My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1069-1070

Chapter 1069-1070

Faye happily added fuel to fire as she walked over in an overbearing manner. “You’ve brought shame to our family. You better return that 5% you’re holding in your name now back to me at once! You’re a disgrace even to the ancestors of the Edwards Family!” When Sophia did not answer her, she warned in a harsher tone, “Don’t come to school anymore after an incident like that. It’s humiliating!”

Sophia’s classmates started to get worked up. Someone immediately criticized, “What kind of sister are you?”

Faye glared at that person and retorted, “This is a family matter. It has nothing to do with you!”

That person had more to say but a hand suddenly reached out to stop that person.

Sophia, who had remained silent this whole time, stood up and walked in silence toward Faye. When she was standing less than a meter away from Faye, she looked up and met her eyes with an unexpected smirk on her face.

After letting out a scoff, Sophia said, “If I’m such a disgrace, then what about you, Miss Faye? After you exposed those explicit stills of yourself just to rise to fame, you must have been so ashamed that you would willingly throw yourself into a river.”

“What are you—”

Faye started to speak but could not find the right words to say.

At that moment, everyone remembered the incident that happened in the entertainment industry not too long ago. It was said that while Faye was filming for an explicit movie, the male actor had actually stripped her clothes off and she was exposed on site. The images were then spread all over the internet and her fame slowly grew.

After that, Faye and the male actor held a press conference where they claimed that it was completely false, the photos were photoshopped, and they had been friendly with each other throughout the production.

But Sophia knew that it was just the usual publicity stunt. Within the entertainment circle, many celebrities would expose intimate photos of themselves for publicity, then clarify later that it was not them in the photos. Once they were popular, they would clean everything up. It was their go-to method.

Faye stood her ground and spoke calmly, “Those were all misunderstandings. I’m warning you. If you slander me again, I’ll sue you!”

While looking at her, Sophia suddenly thought, What can I do about getting molested? What can I do about the photos of me as a child being exposed?

She did not do anything wrong, but she still blamed herself. The ones who actually did wrong were living just fine. They even had fame and fortune!

With a righteous smile on her face, she said, “Miss Faye, you can keep up with your innocent act in front of others, but why are you pretending in front of me?”

She relentlessly tore her disgusting exterior away. “You’ve been going to clubs since you were thirteen. Is your womb still intact after getting an induced abortion four times? You’re known as the ‘Abortion Queen’ within the sadomasochist circle. Abortion is just a game to you. Don’t you think you’re a disgrace to yourself?”

Faye had grown pale while the other students there were also stunned and speechless.

Who knew that beneath that lovely face was someone like that?

This time, it was Sophia who strode up to her in an overbearing manner. Taking two steps forward, she said loudly, “If I’m that big of an embarrassment, then what about you, Miss Faye? Who in your circle doesn’t have at least a few of your little videos? Is there anything you wouldn’t do?”

Everyone was gaping at them.

Faye was even more shaken up.

On the streets, she was known for being audacious. There was nothing that she was not bold enough to do.

However, all of that information was top-secret. Everyone involved had to sign a letter of guarantee which stated that they were not allowed to keep any videos or pictures, and they were not allowed to tell a third party.

How did Sophia know all this?

When Sophia took another step forward, Faye subconsciously took a step back. “Are you thinking about asking me how I know all this? You’re a well-known btch among our circles. Do you really not know? If you choose to be a btch, you should have the instincts of a btch too. Don’t assume that the people you slept with will keep your secret for you! Not only did he record a video, but he also shared it on a specific forum. You have no idea how popular it is! Who do you think you are? You’re like an automatic toilet. It’s convenient to use you, but once people are done, you just become disgusting! Even though you’re wealthy, that merely makes you a gold toilet. A btch with a gold collar!”

Faye had broken into a cold sweat and her voice was weak. “T-That’s nonsense! I’ve never done that!”

Unfazed, Sophia pointed at the door of the examination hall and said, “Get out of here right now. If you don’t, you can be prepared to see the video of the night you slept with five men at the age of sixteen on the news headlines tomorrow. I even have videos of the disgraceful things you did. Depending on my mood, I can send them out whenever I want. As for the shares, don’t even bother!”

Faye was completely dumbfounded now. She never knew that there were people who knew about the things she did at clubs.

She had concealed her abortions so well that even Joe Edwards had no idea.

How did Sophia find out? How does she know all the details?

She felt like she was about to collapse. Without saying anything else, she leaned against the wall for support with her quivering body as she walked out.

Watching Faye leave, Sophia returned to her seat in silence. The atmosphere inside the examination hall was very silent.

A minute or two later, everyone shuffled back to their seats quietly.

The news that was revealed to them today was, indeed, shocking.

After Sophia returned to her seat, she looked down at her phone with a cold expression.

When the Edwards Family hosted a welcome ceremony for her last time, she saved Faye’s phone number and added her on Messenger.

Faye was walking out of the building in a limp state. It was only when she reached the door that she came to herself.

No, the people in our circle definitely keep their word. The people involved all had strong backing and trustworthy identities. After signing the letter of guarantee, it was certain that they would not leak anything and there would not be a video either. She had lived that way for years now and Joe still had no idea. How could a shabby housekeeper like Sophia know?

She’s just trying to scare me!

The more she talked, the more apparent the loopholes became. There was no way she had a video.

Suddenly, her phone buzzed. Taking it out to look at it, she saw that Sophia had sent her a video on Messenger.

In the video, five guys and one girl were going at it. A 16-year-old Faye looked like a b*tch being toyed by them.

Her eyes rolled back and she almost passed out.

Inside the examination hall, Sophia kept her phone and took out a pen to do the exam.

Just then, Nicholas came over and murmured in an innocent tone, “Mom, I want a pat on the head.”

That was when she realized that she had a hostile and sullen presence. Reaching out to pat his head, Nicholas let out a content sound again and seemed to have released that same comforting fragrance.

Her emotions started to settle down and her rapid heart rate was also slowly going back to normal. As she caressed his head, she said, “Nicholas, go and rest over there. We’ll go home once I’m done with this.’

But he shook his head, unwilling to leave. “The temperature in here is a bit low, Mom. I will give you warmth.”

Perhaps the heater had broken down because the temperature inside the room was indeed a bit low. Despite wearing a down coat, she still felt cold. Her hands were also about to freeze. Nicholas walked to a power outlet at the side and plugged himself in to warm the room up.

When the exam was over, Nicholas made circles around the examination hall excitedly. “It’s over! It’s over! Time for mahjong!”

Sophia could not hold back a laugh. With him around, life felt more lively and colorful.


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