My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 70

Sophia knew that they must have set things up before coming over to cause trouble.

Sophia then stood up straight before she spoke up in a strong-willed manner. “Since you believe that Nate is the one who has stolen your necklace, go on and search the room then! A straight foot has no fear of a crooked shoe. I believe Nate would never steal your necklace!”

Kayla grinned as if her wicked plan had prevailed; she had been waiting for her to say so.

Since Sophia had addressed the matter, Kayla immediately gave orders to the crowd on the scene. “Everyone, listen up. Since Sophia has said it, then I shall feel free to do so!”

Even though it was against the rules to search the personal belongings of others, the necklace Kayla had lost was worth over one million. Thus, they were able to make an exception this time; even Commander Ford and the other drilling instructor had agreed to it.

Kayla quickly walked over to grab Nathan’s belongings.

He had only brought a few things when he entered the barracks; the only things he had with him was a little backpack which had two sets of apparels in it. He did not bring a lot of toys except for a little frog plushie that he had won at the funfair.

Kayla was being ignorant as she shook everything out of Nathan’s backpack. However, she did not find her necklace. She then searched all over his bed, but her necklace that was said to be worth one million was still nowhere to be seen.

Kayla then said, “He must’ve hidden it on him!”

She sure was courageous when she immediately took a step forward to search all over Nathan’s body. She directly reached her hands into Nathan’s pockets that were situated by the sides of his pants.

Nathan had a sullen look on his face, and he was feeling immensely displeased. Nonetheless, he allowed her to search him.

After searching for quite some time, Kayla was only able to find a little frog.

Kayla ragingly tossed the little frog away as it made a squeaking sound when it hit the floor. “I don’t believe it. My necklace must be here somewhere!”

Sophia put on a smirk before she said, “You’ve thought too much. Nate is just a child—a mere boy. He doesn’t like things that sparkle, so why would he ever take your necklace?” Meanwhile, Sophia bent over to pick up Nathan’s little frog toy. She then patted off the dust before returning it to him.

Nathan seemed really unhappy about it when he held his little frog toy in his hands.

Xyla, who was silent at first, came out of nowhere to stop Kayla. “Sophia is right. Maybe we’ve really mistaken him for stealing your necklace. Why would a child steal it anyway? He doesn’t even know what a necklace is.”

Xyla seemed to have reminded Kayla of something with her words. Kayla instantly shifted her gaze toward Sophia and said, “A child doesn’t know how to steal, but what about an adult who knows all about the goods?”

Sophia looked at Kayla while keeping her cool. She was fearless as she said, “Are you saying that I’ve instructed Nate to steal your necklace? I’m sorry—no matter how poor I am, I will never yearn for anything that doesn’t belong to me!”

It was as if Kayla was absolutely sure that Sophia was the thief who had stolen her necklace. She then said confidently, “You never know for sure. What if someone had really overestimated themselves and yearned for something that they didn’t deserve?”

Sophia had nothing on her conscience as she took a step aside to reveal her bed. “Since you think that I’ve stolen your necklace, I’ll let you search my bed!”

Kayla really did start searching around her bed.

Sophia added a sentence deliberately. “I shall warn you beforehand—if you’re unable to find your necklace here, you must give Nate and I an explanation!”

She seemed really confident and was pretty sure that she did not have any of Kayla’s belongings with her.

Kayla snorted before she turned around and began searching through Sophia’s belongings. At a corner where no one was able to notice her, Kayla had a mysterious grin on her face.

She then grabbed Sophia’s backpack and gave it a shake, shaking out all of the contents in her bag. There were not many things inside of it, for Sophia only had two sets of apparels and a comb that she normally used. Everything was scattered all over the place.

All of a sudden, a glistening light showed up in sight. A diamond necklace dropped out from one of Sophia’s shirts, and everyone in the room immediately caught sight of it.

Most of the girls exclaimed, “It really is here!”

“This means that Nate has really stolen it!”

“How would Nate know anything about stealing? It must’ve been Sophia…”

Kayla let out a sly grin while the girls silently gossiped at one side. She grabbed the necklace in her hand to show everyone in the room before placing it in front of Sophia and the two instructors. “My necklace was indeed in Sophia’s backpack! How dare you say that you did not instruct Nate to steal it!”

Sophia was caught red-handed, but she remained calm. With easy grace and pride, she stood up straight with a poker face; she was not in any distress and did not feel any sense of guilt at all even though she was caught red-handed. “I don’t know why the necklace is here. I’ve never taken your necklace, and have never instructed anyone to do so as well!”

She then looked at Nathan and said, “I believe that Nate will never take your necklace as well. This is a slander, an outright slander!”

Kayla deliberately swayed her necklace that was worth one million right in front of Sophia. “You’ve been caught red-handed, yet you’re saying that this is slander? Are you trying to say that my necklace grew its own legs and made its way into your backpack?”

Sophia looked away in a proud manner. “I don’t know. I did not take any of your belongings, so Nate and I will not plead guilty!”

She then held Nathan in her arms, looking as though she was worried that Kayla and the others would bully him instead.

Kayla stopped talking nonsense with Sophia as she brought her necklace over to the drilling instructor of the 23rd Company. Kayla, who had been fierce-looking moments ago, instantly put on a puppy face. She immediately turned into an edelweiss before she started whining and was nearly in tears. “Instructor, look at her. She is still denying it although she stole my necklace!”

The drilling instructor of the 23rd Company looked sullen, and he did not show much emotion on his face. Kayla initially thought that he was going to serve her justice, but little did she expect her instructor to say coldly, “Since you’ve found your necklace, let us leave. We still have training tonight.”

The instructor turned around and left as soon as he finished his sentence.

Kayla was left looking at the instructor in utter disbelief.

That’s all?

She had stolen a necklace worth a million! It was sufficient to file a case for an investigation to take place; not only that, Sophia could even end up in jail! Besides, this was military training, and Bayside University was known to be unprecedentedly strict. Sophia should be driven out of here no matter what!

Everything was over when the instructor simply said, “There’s training tonight!”

She did not want to let Sophia get away with it. Kayla furiously stomped on the ground and said, “She has committed a theft in the barracks. Why are you just letting her be?”

The instructor suddenly halted in his tracks before he turned around. It was as if an iceberg had suddenly exploded in his eyes as he stared at Kayla with a terrifying look. “Should we delay the training sessions of both companies just because of your matter?”

The look he had on his face was the cold look of a true soldier that had gone through life and death on the battlefield; he immediately quelled all the girls on the scene.

The drilling instructor of the 23rd Company swept a glance at everyone coldly. “Let’s go, everyone. Whoever is late for tonight’s training will have to run 3000 meters as your punishment. Don’t expect to have a goodnight’s sleep if you’re unable to finish running!”

Most of the students from the 23rd Company scurried off in fear after hearing the instructor’s words.

Soon, the drilling instructor of the 23rd Company left. Sophia quickly spoke to Commander Ford. “Commander Ford, I did not steal any of her belongings. If it really was me, I will be more than willing to accept my punishment. This matter is between Kayla and I—it has nothing to do with Nate. No matter what happens, please don’t involve Nate in it.”

Commander Ford gave Sophia a confused look before he repeated what the drill instructor of the 23rd Company had said. “Training starts at seven o’clock sharp tonight. Anyone who is late will run a drill of 3000 meters with an addition of 200 sit-ups. Don’t expect to sleep until the drill is completed.”

All the girls in the room spread out after being terrified by his words.

Commander Ford left the room as well.

Displeased, Kayla was reluctant to leave the room. She really could not figure it out. Why was Sophia not punished although she was already caught red-handed?!


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