My Billionaire Mom Chapter 802

Chapter 802

“Dad, why are you calling me? It’s fine, only three people died. I can solve it!” Hargus answered the call and said.

“Hargus, what the hell did you do?” The voice over the call was filled with anger!

“Dad? Why are you scolding me?” Hargus was speechless.

“I want to kill you! Why the f*ck do I have such a useless son? Shit, they even came looking for me to acquire my company!”

“Dad, are you kidding me?” Hargus was shocked. His eyes were wide open. He moved his eyes and stared at Chuck.

“Hubby, what did Dad say?” When Florence saw the shock on her husband’s face, she wondered if something bad had happened.

“Brat, do you think I’m kidding?”

“Dad, even if someone wants to buy our company, you don’t have to sell it,” Hargus muttered.

“Don’t sell it? The people who came looking for me know everything about us. Any information can destroy us both. Dare I refuse them?”

“What? Dad, is this true?” Hargus was petrified.

“I don’t have time to joke with you. Compensate the workers immediately!” Hargus was so shocked that his jaw dropped.

“Dad, is the person who wants to buy our company named Chuck Cannon?”

“If you know him, apologize to him at once! You’ve really put us in trouble! When you’re back, I’ll beat you to death!” Hargus’s face was full of shock!

“Hubby, what’s the matter?” Florence felt uneasy.

“He… he really is the boss here. He… he has asked someone to acquire our company.”

At that moment, Hargus’s feelings were complicated! Chuck had something in his hands to blackmail them!

“What? He is really rich?” In an instant, Florence was horrified. How could that be? When Chuck was a student, he was so poor. How could he have so much money now? Or was Chuck actually rich but pretended to be poor when he was schooling? Florence felt uncomfortable.

“He really bought Hargus Stark’s father’s company. This is really awesome!”

“I’ll follow a boss like him from now on!” The workers were so excited! What was there to worry about when the new boss compensated so much money to the deceased workers?

“Chuck, please let my family go. I’m sorry. I…” Hargus felt as if there was a stone in his throat, which was hard for him to swallow.

“I have been very kind to you. I’ve merely purchased the company. By the way, before I forget, be careful when you’re doing business in the future, as I’ll have people keep an eye on you,” Chuck shrugged and said.

Hargus turned pale as he was frightened, “Please, don’t!”

“Compensate them quickly. Otherwise, if I’m in a bad mood, I am not sure whether something bad will happen to your family.”

Hargus was shocked. “Quick, go and bring six million dollars!”

“Hubby!” Florence was at a loss.

Bang! Hargus slapped her. Florence’s beautiful face was red and swollen. She covered her cheeks and said, “Hubby, why did you just slap me?”

“Why are you still standing here? If you waste any more time, just try my kick!” Hargus was about to raise his hand again.

Florence was so frightened that she ran to the car and drove off to withdraw the money.

“Mr. Cannon, please wait for a moment. The money will arrive soon. I hope you will let my family go. Please!” What else could Hargus say? He could only beg Chuck piteously!

“If you had just compensated them honestly just now, wouldn’t it have been easier? Why did you make things so difficult?”

Hargus was full of regret. He sighed for a long while. It turned out that he was the silly one! However, he could not turn back time.

Yolanda asked someone to bring over the money, while Florence brought the money over too. Each victim was compensated with four million dollars! The worker’s eyes were full of tears as they finally had a good boss! Once everything was settled, the construction work was halted for that day and would resume the next day.

Hargus got into his car, looking depressed.

Florence walked over to Chuck and passed him a note which read, “Chuck, I’ve had my eye on you since we were studying, but I did not say anything. I’ve always liked you. This is my Whatsapp number, you can contact me anytime…” Florence’s intentions were obvious. It would not be a problem even if he wanted to sleep with her.

“Are you coming or not?” Hargus shouted on the other side.

“Why are you so loud? You’re so annoying.” Florence scolded him with a cold face and said to Chuck gently, “Chuck, just send me a message, I’ll be free any time…” Florence then walked over to Hargus impatiently.

Chuck glanced at the note in his hand and threw it into the trash can. Florence said that she had liked him since they were schooling? Chuck did not believe her one bit. Florence was indeed beautiful and her figure was perfect, better than most women. But Chuck was not interested. He would not be interested in a woman that Hargus had played with before. Chuck was not that desperate.

When Yolanda heard what Florence said, she thought no one would be able to resist such a beautiful woman that took the initiative, but Chuck remained unmoved.

Yolanda smiled. “What did you say to Chuck just now?” Hargus said coldly.

“Nothing.” Florence was indifferent.

“Nothing? Do you think I’m stupid?”

“What do you think I said to him? Look at yourself. Chuck is wealthier than you. Don’t you know?”

“You want to betray me?” Hargus was furious.

“Betray? I don’t even like you, how can I betray you?” Florence sneered, “People must always aim higher! Meeting Chuck again today, it must be destiny. I want to grab this…”

Bang! Hargus slapped her and Florence began to fight with him furiously. Since the construction site matter had been sealed, Chuck told Yolanda seriously, “I might be away for a while!”

“You’re leaving again?” Yolanda’s heart sank. He had only been back for a few days!

“I’m not leaving the country, I’ll still be here. I’m going to a place to train myself.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“I’m not sure. It might take fifteen days or up to a month. During this period, you don’t have to report to me about everything. You can make your own decisions.”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me!”

Chuck was assured, knowing that Yolanda would take care of his businesses. He would go to the place mentioned by his mother and return as soon as possible! Chuck also knew that his mother had brought up the matter at that moment because she sensed that Sabina’s revenge was about to begin.

When Chuck drove away, Yolanda sighed sadly and said, “Be careful. I’ll work hard and wait for your return.”

“Are you leaving again?” Quinn laid in Chuck’s arms. It would only be for a few days, but Quinn could not bear to part with him.

“Yes, you know what’s going on now. I have to strengthen my skills.” Chuck did not want to leave either, but he needed to leave for a better future.

“I’II support you.” Quinn had no choice but to agree. Chuck had changed after his return. That kind of burden was one of the sources of her comfort.

“I’ll wait for you to come back!” Quinn said.


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