My Billionaire Mom Chapter 811

Chapter 811

Miss Scarlett’s point of view actually made sense. It was not wrong for her to want to find someone that matched her skills. She was a combat genius among women. She had every right to want to find a male combat genius. But just as Gaige said, they were extremely rare!

Even Miss Scarlet would not know if such a person existed. Maybe there aren’t any. Therefore, it would be fine if she remained single for the rest of her life. “Get lost!” Scarlet said coldly.

Gaige’s face was sullen. He had been rejected by Scarlet many times and his patience had run out. Since he could not defeat Scarlet, he had to use another method that he had planned for a long time. He must have Scarlet! Gaige knew better than to persist!

When Chuck, who had just arrived, saw this, he stroked his chin and thought, “What’s wrong with Miss Scarlett? Why did she go down the mountain so late at night?” Chuck could not help but wonder if something bad had happened to the Wolfen Sect. Otherwise, why would an experienced coach like Miss Scarlett go down the mountain in the middle of the night? It was possible that something bad had really happened. It was not something that Chuck, who had just entered into the Wolfen Sect, would be able to know about.

Miss Scarlet had already left quickly! She was ahead of Gaige who had gone down earlier! Gaige was extremely angry that he gnashed his teeth. There was no other way this time! Otherwise, he would need to beg her for a long time! Ugh!?

“Who?! Who’s there? Who! Show yourself!” All of a sudden, Gaige, who was furious, shouted. He had heard something coming from the bushes. He had just been humiliated by Scarlet. Who would be available to let him vent out his anger? How could he miss this opportunity?

“Who’s there? Come out!” Gaige stepped forward and saw a figure in the bushes. He threw his fist at the figure and said with a ferocious smile, “Why are you so stubborn? Come out!”

Boom! Gaige was surprised, because the moment he punched with his fist, a person jumped out from the bushes. He did not manage to see who that person was clearly, but… As soon as that man appeared, a fist had landed on his cheek!

Ah! Gaige let out a blood-curdling scream as he was knocked out by a single punch!

Plop! He fell to the ground and was unconscious!

After Chuck punched Gaige, he stroked his chin again and his eyes turned cold. He originally did not want to fight, but since Gaige had discovered him, he had no other choice. Furthermore, there was a conflict between them before, therefore, how could Chuck stand him?

Gaige’s strength was not bad, but his reaction was too slow. Chuck shook his head. Such a person is unfit to be his opponent! Last time when they were in the hospital, Chuck had wanted to teach him a lesson! Just because he was from the Wolfen Sect, he thought he was great? Knocking him out with one punch was nothing. If they had fought outside, Chuck would have broken his ribs. Chuck’s punch just now was so swift that he did not leave any traces behind!

Chuck left. After he went down the mountain, he did not see Scarlett anywhere. It was already dawn. Therefore, Chuck stopped looking for her and went back to sleep.

Tessa and the other girls were asleep. They were considered to be open-minded, as their pajamas were new, it looked seductive! All of them slept like dead fish. Even if Chuck laid a finger on them, they would not wake up! But Chuck definitely would not do such a thing. Chuck looked at them for a while, then closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Bang! “Impossible, it’s impossible. I… I was actually knocked out by a single punch?” Gaige woke up in the bushes. He found that his cheek was swollen and he could not get up at all. He had to call Liliana.

“Gaige, what happened to you? Did Scarlet hit you?” Liliana was angry as she had to come to rescue her brother in the middle of the night. Gaige sat on the ground but could not get up. His face was swollen. It must’ve been Scarlet’s doing!

“No, it was someone else!” Gaige got up with Liliana’s support and his face looked ferocious.

“Who was it? Did you see who that person was?”

“No, but it was definitely a man. I tried to punch him, but before my fist could reach him, he hit me first and I could not dodge it.” Gaige’s teeth creaked. He was extremely angry! Gaige felt embarrassed because he had been defeated.

“What? How is that possible? You could not even withstand his single punch?” Liliana was extremely shocked! What kind of strength was this? Defeated with a single punch! In the entire Wolfen Sect, there were only less than twenty people who could do that! Who was it?

“Yes, he was very fast. I did not even have the chance to see who he was before I was knocked out by him with a single punch. This person is definitely a combat expert and his strength far surpasses mine.”

“Don’t tell me it’s one of the members of the Wolfen Sect!”

“No, definitely not!”

“Then who could it be?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out who he is! How dare he hit me? I’ll let him know the consequences of hitting me!” Gaige was extremely furious!

Liliana was annoyed when she learned that her brother had been beaten. It was absolutely necessary to find out who this person was! “By the way, Gaige, could it be one of the new students?”

“Liliana, are you saying that I was knocked out by one of the new students with a single punch?” Gaige became angrier.

“No, but you said that it was not a member of the Wolfen Sect, therefore this leaves us with…”

“It is definitely not one of the new students!” Gaige was determined! How was that possible? He was knocked out by one of the new students?


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