My Billionaire Mom Chapter 818

Chapter 818

Chuck narrowed his eyes! Hubert was indeed the strongest opponent in the competition! However, he would only know who was the strongest after they had fought each other! To be honest, Chuck was excited when he encountered such a combat expert. Because at this stage, although Chuck was not an expert like his mother, it was still not easy for him to meet a worthy opponent! However, he had finally met one. Hubert was a worthy opponent!

While everyone watched Hubert, Chuck strode toward Tessa. Tessa was still in shock.

“Hey!” Chuck called her.

Tessa turned around in confusion and shouted, “Ah! How can you sneak up on me? I’m going to kill you!!”

Chuck was speechless. Why did she blame him when she was the one standing there like a fool? Moreover, Chuck was only standing in front of her. He did not even attack her! How could this be considered as an ambush?

Tessa kicked him!

Chuck shrugged his shoulders. His hands and feet did not move, only his shoulders were moving.

Boom! Tessa was knocked into the air by Chuck’s shoulder and she fainted on the ground. However, the spectators were not shocked. There was an uproar instead! There were also voices of dissatisfaction! And mocking voices!

“What is he doing? How can he sneak up on a girl like that?”

“That girl was looking at Hubert just now and he took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack on her. How could he!”

“He’s too shameless!”

“How could he treat a woman like this? He sneaked an attack at her and even made her faint. Alas, how can there be such a person among the freshmen this year?”

“Hubert knocked out his opponent in seconds, but he did it justly and fairly. But for this guy, he launched a sneak attack! Alas, he really brings shame to us men!”

Everyone there despised Chuck! They felt that Chuck had won the Battle by a foul play. Although he’d knocked out his opponent in seconds like Hubert, he was still incomparable to him!

Chuck had hit rock bottom! Voices of condemnation multiplied. “Shit! What’s wrong with Chuck? A sneak attack? On a woman? Is he still a man?”

“He isn’t a man at all. He didn’t even save Coach from the bears yesterday! To me, he’s not a man anymore. What’s there to be surprised about him doing such a disagreeable act to Tessa?”

“Ah, I feel sorry for Tessa. She could have defeated Chuck, but he took advantage of her and defeated her instead! I really can’t accept this!” Several girls were repulsed by Chuck’s actions.

Liliana was furious as she mentally reproached him, “Chuck Cannon, you’re an animal!”

Gaige couldn’t be bothered to look at Chuck, the useless garbage!

Hubert glanced at Chuck and went to the waiting area with a sarcastic smile on his face!

Miss Scarlet looked at Chuck and said, “Silence please! You’re Chuck Cannon, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am!”

“You should learn proper martial arts skills instead of learning how to play petty tricks! I hope you won’t do this ever again! It’s unfair to the girl!” Miss Scarlett said coldly.

“It wasn’t a sneak attack. She attacked me just now, so I…” Chuck was at a loss for words. He was being criticized for no reason at all!

“Shut up! Do you think we’re blind?” The crowd was raging!

“Enough! You win this round. But next round, if you continue to resort to such a tactic, I will terminate your qualification immediately!” Miss Scarlett said mercilessly.

“Alright, got it.” Chuck had lost the strength to defend himself. And like that, Tessa was carried down the ring. Chuck could not believe that Tessa could not even withstand a blow. He did not even exert much strength, but she was already knocked out into the air. Chuck walked to the winners area.

“Stay away from me! I’m ashamed to have a classmate like you! A sneak attack? How desperate are you to win?”

“I’m telling you, it’s useless to pull any tricks in front of Hubert. Everything will be in vain when you go against him!” The winners from the earlier rounds despised Chuck. Chuck did not care about them. He did not mind getting scolded!

The second round ended! The subsequent rounds had come to an end as well. Only half of the participants were left!

Liliana was speechless. Out of her five students, Chuck was the only one who had made it into the next stage of the competition, while the rest were eliminated. There was even less hope for her!

“Alright, we’ve already chosen half of you so it’s going to be much simpler now. Those who think that you are strong enough can get on the ring first and anyone who has just won can challenge him! The last person to remain in the ring will be the winner of this competition!” Miss Scarlett announced loudly.

“Ah, I’m already satisfied that I wasn’t eliminated in the first round. I’m not going to fight anymore because the winner is definitely going to be Hubert!”

“I’m not going to fight either!”

“Hubert, why don’t you just go up there? You will surely emerge as the winner!” Discussion was heating up amongst the crowd.

Hubert took off his sunglasses and went up to the ring arrogantly! “Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? I’ll wait for you in the ring!” Hubert said. No one dared to walk forward!

Miss Scarlett was shocked. If that was the case, then there was no doubt that the first place would belong to Hubert! She did not expect that such a situation would happen. How could there not be a challenger at all? Hubert had won this competition too easily!

“Humph, if no one dares to fight you, I will!”

A man entered the ring!


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