My Billionaire Mom Chapter 808

Chapter 808

In Wolfen Sect, it was almost the same as what Chuck had imagined. It looked old-fashioned, but the training method was very modern. People who entered into the Wolfen Sect were all elites, therefore Chuck could tell that they were elites at first glance. There were both men and women, where the men were strong while the women had good figures. Because of the physical training, the women had perfect curves. It was very seductive.

Liliana led Chuck to enter. There were many houses in the Wolfen Sect. Chuck suspected that the houses might have been there for thousands of years. No one knew how many generations of people had been trained there!

Chuck got excited the moment he thought about it. He wondered how he could successfully graduate from that place. Betty did not mention it, neither did Liliana. In Liliana’s opinion, Chuck and the other four people were not qualified to graduate!

“This is where you freshmen sleep! Take a rest today. Remember, don’t cause me any trouble! Otherwise, leave immediately!” Liliana was very strict.


“Chuck, why didn’t you respond?” Liliana stared at Chuck with her beautiful eyes. Her domineering energy as she walked forward forced Chuck to take a step back!

Chuck had already entered into the Wolfen Sect. Of course, he was not afraid of anything else.

“Chuck, are you deaf?” Liliana asked Chuck, looking domineering. The other four students looked at Chuck like they were looking at an idiot. What was wrong with that fool? How dare he retaliate against Miss Liliana?

“No, I’m not deaf. I’m going to take a rest. Miss Liliana, do you want to join me?” Chuck shrugged and asked.

“Do you want to die?” Liliana was angry. He actually flirted with her?

“No, I don’t! But if you want to join me, I don’t mind.” Chuck shrugged.

Pfft! A few female students laughed. Chuck was very bold!

Liliana was extremely angry. “Chuck, I’ll keep an eye on you!”

“Whatever!” Chuck was not going to rest. He was going to find the teacher, Miss Scarlet, whom Betty had mentioned earlier. Betty told him that he should learn from Miss Scarlet so that he could learn more.

Liliana stormed away in anger.

“Hey, Chuck, you’re so bold! You even dared to flirt with Miss Liliana?” A beautiful woman in her twenties said with a smile.

“I don’t mind. I can flirt as I wish.” Chuck shrugged.

“What an ignorant guy!” She looked down on Chuck. She was the descendant of a rich family. How could she be taken advantage of by a commoner?

However, Chuck was already gone while she was talking.

“Tessa, don’t argue with him. He is just an opportunist villain!” The beautiful woman’s companion said.

“I know. I’m sure he is not a good person. I’m exhausted, I’m going to sleep!”

“But that ignorant man Chuck also stays in this room. Will he do bad things to us when we are asleep at night?”

“He wouldn’t dare! If he does, I’ll cripple him!” Tessa said fiercely and made a gesture of strangling his neck.

“Then, he would not dare to come near us!” The girls laughed disdainfully. Chuck was no match for them. They could withstand Wade’s punch, therefore Chuck was nothing to them. They saw him as an opportunist. Similar to a timid woman, who had to rely on dodging to qualify to be enrolled. It was obvious that there was a huge gap among them! If Chuck dared to do anything to them, they would definitely beat him so hard that he would cry.

“Where is Miss Scarlet?” It was as if Chuck had entered into a maze. He felt as if he had entered a temple. He was speechless! He asked the others, but none of them said anything. Each and every one of them were incredibly cold. Chuck walked for a long time but when he had no other choice, he returned to the place where he came from.

When he returned, it was already dark. There were only a few pieces of bread on his bed. There was nothing else. It looked rather shabby. Chuck knew that he was there for training. Of course, it did not matter what he ate. He would just go to bed after eating.

“Don’t mess around. I’m warning you!” Tessa warned Chuck. Chuck glanced at her, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The next day, Liliana went over and instructed Chuck and the rest to run for 10 kilometers while carrying an item which weighed 50 kilograms!

Chuck had been carrying about twenty kilograms on him already, therefore he did not mind more. He was the first one to carry 50 kilograms and run. He ran at high speed.

Liliana frowned and said, “This guy has good physical strength! Why aren’t you guys running faster?”

Tessa and the other girls were speechless. They could only obey Liliana’s orders and ran with the items on their backs. When Chuck ran deep into the mountains, he saw a single house located at the top of the mountain. It looked interesting, as if it was a place for women to live. But he did not know if it belonged to Miss Scarlett.

Chuck decided he would go there again later at night. He did not want to waste his time waiting. He wanted to learn as much as possible and then graduate from the place. After all, his mother had graduated only after 15 days!

“Useless! It’s only 10 kilometers, how can you all be so tired so quickly?” Liliana was angry. Tessa and the other girls were so tired that they all lay on their stomachs.

Chuck panted, but he was only pretending. It was not too difficult for Chuck to run 10 kilometers, as he had been under extreme training for a long time. Furthermore, Chuck basically trained for three hours every day. It was a test of endurance!

Liliana was the first to stare at Chuck with disdain. She ignored him and then Tessa and the other girls followed suit.

“You girls are too disappointing,” Liliana said coldly.

“Miss Liliana, it’s not that we don’t live up to your expectations. It’s just that the weight is too heavy and we have run a great distance. How can we girls stand it?” Tessa was almost tortured to tears. It was possible to run a few kilometers, but it was really impossible to run ten kilometers!

“Ten kilometers is a great distance? I have also done what you are doing now. If you can’t even run for ten kilometers, what are you all even doing here?” Liliana was angry.

“There are a few talented elites in the Wolfen Sect. The first one is one of our coaches, Miss Scarlett. She carried 100 kilograms and ran ten kilometers. The time she took was shorter than you all!”

“What? That’s unbelievable!”

Chuck’s eyes lit up. Miss Scarlet was that powerful? That was why his mother told him to learn from her.

“Are there any other women?” Tess was depressed.

“Yes, she was faster than Miss Scarlet and carried 120 kilograms of weight!” Liliana exclaimed in admiration.

“Wow, she’s so awesome! Who is she?”

“I don’t think you have heard of her before. Her name is Karen Lee!” Liliana said.


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