my Dreamy old husband Chapter 1057-1058


When Liam heard Harry, he was frightened. He quickly bowed and begged, “Sir, please don’t chop off my hands. Please don’t! Please!”

The family’s begging was like flies buzzing in Harry’s ears—disgusting and annoying.

Letting out a chuckle, Linus said, “Oh, no. Please don’t do that. It’s not fun to chop their limbs off! I know a private club overseas that is perfect for them.”

“Oh, really? Tell me about it, Linus.”

In the face of the Johnsons, Linus and Harry started chatting. “The customers from that club like to play around with men. The club accepts men of all ages. They will castrate the men, remove their teeth, and shave them before sending them out to meet the customers.”

It was the first time Liam found out about such a terrifying thing and he was utterly shocked.


But no one heard their petty, yet useless begging.

Linus went on, “I know the person in charge there. They prefer Asians because they don’t have much body odor, and their skin is fair. Besides, they have a tight anus. I think the club would welcome the father and the sons.”

Harry was disgusted, but he asked, “Why remove their teeth?”

Looking at the Johnsons, Linus continued to say as if it was something normal, “They’re afraid that the slaves will bite their customers. Besides, without teeth, customers can experience a more comfortable service.”

The Johnsons were dumbfounded.

Bite the customers? A better user experience without the teeth?

After giving it some thought, Harry finally understood. He felt his bottom tighten and his teeth chill. Goosebumps crawled all over his body and he waved his hand. “Take them. You can do whatever you want.”

With one sentence, he pronounced the death of the family.

Like a dog, Liam continued to beg. Unfortunately, it was completely useless.

Harry quickly left with his subordinates. After watching Harry’s departure, Linus’ expression turned cold. There seemed to be no light visible in his ocean-blue eyes—it was unpredictable and there were traces of blood-red.

Slowly, he turned around and looked at the Johnsons. In his mind, the photos of Sophia being humiliated by them were enlarged infinitely.

At that moment, he was disgusted and hatred grew to its extreme. It was as if his soul was twisted by someone else’s despair and hatred.

That was actually none of his business at all…

Harry didn’t know how Linus got involved in this. He also didn’t know why Linus offered to help. But, he knew he would never see the Johnson father and sons anymore.

Once they were in Linus’ hands, what they were about to endure was even scarier than what they could imagine.

However, Harry was very curious about who exactly Linus replaced Sophia with.

Who was the one in the suitcase that was taken away by the dealer?

Inside Michael’s car, Michael was holding onto Sophia tightly. Removing her clothes, he put her into his arms. Sophia felt hot all over her body, and in a daze, she muttered, “I’m cold.”

Holding onto her, Michael tried his best to warm her up. He kissed her wrinkled little face and said, “I’m here. You won’t be cold anymore.”

Sophia started to burn up; she began crying and talking gibberish in his embrace.

Like a frightened kitten, she shrank and shivered in his arms. She muttered something and Michael leaned closer to listen.

Uncle, don’t.

At that moment, Michael felt like he had walked into her life too late. Maybe things would have worked out better for her if he had appeared several years earlier in her life!

And his cutie-pie wouldn’t have suffered so much back then!

He wouldn’t let those rascals who had hurt her in the past off the hook!

He hugged her tightly and buried his face into her hair; drops of tears melted into her hair.

That moment, he felt like he had turned into a beast…

The car came closer to the nearest hospital. Sophia was hurried into the ward to get an IV drip; Michael stayed by her side all night.

When Sophia climbed to the other side of the wall, she ran into the Mitchells. She was kidnapped by them and handed over to the Johnsons. She had caught a cold from the wind by the lake and from being trapped in the suitcase. She went into a coma for an entire day.

Michael took her back home and found a family doctor to take care of her. He had been staying by her side; he would hold her hands and check if the electric blanket was warm enough. Everything was done by him personally.

Many things had happened during the time she was unconscious in bed.

Natasha woke up on a damp and cold hole on the floor. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw sunlight coming through the roof that was covered with tiles. Sitting herself up, she recollected the incident from before.

She remembered herself sending someone to hand Sophia over to the Johnsons for them to sell her off to the dealer. She later left with her car and met with an accident. Then, she lost consciousness…

Looking around, Natasha rose to her feet. She lifted the moldy blanket that was covering her body. The room in front of her was extremely shabby—even the floor was just dirt.

Her slim high heels marked the wet ground as she walked. Pushing open the window next to her, she saw endless mountains in front of her.

The mountains were so high that they blocked out the sun. The valley was gloomy. The mountain on the opposite side looked as if it was about to engulf this tiny little house.

Suddenly, a surprised voice came out.

“Hehe. You’re awake, my dear. Guys, our wife is awake!”

The door was opened suddenly. Four middle-aged men in poor clothing came in. They looked like they were between the ages of thirty to fifty. They wore almost nothing but a few pieces of rags. They were so excited that their yellow teeth showed as they walked toward Natasha.

Before they even came near, their disgusting smell spread over.

Natasha was so frightened that her expression twisted. “Who are you? Go away! Get out! Someone help! Please!”

One of the men said, “Dear, we spent ten thousand just to buy you! You don’t have to be afraid of us. We’ll love you with all our hearts!”

Natasha was completely dumbstruck. She heard that the Johnsons were selling Sophia to the dealer. And the dealer had already found a buyer. The family consisted of four bachelors, and they were 150 years old in total. They were too poor to get married, so the four of them got together and gathered ten thousand to buy Sophia to make her their wife!

At that moment, an unknown panic that she had never felt before struck her. She stuttered, “No, no. There must have been a mistake. Your wife isn’t me—”

Unfortunately, the four men could no longer keep their calm, and she was instantly buried under them.

The cascading mountains were unfrequented by people. Natasha’s cries were utterly swallowed by it. Even if people in the distance could hear her cries, they weren’t surprised by that either. This was because the village was too poor, and the villagers could only get married by buying a wife. The dealer was like a savior to them. If it weren’t for the dealer, they wouldn’t be able to give birth to a son to carry on the family name.

All of the wives in the village were bought from the dealer. If they saw someone’s wife trying to escape, the whole village would come and help to catch her. Whenever the police came, all of them would work together and fight back. If one were to take their wives away from them, it would be like cutting off their family’s roots. It was like a murder!

At the same time, Bayside University also issued a statement to its students and societies: ‘The university will not allow anyone to hurt our students. Bayside University will investigate this matter thoroughly.’

After checking the surveillance footage, the university quickly found out the one who had posted the photos on the bulletin board. Sean had also discovered the IP address of the one who posted the news; everything pointed toward Natasha.

Without showing any mercy, Bayside University revealed the results of the investigation and expelled Natasha publicly.


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