My Billionaire Mom Chapter 812

Chapter 812

“Alright.” Liliana stayed silent as she looked at Gaige being emotional. She agreed with Gaige. It was impossible for a new student to knock out Gaige with just one punch! If that man could knock out Gaige with one punch, then it meant that he could do the same to her too. It was really terrifying!

Liliana had not encountered such a situation since she first stepped into the field of fighting. Liliana was subconsciously worried. She glanced around with her beautiful eyes. She was a little worried that someone would rush out and knock her out with a punch all of a sudden.

“Gaige, let’s go back first!” Liliana helped her brother to stand up.

Gaige could not stop getting angry, “Fuck, if the other members of the Wolfen Sect find out about such a shameful incident, where do I put my face?” Gaige valued his reputation very much. This will not do!

Liliana supported Gaige back to base. Chuck’s punch was swift and strong! Liliana put an ice pack on Gaige’s cheek for a long time and eventually the swelling subsided.

“Gaige, take a rest first. I need to train those new students. There will be a competition between the new students the day after tomorrow,” Liliana said. As soon as she thought of her useless students, she felt discouraged. She will definitely be laughed at by the other coaches of the Wolfen Sect. She has to speed up their training! Otherwise she would be laughed at!

“Go ahead!” Gaige laid down on the bed and went to sleep. It was time for training. Usually, this kind of competition was between the freshmen of the school. But, f*ck, this punch had hit him so hard that he felt like his head was going to explode. Gaige touched his own head. He felt dizzy and uncomfortable!

“Gaige, does your head still hurt?”

“Of course! That guy’s fist must weigh around 700 pounds. Of course it hurts!” Gaige was annoyed!

“Is he that strong?”

“Yes. Is there really a hidden Master in the Wolfen Sect? This is something that I did not expect. Go ahead! We can’t embarrass ourselves in this competition!”

“Got it.” Liliana went to Chuck’s dorm.

“Who on earth was he? He ran away after he punched me? I, Gaige Lowe, will definitely find him!” Gaige was extremely furious!

“Did anyone go out last night?” Liliana asked coldly. Although the person who knocked out her brother with a single punch could not be any of these people, they might have some clues on who it could be.

“No, coach. We all slept very early!”

“Oh, yes! Chuck went out yesterday!” Tessa pointed at Chuck. How did this bastard come back last night? When did he come back? Did he do anything to her and the others?

Liliana’s eyes narrowed. “Chuck, why did you go out last night?”

Chuck shrugged and said, “I was bored and couldn’t sleep. I went out for a jog. Am I not allowed to?”

Liliana’s eyes were full of disgust. She would never think that Chuck would be able to defeat her brother with just one punch! He went out for a jog?

“Jog? What’s the point of jogging? You can’t even beat us!” Tessa snorted with disdain.

“Alright! Let me tell you all, the day after tomorrow is the freshman’s competition between the new disciples of the Wolfen Sect. If anyone can win first place in the freshman’s competition, then he or she will be granted a wish!”

Liliana knew that these useless students in front of her would not stand a chance. However, she still needed to convey the message.

“What wish?” Tessa and the other girls were surprised.

“Any wish! If you can win first place in the competition, you can demand for anything,” Liliana said impatiently. What was the use of asking so many questions? Will they be able to win first place? It would not be easy for them to even enter the top 30!

Chuck’s eyes lit up. He could use this opportunity to request Miss Scarlett to be his coach! Chuck was determined to win this competition! Miss Scarlett was so rejecting, therefore he could only use this method. First place? Chuck’s eyes glittered!

“Let’s cut the bullshit. I’d be grateful if one of you could even make it to the top 30. We will have extreme training today and tomorrow to prepare for the competition! Get ready! Follow me, we will train at the other mountain!” Liliana said coldly.

The fastest method of improvement would be to train them in extreme conditions. Therefore, Liliana intended to take Chuck and the others to go deep into the mountains to experience extreme conditions for two days so that they could become stronger. Perhaps it would be useful. There was no other way.

Chuck, Tessa and the others prepared themselves. They simply packed up some things and went into the deep forests with Liliana. This time, they did not carry any weights. They ran about 30 kilometers and arrived in the deep forest.

Chuck had stayed in the Amazon forest for a few days before. He had a lot of experience in this field. “Let me warn you. There are many wild animals in this forest. You have to be alert and work together! Do not act alone!” Liliana said coldly.

“Coach, we don’t want Chuck to be together with us!” Tessa raised her hand and said.

Liliana stared at Chuck disdainfully. “You can choose. You can either go back now, or you can continue. But if you continue alone, you will die inside. I won’t be responsible for that.”

Chuck shrugged and said, “Alright, I’ll go in alone. I should come out at this time tomorrow, right?” The competition was the day after next. Therefore, they needed to be out at the same time the next day, as they needed to go back and rest to have enough energy to compete.

“Yes, but you have to think this through carefully. With your strength now, the possibility of you surviving by yourself is extremely low!”

“Low? I’ve stayed in the Amazon forest for a week before and I survived!” After Chuck said that, he went in alone. Chuck also did not wish to team up with them. It was fine with him to train alone.

“Nonsense! How can he still be alive after staying in the Amazon forest for a week? The environment there is harsh. Only experienced people would be able to get out of there alive!”

“I heard that there are cannibal tribes in the Amazon forest. How could he have survived for a week? I don’t believe him!” Tessa and the others expressed their opinions in disdain.

Liliana sneered and thought to herself, “You survived for a week? How could you brag with your current strength? What a useless man!”


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