My Billionaire Mom Chapter 807

Chapter 807

No one in the fair was optimistic about Chuck! Wade was big and sturdy while Chuck looked much weaker than him. With such a huge gap in terms of physique, the result of this punch was already predicted! Chuck would be sent flying with a single punch, with blood coming out of his mouth!

Facing the imminent punch, Chuck’s eyes turned cold. The power of that punch was definitely very strong! Chuck could not deny it! On the other hand, with Chuck’s current physical fitness, it would not be a problem for him to take the punch. However, Chuck did not intend to allow Wade to punch him!

Whoosh! Wade threw a shocking punch at him! When he was about to hit Chuck, Chuck dodged! Wade punched the air! After a few seconds of silence, the audience burst into an uproar!

“He dodged? Fuck, isn’t that against the rules?”

“I was wondering why he dared to go up the stage. It turns out that he did not want to fight Wade at all.”

“Do you think that he would go head-on against Wade with his weak body?” Wade squinted his eyes!

Gaige and Liliana were a little stunned. “This kid? He actually dodged Wade’s punch? That’s rare,” Gaige said.

“That’s right. Judging from his speed just now, he seems to have some combat skills. However, it could also be because Wade was caught off guard. Otherwise, he would not have been able to dodge Wade’s punch!” Liliana shook her head. She felt that it was not a big deal that Chuck was able to dodge Wade’s punch.

“I think so too. His dodging skills were poor and his steps were unorganized, like an untrained person. Judging from his physique, if he was hit by Wade earlier, he would be either dead or injured! This kid is playing some tricks! But then, does this mean he passed?” Gaige asked.

“I guess he did. Enroll him into our Wolfen Sect. I’ll teach him personally. Let’s see how long he will endure my training!” Liliana’s beautiful eyes shone. She really despised Chuck! Did he think that he was great just because he had saved her grandfather?

Humph! “Good! You’ve passed!” Gaige said coldly.

Chuck walked aside. Wade hesitated but did not say anything. He stared at Chuck for a moment and then he became cold again.

“Fuck! He passed? We don’t even have to battle with Wade directly, so long as we can avoid his punch. Let me go next!” A young man stepped forward excitedly! He moved swiftly as he was a basketball player. His reaction and speed was extremely fast and he would definitely be able to dodge his punch!

“Come on!” The young man said enthusiastically. Other people in the fair were also eager to try. They realized that they did not have to fight Wade directly and could just avoid his punches. The level of difficulty had been reduced substantially! If Chuck could do it earlier, they could do it too!

Wade squinted his eyes and threw a punch! “I’ll dodge! Ah!”

Bam! Before the young man could dodge, Wade’s fist had hit him! He could not dodge his punch at all! The fist hit him directly! He was sent flying while spiking out blood, then fainted when he fell to the ground. The audience was shocked again!

“Oh my goodness!”

“He couldn’t dodge it?”

“How did that kid manage to dodge just now?”

They could not believe it! If Chuck could do it, why couldn’t they?

Chuck’s face was expressionless. Did those people think that it was easy for him to dodge it? It was not easy at all! The speed of Wade’s attack was extremely fast. It was actually even harder for him to dodge his attack than to attack him directly! Because if he needed to dodge his attack, it meant that he would need to be faster than Wade! How many people could actually do that?

“Next!” Wade’s voice rang loud. Who would still dare to challenge him?

Finally, after Gaige spoke, some people dared to go up to the stage, but none of them could withstand Wade’s punch. Only three of them managed to dodge his punch! In the end, only five people were able to pass the assessment! That included Chuck.

“Alright, the rest of you can leave now. Five of you can go back to rest for tonight. We’ll meet tomorrow at the Wolfen Sect!” Gaige said coldly.

Chuck shrugged! Other participants in the fair dispersed in disappointment. Many people were dissatisfied with Chuck as they thought that it was pure luck that he was able to dodge Wade’s attack! By the time they wanted to use the same tactic, Wade was already on his alert. Therefore, they could not get past him easily! When the other four went back, three of them were injured.

“What’s your name?” Liliana walked over to Chuck and asked.

“Chuck Cannon!”

“Let me tell you, you won’t always get lucky by playing tricks like that. You dodged badly just now. If it was me, I would be able to defeat you with just one move! Bailing requires the basic skills. If you use tricks, you won’t be able to last much longer!” Liliana said coldly.

“You are right.” Chuck wanted to ignore her. Since he had become a member of the Wolfen Sect, Chuck did not want to get involved with other matters. Furthermore, he did not want to create any problems. He planned to stay and learn in the Wolfen Sect for no more than 20 days! Because Chuck did not have much time.

Chuck just left. Liliana was angry. She decided that she was going to make things harder for Chuck!

Humph! The next day, Chuck took a cab to the same place which he had been to the previous day along with all his luggage.

The other four people had arrived as well. The four of them did not even take a glance at Chuck. They still thought that Chuck was incompetent and only passed by using tricks the previous day. They felt that they could have beaten him up easily. Therefore, they just ignored Chuck!

Chuck was not bothered by them either.

“Alright, the five of you, get into the car with us. Remember, after entering the Wolfen Sect, all communication with the outside world must be cut off!” Liliana said coldly.

Chuck was prepared! Everyone handed in their phones and sat in Liliana’s car. They then headed toward the Wolfen Sect. Similar to what Chuck had imagined, the Wolfen Sect was located deep in the mountains. It was where the real lessons would begin!

Chuck was extremely excited to improve his skills, but he was concerned with the number of days that he needed to stay there.

“We have arrived. Get out of the car!” Liliana was indifferent.

Chuck and the others got out of the car and saw that the Wolfen Sect was like an ancient temple. It was an antique building and had obviously been around for many years. Like a hidden family, it had been passed down for many generations!

It was the real birthplace of the combat experts! The Wolfen Sect!


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