My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 74

The sound was as loud as thunder, making Sophia jump reflexively. She had almost lost her soul!

It was Michael’s voice!

That pervert was the only person in the world who would give her such an erotic name!

Sophia looked around in fright. There were quite a lot of people nearby, but none of them seemed to be calling her. Furthermore, it was impossible for Michael to show up here since he was supposed to be working on the other side of the globe at the moment.

She sat down and tapped her head. “I must be too tired; I’m starting to hallucinate.”

However, Nathan seemed to have noticed something and stared at a small alley nearby.

The yellow, dim light cast a shadow in the alley, and a man dressed in an army uniform emerged slowly from it. His figure was stretched in the light; since the brim of his cap had blocked away the light, it was hard to see his face clearly. Nonetheless, one could tell that he had handsome facial features.

Under the combination of the moonlight and the streetlight, his high nose bridge cast a long shadow and created a silhouette out of a fantasy world. It seemed like he came from another world and had broken through different dimensions, looking mysterious yet cold at the same time.

Even without looking at his face, one could tell that this person was definitely the best of the best!

Sophia hid behind the bushes and peaked at him, wanting to know who this man was. Judging from his attire, he was wearing the same uniform as the students; a drill instructor wouldn’t wear that. Unless, was there such an exquisite man among the students?

There were several thousand new students this year. Sophia didn’t know every single one of them, but with a casual glance across the training field, there were not many who could present that vibe.

Just by looking at the way he walked, he had an aura that was different from the other students. If there was really anyone who dressed up that way, Sophia would have noticed it at first glance.

The man walked toward her direction, and the sound of his steady footsteps seemed to suggest that he was extraordinary. Stopping not far away from Sophia, his face was hidden in the shadows as his cap was blocking the moonlight and the streetlight.

Sophia stretched her neck to look at him; she noticed there was a mysterious and a seductive smile on the man’s lips, and the pair of eyes hidden in the dark were projecting light rays directly on her.

The man paused for two seconds and continued to walk forward with a clear goal, which was toward Sophia’s direction.

Sophia, who was hiding behind the bushes, didn’t move. She stayed where she was in hopes of finding out who that man was.

He’s close! He’s close!

In the blink of an eye, the man was already less than a few meters away from her. His huge body blocked the light from the street lamp that was nearby, forming a shadow on Sophia’s face.

She was stunned as she raised her head and saw his face that was slowly appearing under the moonlight. The impassive expression on his face added a hint of solemnness and his eyes gleamed like an obsidian before he looked at her with a smile.

“Hubby!” Sophia was dumbstruck as she swallowed the words ‘pervert’ just in time.

It’s really Michael!

He’s actually here at the camp!

Sophia thought that she had mistaken him for someone else. She rubbed her eyes, but Michael was still there, looking exactly like the man on her marriage certificate.

She pushed Nathan’s shoulder lightly and stared at Michael in disbelief. “Son, I think I’m looking at your dad! Am I hallucinating?”

Nathan raised his head and looked at the man who had travelled through night and day. He pouted his lips and didn’t seem to be surprised at all; thinking his surname was Fletcher as well, there was nothing unusual about his father showing up in the barracks at all.

In order to avoid seeing their affection later on, Nathan turned around and ran off.

Suddenly, there was only Michael and Sophia left.

Michael was smiling as he took two steps forward and hugged Sophia. He gave her a kiss on the lips so strong that he almost bit her. Then, he asked, “Are you surprised? Was it unexpected?”

Sophia was finally certain that he was Michael. Since his appearance was completely out of her expectations, she was startled more than she was surprised.

She forced a smile. “S-Surprised.”

What is he doing here at the camp? Wait a minute—how did he manage to get in? This old guy, shouldn’t he be working abroad right now?!

Sophia had a lot of questions, but Michael did not give her the chance to speak. Suddenly, he picked her up and carried her into the pavilion, insisting on kissing her.

Sophia was almost breathless when he kissed her vigorously, so she could only pretend to be shy and resisted him stubbornly.

“Hubby, don’t…”

Michael had only been away from her for a short time, but he seemed to have missed her more than he thought he would. Although he could see her through the surveillance cameras everyday and watched her every single move, it was still only a surveillance video at the end of the day; the more he watched it, the harder it was for him to control his strong urge of wanting to see her.

It seemed weird; it was as if she was slowly becoming a part of his body. If he did not see her for a day, he would feel uncomfortable. He frantically wanted to feel her breath; he wanted to touch her warm body; and he wanted to listen to her talk, even if it was only several notes of her voice.

Michael hugged Sophia’s small and soft body. The unique scent of the young lady wafted into his nose like a drug, seducing him to the point where he couldn’t control himself. His huge palm glided across the curve of her body, and his warm breath landed on her; he really wanted to f*ck her right away.

Although this was a military camp, it still wouldn’t get in his way.

However, he knew that Sophia wasn’t ready at that moment, so he had to wait until the day his ‘chica’ was ready to accept him.

Sophia continued to get kissed until she was in a daze, yet Michael had no intention of letting her go. He started to touch Sophia all over her body; she was hot and flushed as he pinned her down on his lap. The two were tightly enclasped with one another, and it was as if her whole world was surrounded by his strong aura to the point where even her breathing was derived.


All of her words and breath were once again stripped away by Michael.

Michael buried his head between her neck. As he slowly unzipped her military uniform, he planted a hot kiss on her snow-white chest; it was as if he wanted his scent to stay on this appealing young body forever and drive those who had inappropriate desires away from her. He wanted to use this method to prove his ownership over Sophia aggressively.

As the couple hid in the pavilion and continued to show their affection for one another, a figure dressed in a military uniform stood by the shade of the trees, feeling exasperated.

Xyla looked at the two people in the pavilion coldly, and her anger had already burnt through her sanity and dignity.

In the past, Richard and Xyla would go out for a 30-minute walk every night after military training, getting into a lovers’ prattle before going back.

However, when she went to look for Richard today, she was told that he had already left the room. She felt extremely uneasy, so she went to the 49th Company and asked about his whereabouts. As it turned out, Richard had indeed gone to look for Sophia, and they even came out for a tryst behind her back!

What a hungry douchebag and b*tch!


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