, how dare you! You’d better think it over. Chuck is just your friend. Is it worth it to terminate the contract with us because of him? If your boss finds out about this, you can just resign and get out of here!”

“That’s right. You’re such a fool. How could you simply terminate the contract? Who do you think you are? How dare you!” Florence scolded. She was extremely furious!

“Yolanda, forget it. You don’t need to terminate the contract. How about we purchase his company instead?” Chuck shrugged and changed his mind. Chuck was building his own business empire, therefore he needed a professional construction team. In fact, he could take the opportunity to start building one himself.

“I’ve seen his father’s company. They have the capability and the projects they’ve completed are also good. That’s why I chose to cooperate with them. I think you can acquire their company,” Yolanda said.

“You’re going to acquire my father’s company? Aren’t you over your head? My father’s company has a market value of one billion dollars, you…”

“It’s only one billion. Why are you so proud? You’re so ignorant.” Chuck shrugged.

Hargus was furious! What did he mean by only one billion? Did he even have one billion dollars?

“Betty, are you free? Great. Please help me acquire a company. I don’t know the name of the company, but the name of the company owner’s son is Hargus Stark. Okay, I’ll wait for your update.” Chuck shrugged.

Betty was a negotiation expert. The owner of such a company was not worthy of Betty’s attention. However, she was nearby coincidently, therefore it would be quick for her to make a trip there. She could do it quickly with her speed of driving.

Hargus and Florence looked at each other in dismay!

“Is he really the owner of the site?”

“I think it’s possible. He sounded serious over the call. If he was not the boss, he would not have that kind of aura!” The onlookers whispered to each other.

“Chuck, have you even made a phone call? You looked quite believable when you spoke that even though I almost believed you.” Hargus mocked him, “You want to acquire my father’s company? Do you even have the money?”

“Well, just wait and see.” Chuck shrugged and said, “Yolanda, send someone over to get the 6 million dollars. We’ll pay for the compensation. After all, it was not easy for them.”

“Okay, even if you did not say it, I would have done the same.” Yolanda did it immediately.

“Wow, this boss is really good. He’s so much better than Hargus!”

“If he really acquires Hargus’s father’s company, I will definitely work for him!”

“Me too! It’s much better to follow such a boss!” The workers were excited.

Hargus was so angry that he felt like punching Chuck.

“Chuck Cannon, why haven’t you acquired my father’s company yet? Do you know where my father’s company is? Do you need me to tell you?”

“Hubby, look at him now. How can he afford it? He’s just a swindler!” Florence did not care.

Hargus laughed out loud. He was even a little scared earlier. As he wanted to say something, he received a call. He took a look at it and saw that it was from his father.


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