my Dreamy old husband Chapter 1061-1062

Chapter 1061-1062

Sophia’s enthusiasm was riled up as she said excitedly, “Let’s still go by the book. I want the big screen at Time Square, and you want the New Square. We should also buy a few ad displays at popular bus stops.”

When it came to celebrities, Sarah showed an enthusiastic and professional attitude. She even came up with a whole new plan to popularize Harry’s new movie.

She bought trendy keywords and headlines on the internet, booked advertisement slots, and purchased a large portion of tickets to promote the movie.

As soon as the film stills were released, Sarah made exquisite illustrations and webtoons of them which she shared on her IG Stories and it spread like wildfire.

She even personally created a wild ‘Ethan Fan Club’. They had a website, headquarters, and even a team uniform. Sarah had several cat cafés and maid cafés under her name in Bayside City, along with a few anime stores. Those were all their meeting points where Ethan’s fans got half off of everything.

She was an expert at being a fangirl.

The money that she made so far was almost all used on her idols.

Pulling out a pile of documents, she said, “We used to buy advertisements at the square, but I have to change it up this year. Do you know Elijah Forest from ‘Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice’? On his birthday, the fans bought a moving LED display screen on a building where they displayed birthday messages for him.

I’ve already looked into that. Take a look at the cost. For one day, it will be displayed between 180 to 540 seconds and the price is between 150,000 to 500,000. Let’s think through this. If we buy out several buildings to promote the new movie…”

The friendship the two of them shared grew with the time they spent as fangirls.

Sarah was timid in front of strangers but was very talkative around her friends. They spent the afternoon chatting and almost rubbed their cats’ fur off when they heard Maria announce, “Madam, Sir is home!” Upon seeing Sarah, she added, “Lord Winston is here too!”

Oh, sh*t!

Sarah was scared out of her wits. She quickly tossed the cat in her arms aside. Not even thinking about hanging around anymore, she grabbed her bag swiftly and left through the back door.

“Come to my store to pet some cats when you have time. It’s free if you say you’re Eddie Fletcher.”

On the way home, Michael also picked Nathan up. When Nathan came home, Stanley and Sean had also arrived.

Harry did not cook at home. If he did not order delivery, then he ate outside or went to Michael’s house to eat. Today, he showed up once again.

Michael headed upstairs as soon as he arrived home and rushed excitedly into the room where Sophia was recuperating.

They had purposely built a rehabilitation room inside of their house. Whenever they felt unwell, they could go in to recover. When he walked in, he saw Sophia cracking melon seeds while petting the cat on the bed. She was also binge-watching a show. She looked more alert than she did the past two days.

As soon as he walked through the door, he saw the adult book on the bedside table and knew that Sarah had stopped by.

The show that Sophia was watching was called ‘The Woman Who Married Tom Davis’.

It was a local production.

When Sophia saw him, she asked, “Have you finished filming?”

“Did you go online?”

Over the past few days, he kept stopping her from going on the internet to see the news. He was afraid that she would get hurt by some malicious articles. The television at home was not connected to the internet and she could only watch DVDs.

Sophia tilted her head to one side. “That’s what Little Kitten said.”

At the mention of Little Kitten, everything became clear to him. When the two fangirls were together, they would do nothing but fangirl all day. He took off his scarf and hung it up at the side. Sitting down on the bed next to Sophia, he said, “Yeah, it’s finished. My part is done.”

He cradled her small, cold hands.

“I won’t be working for the rest of the year. Where do you want to go? I’ll accompany you anywhere.”

Michael usually had a tremendous amount of work to do. As the anonymous owner of Asco International in Bayside City, and as a top actor on the surface, he was constantly buried in his work. Nonetheless, he still tried to spend time with his family.

After pondering for a moment, she said, “I want to go to the mansion in Riverdale to see the snow.”

Sophia had purchased the most luxurious villa, Garden Villa, in Riverdale. It had been empty this whole time, but it once belonged to the Harper Family. Now, it was the Edwards Residence—Sophia’s private property which she visited from time to time.

Because of the snow, the sight would be very pretty there.

He agreed instantly. “Okay.”

Stanley was ransacking the whole kitchen to pry on the food that he was going to eat at Michael’s place again that night. Then, he discovered that Michael had a lot of cured meat in the house.

“Holy sht! Uncle Michael, you have so many sausages at home! Look at all this cured meat! This is unbelievable. Wealthy households sure are different! Fck! You have so much cured meat! I don’t care; this piece is mine!

Michael’s house looked like a grand and luxurious European palace on the outside. Compared to the Imperial Palace next door, it was only slightly more modern. Going inside, the uniquely designed vault of the pavilion was filled with ornamental plants over which cured meat was hung.

There was meat everywhere—even at the main entrance. It was placed wherever there was space for it. The large pieces of bright red meat were lined up tightly together, making the whole place seem more festive. Every corner showed off the extravagance of a wealthy household.

While Stanley was busy expressing his amazement, he was also taking pictures to share on Twitter.

Along with the caption that read: ‘Cured meat hung at Taylor’s house. Wealthy households sure are different.’

Because he had a substantial following on Twitter, and the famous prince of esports had hundreds of thousands of fans, in a blink of an eye, Taylor and the cured meat in his house made headlines.

Sophia liked to eat cured meat. As a child, she was only ever able to eat a piece of cured meat during the New Year’s. Now, she would prepare cured meat, sausages, and some traditional goods to celebrate New Year’s Day.

Because she had spent this year recovering at home, she went to check out the freezer in the kitchen out of boredom and realized that they had stocked up on quite a bit of meat. Thus, she decided to prepare cured meat out of all of them.

It just so happened that Michael wanted to cook at home and celebrate the end of his filming that night. Stanley had come over at the right time. Michael also wanted to invite Linus since they lived in the same neighborhood.

When Linus came over and entered the front yard, he was greeted by the extravagant sight which startled him. He was still wary of locals. After he rushed home, he returned with two bodyguards behind him as if he had brought over something big.

Before the food was served, everyone went to view the cured meat and sausages.

Those were all made by Sophia and the kitchen help when she had nothing better to do at home.

“The meat is all fresh local pork with some bits and pieces from other sources.”

Under close observation, Harry seemed to be able to identify the lion meat that he had hunted in Africa a few days ago, and the rabbit meat that he caught on the grassland. He gifted some to Michael when he returned, but he did not expect that they would all be turned into cured meat.

Meanwhile, Linus opened the icebox that the bodyguards had brought over. Inside, there was a whole fully-skinned and cleaned-out fawn. “My relative from Eastern Europe mailed this over to me. I can’t finish it on my own, so I wanted to give some to you guys.”

Sophia gladly accepted the venison and prepared it as cured meat.

That night, everyone had an appetizing feast with cured meat. People said that those from overseas were particular about their food. They did not eat pork, internal organs, and many others, but it did not seem like Linus minded at all. Sausages, pork intestines, pork liver—he ate them all. Once dinner was over, Michael even gave him a large piece of cured meat.

When Linus returned home, he had someone prepare them into strips and hung them outside the villa. Since he could not finish it all on his own, he sent some home to Eastern Europe to share with his relatives. Another wealthy household was born in The Imperial.

Every time Michael passed by Villa No. 2, he looked pleased when he saw the festive rows of cured meat outside.

He’s such a down-to-earth brother-in-law


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