My Billionaire Mom Chapter 815

Chapter 815

“Roar!” The two bears pounced on Liliana aggressively. Liliana was injured from the ambush. She could not fight two bears at the same time. She was furious! How could Chuck just stand there and watch her from afar?

“Why aren’t you helping me?” Liliana was exasperated.

“Help you? What if I help you and you end up attacking me instead?” Chuck’s eyes flickered. Chuck remembered the previous incident whereby he had saved her grandfather’s life! However, in the end, instead of showing gratitude, Liliana doubted his intention. Chuck was really angry at that time.

Liliana shouted in fury, “Get out of my face then!”

“Of course I will,” Chuck said as he shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

Liliana’s eyes were about to burst in anger!

“Oh gosh! Is that Chuck?”

“It’s him! How could he just walk away when Coach was in danger? Is he still a man?”

“I even said that he might be the one who saved Tessa yesterday. But it seems like it’s not possible at all! What a loser he is!”

“He’s really ungrateful. Coach trained him and yet he’d turned a blind eye when Coach was in danger!”

“Let’s stop discussing this matter. We need to save Coach first!” Tessa was the first to rush over to Liliana! The other three followed suit. The two bears were already injured in the first place. Five women surrounded the two bears. One of the bears was stabbed to death and the other, who was injured, fled.

“Huff…” Liliana was out of breath but was relieved at the same time. She was saved.

“Coach, are you okay?” Tessa asked.

“I’m alright. Let’s return to the base now!” Liliana was angry.

“Chuck Cannon, that bastard!” Liliana scolded inwardly. Liliana thought that the only reason Chuck could have survived the night before was because he had hid himself in a hole like a mouse. Fuck it!

By the time they arrived at the base, it was already afternoon. Tessa and the others returned to their room.

“Humph, how can you still have the audacity to sleep?”

“Right! Well, it’s not a surprise that a heartless man like him could fall asleep soundly! If I were him, I would not be able to sleep at all. I would even be ashamed to stay here.” Tessa and the other girls despised Chuck.

“Tessa, compared to the person who saved you, he’s really useless.”

“I agree with you!” Tessa shrugged her shoulders. At that instant, she really hated Chuck.

Chuck opened his eyes. “What are you looking at? Do you think we are talking about you? We are talking about the man who saved Tessa yesterday!”

“That’s right. How shameless of you, Chuck! If it were you, you would definitely run away faster than any of us here!”

“Isn’t it a waste of time to say something like this to someone like him?” Tessa loathed him. Then, they prepared to take a nap.

Chuck shrugged his shoulders and did not say a word. He thought that it would be better to rest up for the competition instead. However, Tessa and the other girls still looked down on him. Chuck ignored them, but they continued to talk behind his back.

Chuck shrugged and said, “You guys are just annoyed that I didn’t save Coach, aren’t you?”

“Yes, you ungrateful bastard. What a coward!”

“Why should I save her though?” Chuck asked.

“Why not? How can you say that with such confidence?” Tessa despised Chuck.

“Why can’t I? If I’m met with the same trouble, wouldn’t you all do the same?”

“Just admit that you ran away because you were scared. Why do you have so many excuses?”

“Forget it, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I have to rest now.” Chuck was not bothered at all. They could just do whatever they wanted.

The next day, Liliana arrived at their dorm early in the morning. She snorted loudly, waking Chuck and the others up.

“Let me tell you, you’re not allowed to beg for mercy during the freshmen competition. You must hold on for at least a minute before you admit defeat!” Liliana warned coldly. She did not want to be embarrassed for having incapable students.

“Yes, Coach!”

“Chuck, why aren’t you answering me? Are you going to admit defeat already?” Liliana was angry.

“I won’t. I will be the champion!”

“Hahaha! That’s funny! You’re going to be the champion? What a joke!” Tessa and the others really looked down on him. How could he boast about himself when he did not even have the ability to be the champion?

Liliana shook her head. Champion? Dream on!

“We’ll see. Coach, can we go now?” Chuck did not want to argue with them. It would be better to prove it with his ability. Let success make its own noise. There was no need to hide or to keep a low profile any longer because Chuck was determined to win the first place!

“Are you still asleep? Are you still dreaming? I’ll be thankful if you don’t embarrass me!” Liliana said coldly.

“Let’s go! Follow me!” Liliana spoke. At this time, her brother, Gaige, came in. “Gaige, we’re going over to the competition venue now.”

“Okay,” Gaige did not even look at Chuck. For the past two days, Gaige was still completely clueless about what had happened to him. He was thinking about it so much that he almost lost his mind! Who was the person who knocked him out and disappeared just like that? He could not accept it at all!

“Listen to me. As a man, if you can’t even make it into the top 30, then you’d better get out of this place!” Gaige spoke in an impudent tone as he stared at Chuck.

“Coach, Chuck said that he’s going to be the champion!” Tessa smiled sardonically.

“Oh, the champion?” Gaige smiled, “Are you still dreaming?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Well, I don’t think so. Alright, let’s go!” Gaige strode out of the room. It was the same with Tessa and Liliana. Chuck winning first place? It was impossible! There was no way that would happen!


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