My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 73

Richard watched as his own sister got tortured in such a way, loosening his fists that were tightly clenched just moments ago. He did not expect Sophia to do something as cruel as this; she had stolen her necklace and even slandered Kayla for stealing Nathan’s watermelon!

All of a sudden, a thought popped into Kayla’s mind. She rubbed off the tears on her cheeks before she held onto Richard’s hand tightly through the little window on the door.

“Richard, I know that b*tch still has feelings for you. Why don’t you look for her and get her to plead the company commanders for mercy? If she admits that she slandered me, they will let me out. That would make up for my grades as well!”

“But…” Richard seemed hesitant. He wanted her to recede from the complaints, but would she agree to it though?

Noticing her brother’s hesitant look on his face, Kayla hastily held onto his hands. “Richard, she’s doing all of this just to attract your attention—she’s even thinking about getting married to the Harpers. You only have to pretend to get back together with her. Eventually, she will listen to everything you say! She will listen to your orders!”

Getting back together with Sophia…

Richard hesitated for a bit. Even though he was dying to get back together with Sophia, he was currently in a relationship with Xyla and could not simply betray his girlfriend like that.

Kayla did not care about Xyla at all; she held onto Richard tightly as though she was holding on to her final hope. “You’d just have to pretend to promise her and get along with Sophia for some time; once the military training is over, you can dump her. Xyla is a kind and sensible person, so I’m sure she’ll give you her full support!”

Richard kept quiet for one minute before he finally agreed to it. “Alright, I’ll give it a try.”

Kayla turned her tears of sadness into tears of joy, looking as though she had finally found hope.

Didn’t Sophia cause so many troubles just to get her brother to change his mind about her? As long as Richard was willing to return to her side, she would become as humble as a dog and give Kayla the chance to do whatever she wanted!

Kayla believed that Sophia would soon admit everything she had done. By then, the commanders would release her as well.

It was nine o’clock at night when training finally ended. The dorms had a lights-out policy at 11 o’clock. Between those hours, everyone would rush to get showered and have their laundry done; some of the couples would even go for a tryst hand in hand.

Half of the girls were absent in their dorm rooms, for they would usually gather around in their own social circles right after washing up.

Sophia was getting ready to sleep after she had washed her face and rinsed her mouth. At that moment, someone informed her from outside that a person was waiting for her at the main entrance of the dorm. When she made her way out, she noticed Richard standing under one of the street lamps situated just outside their dorm. He was handsome and well-dressed in his military uniform, looking just like a scholar who had joined the army. His gentle-looking eyebrows reflected his unchanged gentleness and affection from Sophia’s memories.

“Sophia, can we go for a walk together?”

Richard put on a pleasant smile as he sincerely invited Sophia out. He was completely prepared to get rejected, but little did he think that Sophia would accept his invitation.

“Alright, give me a minute. Let me go back and have my shoes changed.” Sophia, who was wearing slippers, quickly ran back to her dorm room.

Richard was slightly startled as he stared at her from the back; it seemed like he had caught sight of her anticipation. It looked like she had probably guessed his reason for coming over today, so she must be really happy about it, right?

She was no longer the kind and simple Sophia she used to be. Now, she had become scheming and cynical. In order to get back together with Richard, she had even done things to hurt Kayla…

Nonetheless, why did he feel his heart throbbing the moment he saw her?

It was especially her hearty smile; Sophia’s smile looked just the same as he pictured in his mind. She was the girl who stood under the shades of the tree with a simple and pleasant smile. The reason why she had done everything she did was just to get back together with him. What a stubborn girl she was!

Then, what about Xyla?

While Sophia was getting changed, Richard pondered about it as he stared at the street lamp.

Soon, Sophia returned not long after. She had changed into a pair of shoes, and there was a little doll in her arms.

Nathan seemed to be upset about it, and he stared coldly at Richard.

Before coming to the barracks, Michael had urged him to be aware of whoever got close to Sophia. If anyone were to make a move, Michael had even instructed Nathan to take matters into his own hands.

Although Nathan felt like Michael—the man who Sophia was married to—was a violent man, the unusual person standing in front of his eyes looked even worse than Michael!

Richard did not expect Sophia to bring the kid along; he was slightly astonished by it. On the other hand, Sophia was very happy as she held on to Nathan’s hand. “Good boy. We’re going outside for a breath of fresh air—let’s look at the beautiful scenery and feed the mosquitoes.”

Nathan did not say a word, but his right hand held onto Sophia while his left hand grabbed onto the little frog toy that Sophia had won for him at a funfair. He pinched it and the frog made a squeaking noise which was harsh on the ears.

The three of them walked out from the dorm area. The barrack was huge, and a bunch of students would come out to take a breath of fresh air at night. Apart from that, they would play basketball on the training grounds while couples would be spending time alone under the shades of the trees. Hence, there was not anything special about the two of them walking together.

The scenery in the barrack was not that bad; there was a man-made pond, and the three of them were circling round it.

Nathan had purposely stood between Sophia and Richard.

Richard organized his speech before he started speaking to Sophia in a cool and bright manner, “This place looks just like our high school—it had the same man-made pond as well. I remember that we would always learn new vocabularies by heart every morning near the pond back then; I would stand on one side while you stood on the other. We wouldn’t disturb each other, but I could always see you whenever I raised my head…”

Sophia had indulged herself in their past memories as well. “You’re right. All of it seems like it was just yesterday,” she said.

Unfortunately, it was all in the past now. She no longer had feelings for Richard as she stood beside him at that moment. In fact, she wanted to laugh upon thinking about it.

The atmosphere was filled with affection when Nathan immediately squeezed his little frog upon realizing it. A huge squeaking sound broke through the subtle atmosphere, ruining the moment for Richard.

Richard stood by the pond and looked at the clear reflection of the full moon on the surface of it. He suddenly realized that it was mid-autumn day, and the round moon in the sky made him think back to the mid-autumn day two years ago. He then subconsciously put on a smile and asked, “Do you remember what happened two years ago? I brought you to the Snow Garden on my bicycle to have some mooncakes. The taste of it was…”

“Squeak!” Nathan squeezed his little frog toy once.

Richard, who had been interrupted, continued saying, “I liked the sweet ones but you preferred…”

“Squeak!” Nathan squeezed his little frog toy discontentedly once again. He raised his head to look at Richard, who was about to say something again. He quickly squeezed his frog toy consecutively. “Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”

Sophia touched Nathan on his head and asked, “What’s the matter, Nate?”

Nathan put on a straight face. “I want to eat a popsicle.”

Sophia replied, “Okay. Lucky for you, I still have a few bucks in my pocket. Let’s go have some popsicles!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Sophia immediately left along with Nathan. Richard quickly caught up to them. “Sophia, I…”

Sophia politely interrupted her. “I’m sorry, senior. I’m going to get Nate some popsicles. You can take a walk around here yourself!”

With that, Sophia ignored whatever expression Richard had on his face before she brought Nathan to the military service center.

After buying two popsicles, Sophia and Nathan each had a popsicle dangling from their mouths as they continued to walk around the place. Sophia found a stone stool and took a seat when the both of them arrived at a quiet corner. After they were done with the popsicles, Sophia touched Nathan on the head and said, “Oh Nate, why are you so cute? Come here, let me kiss you.”

Nathan refused to let her kiss him. He turned away to avoid Sophia’s affectionate attack, but Sophia insisted on lifting him up for a kiss. The both of them were messing around when a deep voice was suddenly heard coming from the dark. “Chica!”


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