My Billionaire Mom Chapter 809

Chapter 809

“Who is Karen Lee? I have not heard of her name before!”

“That’s right. I’ve never heard of her name before either. Is it possible to have such a powerful person? With the weight of 120 kilograms, how can she run very fast? It’s impossible! Are you kidding?” Tessa and the other girls shook their heads. Their faces were full of doubts.

“Even an incredibly strong person could not do that. Not to mention a woman!”

Chuck smiled. His mother had graduated only after 15 days. It was a record-breaking speed! As a junior, Liliana would definitely know about his mother’s reputation! In addition, although his mother kept a low profile, she was a legend here.

Chuck felt proud. “How can it be a joke? Karen’s speed was incredible. In the past, except for those who founded the Wolfen Sect, no one was able to reach such a record even after dozens of generations have passed. How could I forget it?” Liliana said coldly.

After a while, she sighed, “Anyway, this woman, Karen, is really a legend. She graduated from the Wolfen Sect in 15 days. She is considered the strongest student in the history of the Wolfen Sect!”

“What? 15 days? She’s so powerful!”

“That’s right and she is a woman. She’s really awesome. I want to learn from her!”

“Forget it, this kind of person is a combat genius that only appears once every hundred years. It’s useless no matter how hard you try. You do not have the special physical quality that she has.”

“By the way, coach, how old is Karen?” Tessa asked.

“I have not seen her before. I heard that she was in her twenties when she came here. Now it has been almost twenty years. She should be in her early forties and is probably married. But I don’t know if her child is a boy or a girl. However, with her genes, her child must also have a special physique like her!” Liliana said.

“It must be a boy. Generally, such a powerful woman would give birth to a son!” Tessa said.

“Probably. I don’t know about this. But if Karen got married in her twenties and gave birth to a child, then her child should be close to 20 years old, right? In terms of physique, he or she would’ve definitely inherited Karen’s special physique. She was only 20 years of age and no one knew where she had learned to fight, but her talent was undoubtedly good!” Liliana said with a sigh. If she had such a student, she would be honored in the Wolfen Sect. Unfortunately, she did not know Karen.

Chuck smiled. Indeed, he must have inherited his mother’s special physique. Otherwise, how else would he be able to possess the strength of a combat expert in less than a year of fighting?

However, Liliana said that his physique might exceed that of his mother’s. Chuck doubted it though. Even if he could inherit 80 percent of her physique, he would be satisfied. Chuck was overjoyed. Sure enough, reincarnation was a magical thing. Chuck was very lucky.

“What are you laughing at? We’re not talking about you!” Tessa despised Chuck.

“Look at him laughing like that! He’s so shameless! Those who do not know better, would think that we’re talking about him!”

“That’s right. Karen was such a strong woman, she was a senior who had broken all records. If she had given birth to such a son like him, she would die of anger, wouldn’t she?”

“Of course, how would it be possible?” Everyone laughed at Chuck. Tessa and the other girls laughed at him. Chuck had smiled at the wrong time.

We were talking about Karen’s son. Why would it have anything to do with you? Self-absorbed ignorant man! He was crazy!

Liliana did not look at Chuck at all. If Karen’s son was as useless as Chuck, who panted and was too tired to stand up after running 10 kilometers, it would be a waste of Karen’s genes. Therefore, Chuck could only admire Karen’s skills.

It was impossible for him to be Karen’s son. Besides, they had only concluded the matter based on what they had seen. How would Liliana know if Karen had given birth to a boy or girl? However, she hated boys. If she were to have a child, she would prefer to have a daughter.

Chuck shrugged his shoulders. He did not bother to argue with those girls. They would not believe him even if he claimed to be Karen’s son. Therefore, why would he waste his time?

Liliana left. She told them to run every day for three days before she left! Chuck did not have any problem with that. Tessa and the other girls complained.

“How great would it be if Karen was my mother? I would inherit her special physique. Not to mention running for ten kilometers, even twenty kilometers would not be a problem. No one would be able to defeat me!”

“Me too! It’s a pity that my mother is not as strong as her. Sigh, I envy Karen’s child… Oh, Tessa, is it true that strong women normally give birth to a son?”

“Most likely! Because she is strong, it would be likely that she would give birth to a son. And he should be around 20 years old now, I wonder if he is handsome? How much percent of her strength would he inherit from her?” Tessa fantasized. In her mind, she worshiped powerful women! Because she inspired me to be a powerful woman.

“Just by hearing her name, Karen Lee, I think she must have a good temperament and a handsome son. I don’t have the chance to be Karen’s child, but I can be her daughter-in-law! I can also address her as my mother. With such a powerful mother, wouldn’t I get to do whatever I wanted? Hey, Chuck, are you crazy? What are you laughing at? Do you think we are talking about you?” One of the girls was extremely angry, because Chuck laughed at her words.

“That’s right. Do you think we are talking about you? What are you laughing at? I really don’t understand you. Get lost!” Tessa was furious. This was a whisper between girls.

“You girls have fun chatting!” Chuck could no longer stand them. Why do they love to gossip?

“Hmph, it’s so annoying to see him laugh. Shameless! Is he trying to hint to us that he is Karen’s son?”

“How could it be so coincidental? Besides, how could Karen’s son have his virtue? I don’t believe it!” Several girls discussed it angrily. In their view, Chuck was born from an ordinary family. It was impossible for someone like Chuck to be the son of Karen, who had broken many records. Unless God was playing a major trick on everyone.


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