My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 69

Sophia listened to Michael’s every word; she woke everyone up at six forty every morning. Two days ago, there were a number of girls who had skipped breakfast just to have a few more minutes’ of sleep. Otherwise, they would find someone else to claim their meals, but little did they know that there was a deduction in points for their behaviors.

Under Sophia’s lead, everyone got up on time at six forty in the morning. They then tidied up the dormitory before washing up and getting ready. At ten past seven, they would have already gotten their food at the cafeteria.

At the same time, they had sent Nathan to break into the drill instructor’s office and get the latest news. Without fail, Nathan continued to bring plausible news back each time.

“The company commanders said that we are just this close to having dinner with the commanding general if we continue to persist.”

“Perseverance is the most important virtue. It wouldn’t mean much if we only put on a good show right now.”

“The commanding general said that the 49th Company has accumulated a high score for the entire team. It would be even greater if we can keep it up.”

Sophia was probably the only one who knew whether the information from Nathan was truthful or not. However, it was motivational to everyone in the room. As long as Sophia asked them to make a move, they would not even dare to stop; the girls stayed energized every time they were reminded about the commanding general.

The other companies were heavily influenced by the 49th Company as well and had started coming up with ideas to carry out their daily training. If the 49th Company could come up with the idea of sliding downhill with a board, the other companies would probably have their own plan as well.

One of the students from another battalion had voluntarily carried a hoe all the way up the hill by the cafeteria during midnight. The student had dug out a wider pathway in order to save them more time.

“In military training, there will always be a deduction of points whenever there’s poor performance. The same goes to having outstanding performances where it encourages the team’s training performance, merit marks would be added. There are a lot of bonuses in the main barrack. Hand me a pen and I’ll explain them to you one by one.”

Sophia quickly grabbed her notebook to jot down as she had always been strict on herself; she was only afraid of messing up at some point. Thus, it would be great to have those bonuses.

Recently, she had been thinking about how to score the highest points without causing any inconvenience to anyone. Nonetheless, trouble had come knocking on her door.

On the ninth day of military training, Sophia had just finished dinner. She hastily went back to her room, not forgetting to bring Nathan along with her.

Everyone was tanned after entering the barracks for nine days. However, Nathan remained fair-skinned as he used to be. Nathan would usually doze off at the side while the others carried out their training. Otherwise, he would be playing games in the computer room. Sometimes, Sophia would not even know where Nathan had gone—most of the time, he would’ve gone off to see the watermelons.

He always had an unlimited supply of iced watermelon and could always come and go in the barracks as he pleased. There would always be dozens of eyes on him at places where Sophia could not lay her sight on him, as he was the Little Master of the Fletcher Family, making him more precious than anyone else on the training grounds. Thus, his safety was not for Sophia to worry about.

The atmosphere in the room was quite unusual today. Sophia encountered countless strangers the moment she entered the room. Commander Ford and another drill instructor, whom she did not know, were present as well.

There were also some people who she was familiar with, including Kayla and Xyla. Richard, who was inseparable with them, was also at the scene.

Upon seeing those people, Sophia knew that she had run into trouble.

Kayla’s eyes were red from weeping while Xyla held onto her. Richard gave Sophia a confused look when he saw her walking in, and the other students who were in the room were all pointing fingers at her at this moment.

Before Sophia could even utter a word, Xyla stood up outrageously. “Sophia, I know that you hate me. Make it between us two and not anyone else. Why did you bully Kayla?”

Sophia had not even said a word yet, but Xyla was already rolling up her sleeves and looking as though she was about to get into a fight with Sophia. Richard quickly held Xyla in his arms and said, “Calm down, Xyla. It’s worthless to fight over something like this.”

He then pleaded Sophia in an impatient manner. “Sophia, just come at me. I’m the one who has upset you—it’s all my fault. Just leave Kayla alone!”

It seemed more like a threat coming from a superior rather than begging.

Kayla’s eyes reddened as she sobbed, “Richard, you’re still unable to forget about her. What’s so good about her anyway? She doesn’t deserve you at all! You’ve never said any embarrassing remarks to her even though she has been trying to make me look bad!”

Richard felt extremely helpless as he dared not look at Xyla, let alone at Sophia. As his voice deepened, he turned to Kayla and said, “Stop talking nonsense, Kayla. This matter has not come to an end yet!”

Kayla felt wronged and was filled with hatred. She then stared at Sophia with her reddened eyes, as if she was anxious to swallow her up.

It was all because of this b*tch’s fault!

How dare she even think of getting married into the Harper Family with that disgusting look of hers?

Was it not her intention to attract Kayla’s brother after everything she’s done? Kayla deliberately did not want it to happen for her. As long as she was alive, she would not let Sophia marry into her family.

Sophia still had not said a single word after standing there for a few minutes. She was just enjoying the show that was being put on by them.

She only spoke up after the three of them were done with their drama and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Commander Ford then said, “Someone saw Nate going into the girls’ room of the 23rd Company. Afterward, Kayla from the 23rd Company lost her necklace worth one million.”

Meanwhile, Commander Ford subconsciously glanced toward Nathan as the little boy put on a stern look while holding on to Sophia’s arms. He just stood there beside her as he raised his head and looked at all of them. He had a poker face that was definitely not an expression a six-year-old kid should have.

Were they suspecting Nathan of stealing Kayla’s necklace?

Were the drilling instructor and the few students from the 23rd Company here and ready to search the room to look for the necklace?

Kayla then spoke in a loud voice. “My necklace is worth one million, and it was a gift from my uncle from my mother’s side on my 18th birthday. It’s one of a kind, designed by the well-known jewelry designer, David!”

Afterward, most of the students from the 49th Company had returned. They exclaimed one after another after hearing that Kayla’s necklace was worth a million. “She’s indeed the daughter of a real estate agent!”

“A necklace worth one million? She really is wealthy!”

Sophia let out a snort before she asked, “What does it have to do with Nate when you’ve lost your own necklace?”

“I’ve always placed the necklace under my pillow. When I returned to my room today, I noticed that someone had touched my pillow. Some students told me that there was a child playing on my bed,” yelled Kayla in an arrogant manner.

She clearly pointed toward Nathan. “I have my reasons to believe that he is the thief who has stolen my necklace!”

At the same time, a few female students from the 23rd Company stood up to point at Nathan as well. “We were all doing our laundry in the laundry room just now, and no one was in the room for quite some time. However, we did see him entering our room.”

“It’s him—he’s the only child in the entire barrack. There’s no way we would have mistaken him. It was him who had entered our room.”

“He would always wander around outside our room when he isn’t at training. We’ve seen it a couple of times now.”

Sophia lowered down her head to look at Nathan. Meanwhile, it was as if Nathan had put on an impatient look on his face.

Sophia thought that it was overly outrageous for Kayla to frame Nathan for stealing the necklace. Why would Nathan want to steal her necklace?

He was not a girl after all!

The few girls who had pointed Nathan out were clearly ordinary civilians; they must have been told to do so.

Sophia sheltered Nathan behind her back before she let out a casual smile. “So, you firmly believe that Nathan is the one who has stolen your necklace, am I right?”67

Kayla then snorted. “Just let us search the room. Then, we’ll be able to find out whether he is the one who has stolen it.”


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