My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 72

No matter what, Kayla could not give up. She still had to train in the barracks and receive a high score as well; she even wanted to see Sophia get driven out from the barracks!

Kayla decided to stay strong after she had made up her mind; she certainly did not want to make a fool out of herself in front of Sophia again.

Kayla held herself as she sat up straight before she followed Xyla back to their dormitory and got ready for that night’s training.

However, she didn’t think that she would run into a crowd of people when she arrived at her room. Commander Ford from the 49th Company, Sophia, the only child in the barracks—Nathan, and the girls from the 23rd Company were all present. Apart from these people, the company commander of the 23rd Company and Richard were also at the scene.

“What’s going on?”

Kayla caught sight of Sophia as soon as she entered the room, and she gritted her teeth instantly.

Commander Ford was expressionless as he said, “My student, Nate, suspects that someone from the 23rd Company has stolen his watermelon. He requests to search the 23rd Company’s dorm.”

Commander Ford must have been holding back his laughter when he said that. The edges of his lips could not help but twitch slightly as the commander glanced at Nathan, who was in deep hatred.

Nathan stood beside Commander Ford. He had an expressionless face while he stared coldly at the students from the 23rd Company.

Kayla was standing among the crowd when she mocked silently. “Did someone from the 23rd Company steal his watermelons? What a joke! As if we’ve never eaten watermelons before!”

Xyla and Kayla stayed in the same dorm. Their eyes twitched as soon as they saw Nathan entering their dorm, and it felt as though something bad was going to happen.

Sure enough, after getting permission from both commanders, Nathan easily made his way toward one of the beds. Then, he crouched down and crawled under the bed before retrieving a huge iced watermelon.

All the girls in the entire dorm were startled. Someone had really stolen his watermelon!

Moreover, wasn’t it Kayla’s bed?!

Nathan walked away with a cold-shoulder after he had found his watermelon.

Silence reigned through the entire dorm, and Kayla seemed to have finally realized what was going on. She had been punished for no particular reason, so she would’ve been at the track or in the infirmary the entire day. How could she possibly have stolen Nathan’s watermelon?

She was being slandered!

An out-and-out slander!

Kayla immediately yelled, “I didn’t do it! I did not steal his watermelon! They must have framed me!”

Unfortunately, no one was willing to listen to her explanation. The company commander of the 23rd Company had even looked at her with disappointment and said, “You’ve disappointed me! You’d even steal a watermelon!”

After he finished speaking, both of the company commanders left the room indifferently, and Sophia went along with them as well.

Even Richard was looking at Kayla with disappointment.

That night, the incident of Kayla stealing a watermelon had spread throughout the entire training ground. Not only was she despised by the crowd, she even received a moderate punishment for it. Although her punishment was not heavy, it would be a challenge for Kayla to even pass her military training.

How could a young mistress from the Harper Family steal a watermelon?!

No one believed it when the news first broke out. On the second day, everyone finally believed it when they saw the notice on the bulletin board at the training ground, informing students about the decision to punish Kayla from 23rd Company because of her watermelon theft.

After the incident, everyone took turns guessing what had happened to the Harpers; it was as though someone had been framing them on purpose. Previously, Kayla had been punished even though her necklace had been stolen. Just a day later, she was once again punished for stealing a watermelon.

Her reasons for getting punished were extremely embarrassing!

“I want to see the commanding general! I refuse to comply with this! I want to see the commanding general!”

“I didn’t steal anything! It was that bitch who framed me! I won’t accept it! I will never give up! I want to see the commanding general!”

Early the next morning, everyone watched as Kayla yelled wildly on the training ground. Nonetheless, it was not that easy for someone to see the commanding general. Everyone ignored her completely before two drill instructors put her into confinement for 24 hours.

Kayla had really gotten herself into huge trouble this time. Not only was she being punished for her previous mistakes, she was put into confinement after making a huge ruckus at the training ground. Now, it seemed like she couldn’t even score 60 points.

As she watched Kayla suffer from her consequences, Sophia did not feel strange about it at all. As for Kayla, she probably did not think that her every action was being recorded by the surveillance cameras. Even if she was not punished now, her military training grades would reflect her behavior. In the end, she would not be able to pass as well.

The reason why she had been punished was not because of Nathan’s stolen watermelon—it was because she had framed Nathan for stealing her necklace.

You get what you deserve for having offended the Fletchers in the barracks!

Richard did not expect Kayla to get into so much trouble even though he had personally supervised her. To one’s surprise, Kayla still ended up getting confined!

During his class, someone had gotten confined after getting into a fight as well. Once they were punished or put in confinement, all their previous efforts were in vain; even if the person had scored full marks for his or her assessment afterward, it did not mean that they were able to pass.

Richard was very worried; he clearly knew the consequences for not passing military training. Kayla needed to work especially hard for the coming three to four years and had to rank top of her class every year. Moreover, she also had to achieve the national scholarship in order to make up for the points she had lost during military training. Otherwise, she would have to repeat a year or start afresh in the next military training.

Richard pleaded with the company commanders, the battalion commanders and the regimental commander for mercy. Nonetheless, they did not even want to hear what he had to say.

His means of communication had been confiscated when he entered the barracks. Therefore, Richard was unable to contact his family members to pull a few strings, and could only rely on the connections he had inside the barracks.

There were a lot of students at Bayside University who were born into noble military families, and they had exceptional influence in the barracks.

Unfortunately, all these connections were useless here; Bayside University was known for having the strictest military training. Moreover, Joel himself was personally responsible for overseeing them this year.

Who was Joel? He was the eldest young master of the Fletcher Family, and the youngest senior colonel of the entire Cethos! He could make the whole Bayside City shiver in fear just by stomping his feet, let alone this tiny barrack.

The Fletcher Family was far from Richard’s reach; wealthy families like his could only be thrown under the shade of the Four Great Families.

After running about for the entire day, his efforts had resulted in nothing. The application of punishment was issued by the company commanders; the battalion commanders were then in charge of submitting the application to the regimental commanders to check before it was reviewed and signed by the commanding general. Hence, it was nearly impossible for Joel to take back his words as he was firm with his decisions.

That night, Richard went over to the confinement room and delivered some food to Kayla. When he saw his sister, she was drenched in tears. There was only a chair and a dirty toilet in the room; there was a skylight situated high above as the room was filled with an unusual scent. It was suffocating being in the room since one could not hear anything. As a man, Richard felt immensely uncomfortable staying in here, let alone Kayla—a young mistress who had never been through any hardships.

Richard handed over Kayla’s dinner through a customized window. Kayla started wailing through the little window on the metal door as though she had finally met her savior. “Help me, Richard. I’m going crazy. I don’t want to stay here! It’s scary here! Quick, get me out of here!”

“I didn’t steal anything, Richard. You’ve got to trust me—it was Sophia! That b*tch framed me!”

Richard was upset when he saw Kayla getting punished. He quickly comforted her, “It’s alright. These 24 hours will end soon, and I believe in you!”

Kayla was crying and cursing at the same time. She was nearly at the verge of collapsing. “It’s all because of her! She has always wanted to get me into trouble! It’s all her fault!”


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