My Billionaire Mom Chapter 805

Chapter 805

Chuck had always been a man who would not attack others unless he was being attacked! He had saved a man out of compassion, but he did not expect to receive that kind of treatment! Chuck was furious!

“Hey, you’d better be smart about this! If you want to fight with me, be prepared to die any minute!” The man said with a smile. The man had a strong aura, he must be a combat expert! He thought that the person in front of him really did not have the qualification to fight with him!

Chuck’s eyes turned cold! Both of them looked like they were prepared for a war! They were really about to fight!

“That’s enough, Gaige! Grandpa is awake!” The woman who just went into the ward walked out.

“Did he hit Grandpa?” Gaige asked in a foul mood.

“No, Grandpa said that he fell down himself.” The woman shook her head and looked at Chuck again. She was a little surprised that Chuck had saved her grandfather but did not expect anything in return. A man like him was hard to come by nowadays, was it not?

Gaige snorted. “Just give him some money and send him away.” After that, he went into the ward and did not bother to clarify further the misunderstanding. In his opinion, Chuck did not deserve any explanation from him.

“My brother has misunderstood what happened just now. I’m sorry, my name is Liliana Lowe. Please accept this money!” Liliana took out an envelope.

“You’re sorry? I saved your grandfather, but I’m being blamed and almost beaten up instead?” Chuck said coldly. He was so angry that day. He regretted meddling in other people’s business!

“Then, what do you want?” Liliana frowned and her tone became slightly cold.

“What do you mean by what I want? I saved your grandfather and this is your attitude?”

Liliana’s beautiful face turned cold. “That’s why I asked you, what do you want? Isn’t that enough?”

“You’d better keep the so-called reward to yourself. I don’t need it!” Chuck left. If he stayed there any longer, he would have slapped her!

Liliana’s face looked terrible. In that place, no man dared to talk to her like that. If he didn’t want it, then forget about it. He was such an ignorant man! She went into the ward when her grandfather had fallen asleep again.

“Where’s that kid just now? How much did you give him?” Gaige asked.

“He didn’t want money.”

“What a silly man!” Gaige laughed disdainfully, “Forget it, there’s no need to take heed of such a person. How many people who have enrolled for our Wolfen Sect are recommended?”

“None!” Liliana was worried.

“Didn’t the Master ask us to recruit a few potential talents?” Gaige was speechless.

“Well, youngsters these days are really silly and not reliable like the young man just now. It’s really difficult to find a few disciples, isn’t it?”

“We just have to try our best,” Liliana said helplessly. What else could she do? The physical quality of the young people was poor. They were weak and had no physical strength. How could they find a strong fighter among them? It was impossible!

“By the way, the recruitment fair is tomorrow, isn’t it? Let’s see how many people will turn up. If there really is none, we will just find a few useless men from the fair.”

Gaige was speechless! What kind of useless physical fitness do young people have these days?

Liliana agreed, as that was the only way.

Chuck ate in a fast-food restaurant and later spent the night at the hotel. In the middle of the night, he received a call from Betty. “You will go to the Noir House tomorrow night. There will be a recruitment fair to enroll into the Wolfen Sect. We will discuss more in detail after you have entered into the Wolfen Sect. President Lee wanted me to convey the message that there are many combat masters in the Wolfen Sect. You should keep a low profile there. She will discuss more in detail with you after you have been enrolled!”

“I understand, Betty.” Chuck was feeling sleepy. In places where there were many experts, a person had to keep a low profile. It was because of a very simple logic. What was the reason he enrolled into the Wolfen Sect? It was for the sake of learning many combat techniques! It was to have more opportunities to put his combat skills into practice, not to show off his existing strength. A real master would not care about showing off his strength at all.

“There are a few powerful teachers in the Wolfen Sect. They are all traditional combat teachers, and with their skills, they’re capable of killing their opponents! President Lee suggested having Miss Scarlett as your teacher. President Lee said that Miss Scarlet is extremely talented in combat! She specializes in this area, therefore it will be best to learn from her for a few days! However, let’s talk more after you have enrolled into the Wolfen Sect tomorrow.” Betty told him more information in detail.

Chuck took her advice. He would enroll himself into the Wolfen Sect and look for Miss Scarlett as his teacher. “Okay, I understand.”

“That’s good. Rest well and goodnight.”

“Okay, goodnight!” Chuck shrugged and went to sleep after he hung up.

Betty muttered to herself on the other side of the call, “Goodnight…”

The next morning, Chuck took a cab and headed to the Noir House as mentioned by Betty. When he arrived, there were many luxurious cars. It was obvious that many rich people wanted to learn how to fight as part of self defense, to ensure their own safety. This could actually be considered as recruitment of new students.

However, a person needed to pass the assessment. No one knew what the assessment process would be like.

Chuck shrugged and went straight in. There were a lot of men and women in the fair. Actually, women who were good at fighting had great body figures, just like the ones in the fair. When Chuck was waiting at the fair, a lot of people were bragging about how good they were. Chuck sneered in his heart. He had to follow his mother’s advice on keeping a low profile. Only then could he learn more things.

“Hush, that beauty over there has a great figure.”

“Of course. A combat fighter must train a lot. How could they have a bad figure?”

“Hey, I saw someone poor come here in a cab. He doesn’t even have a car and yet he dares to show up here…” A lot of people were talking about it.

Chuck was speechless. He did not expect that he would be their topic of discussion.

“Quiet, quiet!” There were people who showed up. It was Liliana and her elder brother, Gaige, whom he saw the previous day. The two of them were not satisfied with the participants who were at the fair. They looked weak and unreliable, like a bunch of trash.

“Sigh, I can only choose a few better ones from this pile of garbage.” Gaige was helpless.

“Everyone, stand still please. Let’s start with the Wolfen Sect assessment!”

Chuck frowned. It was them! The enemies whom he could not get along with!


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