My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1067-1068

Chapter 1067-1068

Linus replied, “Got it.”

Even though Sophia was smiling, he knew that she was feeling very nervous and scared on the inside. Still, she put up a strong front to face what she had to.

When he put Nicholas in the Fletcher Residence, he did not do it to spy on them. He only wanted to know how she was doing.

His heart broke for the misfortune that she had encountered. Thus, he was trying to make her happy in his own way.

He did not know why he was so concerned over a stranger, either, but he felt a need to watch over her.

Just then, the robot had automatically analyzed the data that Nicholas sent over. “They are at the entrance of Bayside University. Miss Edwards’ pressure index has gone up again. Mr. Linus, do you need to go there?”

“Release the anti-depressant fragrance.”

Under Linus’ orders, Nicholas began silently releasing a calming fragrance while he was talking to Sophia.

When they arrived at the entrance of Bayside University, Sophia felt extremely nervous as she looked at the crowded school gate. This is my battle to fight, so I have to overcome it on my own.

Taking a deep breath, she suddenly detected a strange fragrance. Her emotions seemed to calm down significantly, and her heart was not racing as fast as it did before.

Nonetheless, she still felt the pressure and remained seated inside the car for a long time, not daring to step out.

Her emotions were detected by Nicholas and sent to Linus in real-time. Linus instructed, “Act cute, Nicholas.”

Nicholas took the lead and got out of the car first. He dragged Sophia out and headed toward the concession stand that was located inside the school. “Mom, let’s go. I want to eat some candy.”

Sophia was dragged into the school by the robot. When she stepped into Bayside University, however, she realized that it was not as bad as she had imagined. Hence, she started to feel more at ease.

Nicholas dragged her to the concession stand and pulled out a fiver from his own pocket. To the seller at the stand, he said, “Miss, can I have some chewing gum, please? The spicy kind that always remains at the cost of one-fifty!”

The innocent, intelligent robot made Sophia feel a lot more relaxed. On the other hand, the owner of the concession stand was already aware of robots like Nicholas at the school. She promptly gave him a pack of chewing gum and some change.

After Nicholas handed the chewing gum to Sophia, he put the remaining three-fifty back into his pocket. “Mom, chewing gum helps you relax. I used my own savings to buy that, so you can’t be mad at me for it!”

Not holding back a smile, she opened the chewing gum packaging and put it in her mouth. As she patted the tiger hat he was wearing, she said, “Sweet Nicholas.”

Nicholas let out a satisfied chuckle then proceeded to walk ahead. “Mom, the ground is slippery. You have to hold my hand!”

Sophia reached out to grab his robotic hand. Since he was wearing gloves, it felt very comforting.

He walked her all the way to the examination hall and added, “Mom, when your exams are over, let’s go see Daddy’s new movie. Two days ago, I saw Daddy secretly play a sample of the movie. It was really good!”


Sophia was in an excellent mood now. Even though she was walking on the main road on campus with numerous glances being thrown her way, she still felt at ease.

Everything that happened was already in the past. She had to be strong to face the future!

Outside the examination hall, Gary had driven Nathan to the School of Computer Science while Nicholas followed Sophia into the examination hall. As it had been a long time since everyone saw Sophia, they all came up to her to ask how she was doing and that was when they spotted Nicholas. It piqued their curiosity and people started to surround him to scrutinize him.

Not long after, it was time for the exam to start, so everyone went back to their seats. When the invigilator, Quinton Clark, came in, he discovered a robot inside the classroom. Nonetheless, he had already known about Nicholas’ existence. Putting on a serious and professional front, he said, “Please do not bring anything unrelated to the exam into the examination hall.”

Sophia nudged him. “Nicholas, go outside and wait for me.”

However, Nicholas did not want to leave. Taking out the three-fifty he received in change earlier out of his pocket, he gazed at Quinton pitifully and said, “Sir, I’ll give you all my savings. Can I stay here, please? I promise I’ll be good.”

That made the people in the room laugh, making the atmosphere more harmonious and relaxed. Even Quinton could not hold back a laugh and eventually allowed Nicholas to stay inside the classroom, but he was not allowed to disturb the examinees.

The robot obediently stood at the side and found a sunny spot to recharge. Then, the room started to quiet down and the exam began.

In Linus’ office, he had turned off the screen when he suddenly remembered something. Sitting back down in front of his laptop, he opened his laptop and started programming.

Because Sophia liked to play games, he wanted to program a gaming code in Nicholas.

She’s going to love it.

The news that Sophia had returned to school to take the exam did cause a great stir. Moreover, it quickly came to Faye Edwards’ knowledge.

“That b*tch still dares to show up at school? Where did she get the audacity to come to school after that scandal?”

When Faye heard the news, she felt sick to her stomach.

Whore! She stole our family’s shares and went into hiding. How dare she show up at school now?

At the thought of Sophia taking 5% of the Edwards Family’s shares, her resentment shot up in an instant. Here I thought she was trying to gain a fortune by devious means, but it turned out that she’s just a big fat liar!

Upon hearing the news, Faye immediately headed toward Sophia’s examination hall only to find that she had already left after finishing the exam. Hence, she went to inquire about the location of Sophia’s exam the following day and quickly made it there.

The next day, before the exam started, everyone had already arrived at the examination hall early. Some of them were cramming at the last minute while some were surrounding and touching Nicholas.

Nicholas was extremely intelligent. He allowed them to touch his head, but not his buttocks. In a stern tone, he warned, “Miss, I might be a young boy, but you still can’t touch a young boy’s butt!”

They were all amazed. “So clever! Where did you get him from? I want one too!”

Nicholas answered, “I’m the only one in the whole world. You can’t buy a robot like me!”

His remarks made them laugh. One student asked, “You’re such a good boy, Nicholas. What are some things that you can do?”

“I can sing, dance, and play mahjong!”

At this point, the entire class huddled over as they looked at Nicholas curiously. An intelligent robot like Nicholas already existed on the market, but they had yet to see one as intelligent as him.

Being able to play mahjong was breaking boundaries!

All of a sudden, a sarcastic tone came from outside the examination hall. “Wow. Has our big star arrived?”

The smile on Sophia’s face stiffened in an instant when she heard that voice. Looking in the direction where the voice came from, she saw Faye standing at the entrance, seemingly looking for trouble.

Faye was pleased to see her expression go cold. In a loud voice, she said, “After such a humiliating incident, I heard you tried to cut your wrists. I assumed you weren’t coming anymore!”

At that moment, the atmosphere in the room changed. This whole time, whenever they saw Sophia, they had tried to avoid talking about the news of the harassment she suffered as a child.

Meanwhile, Sophia did not say anything and simply lowered her eyes. Her expression did not look good and her rosy cheeks had turned deathly pale.


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