My Billionaire Mom Chapter 819

Chapter 819

The man who went into the ring was tall and sturdy! His muscular body was a clear indication of his formidable strength! Maybe he possessed the ability to fight Hubert!

“Is that Kris Evans? He also knocked out his opponent in a few seconds just now, right?”

“No wonder he dared to enter the ring! He must be unwilling to give up. By his looks, he must want to fight with Hubert!”

“Then we are very lucky to witness their combat!” Excitement was written all over their faces!

Kris entered the ring boldly! “Hubert, I know you’re strong, but I will not lose to you without a fight! So, I’m going to fight you!” Kris said. He had reached another level! He needed a worthy opponent! Regardless of whether he won or lost, he could improve his strength using this round of combat! This was the most direct method for anyone desperately needing to raise their ability to the next level! He did not want to pass on this good opportunity!

“It’s up to you! But you are no match for me!” Hubert said frankly.

“We’ll see! Take this!” Kris’s strength was as great as a bull as he charged forward and attacked Hubert ferociously! He was skilled at using his bodily strength to throw an attack. He knew that he was extremely strong and if he put this strength to good use, he might stand a chance to win!

“You’re as strong as an ox, which is quite a rare sight. But you’re just like a cow! How can you fight with others? Combat requires strength and skill coordination!” Hubert commented, seemingly disappointed. He thought that he had finally met an opponent which he could deem worthy! But… In the end, no sooner had Kris attacked him, Hubert felt disappointment washing over him! Kris’s skills were poor! And alas, Hubert would not sit there and not fight back. Hence, he would not be defeated!

Bam! Hubert clenched his fist and threw it at Kris! It hit Kris’s face! It was one heII of a punch.

Argh! Kris uttered a miserable cry before he was sent flying to the ground! He fell unconscious! It happened in just a second!

Again! Everyone present was astonished! Kris had to admit defeat!

“This freshman’s skills are top notch! Gaige, could it be him?” Liliana also suspected so. With Hubert’s level of strength, although Liliana was a coach, she would not be able to defeat him.

Gaige’s face darkened. “Perhaps it’s him who knocked me out. If I were hit by him just now, I might not be able to take it! He has mastered the skill to be able to knock out his opponent in a single punch! Damn it!” Gaige commented with envy.

“He is not bad, not bad at all! No one can defeat him now!” Miss Scarlet began praising fervently. She thought that Hubert might have to deal at least three punches to knock Kris out. However, only a single punch was enough! She was impressed! It was not easy!

“He’s in a league of his own. Among the freshmen, no one can measure up to Hubert. It’s a pity that Kris could not hold out against his punch. Perhaps Hubert is a combat genius?”

“Of course he is! I think even my coach could not bring him down!”

“His strength is shocking!”

The audience burst into an uproar, followed by gasps of surprise and excitement!

“I can give you all a chance. Three of you can come into the ring at the same time and fight me!” Hubert suddenly uttered this. Everyone was amused! Three people against Hubert alone? He was pushing himself at a disadvantage!

“What the f*ck! I’ll go! There is no way that three fighters can’t win against him!”

“After we defeated him, the three of us could fight each other. It gives us a better chance at this! I’ll fight him as well!” In an instant, three men rushed into the ring!

“Hubert, you suggested this, so don’t blame us for defeating you! Let’s go!” The three of them stepped forward! Then, they surrounded Hubert! The crowd clamored! Would Hubert win?

“This particular student is quite interesting! Does he want to show off his strength?” Miss Scarlet’s beautiful gaze swept over the scene and she was extremely intrigued.



“Ouch!” After these three cries of pain… A deadly silence settled over the place. The three men were knocked out far away and they were completely immobilized. Incredibly, Hubert defeated three people in an instant! He must be a demon!

Everyone was in shock! Who would have thought that the three people, who had brimmed with confidence, would be instantly knocked out by Hubert as soon as they stepped into the ring?

“He’s really impressive!” Miss Scarlet felt very satisfied. She had not seen such a powerful student for a long time.

“Is there anyone else? I can continue to accept your challenge!” Hubert smiled! He felt that the previous combats were merely just warm-up and his hunger for combat was yet to be satiated.

“It doesn’t matter. If three people can’t defeat me, then I welcome five, seven or even ten people into the ring. As long as you dare to come up, I won’t mind! Come on up!”

Hubert was so confident, who would dare take up the challenge? If he could knock out three people with a single punch, so what about ten people? He could have won against them in a good three to four seconds!

Even if there were 20 people, it would not be easy for them to defeat Hubert. They would be like tiny ants fighting a tiger! The disparity in strength was immense.

“This is it? Even if I take ten people at once, none of you would try?! Well then, what about 20 people? I’m all right with it!” Hubert shrugged conceitedly.

“No one? Then you lot can’t blame me for taking the first place!” Hubert smiled! He began to relax, but felt rather dispirited. He did not even warm-up enough during this freshmen competition! It was so easy for him to win and there was no challenge for him at all. What a bland competition!

“Since there is no one else, then the winner of the competition is…”

“Let me try!”

Just when everyone was silent, a faint voice suddenly sounded from the crowd!


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