My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 75

Despite being a distance away from them, the poor lighting, and the fact that she couldn’t hear what the two were saying, Xyla knew that they were Sophia and Richard! Indeed, how could Sophia possibly let Richard go that easily?! After everything she’s done, she’s managed to attract Richard’s attention!

In order to save Kayla, it seemed like Richard had indeed gone to make peace with Sophia.

They’re back together now, so what am I? Am I the third wheel?

Flames of fury burned in Xyla’s eyes. Ever since she was a young girl, she had always gotten everything she wanted—including men! Richard was the man she had her eyes on, so no one could even dream about taking him away!

Sophia, do you think you can use this method to snatch my Richard away?!

Impossible! I was able to snatch him away back then, so I’ll be able to do it again now!

Xyla threw away the pulpy Wisteria flower that was crushed in her hand. With that, she turned around and disappeared into the dark quietly.

At the pavilion, Sophia was finally released out of Michael’s embrace. Her chest was flushed but slightly cold at the same time. While she was still in Michael’s arms, her body stiffened as she leaned on his shoulder and panted slightly. “Hubby, this is the military camp. How did you manage to get in?”

Michael held her hand and caressed it gently, feeling that it was rougher than he imagined it to be. For the sake of getting a high score, she had indeed suffered quite a bit.

He kissed her face indiscriminately and whispered in her ear. “I jumped over the wall.”

Sophia chuckled and didn’t ask again. He is one of the Fletchers, so how else would he be able to get in? He’d just have to swipe his card and walk in!

Michael patted her shoulder and was surprisingly gentle when he said, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Your grades are very good now, and as long as you don’t make any huge mistakes, getting a high score shouldn’t be a problem.”

Sophia nodded. She didn’t ask how Michael found out about her scores in the military.

The wind was gentle and it was cloudless tonight. The moon was shining bright in the clear night sky, as if it was casting a faint layer of silver frosts on the ground. However, Sophia was not happy at all when she gazed at the beautiful night sky.

Tomorrow is going to be another hot day!

Sophia leaned on Michael’s shoulder and looked weakly at the calm and clear sky. Suddenly, she felt that his shoulder was rather firm, and she could rest on it for a moment.

Sophia was no longer the naive, young lady that she used to be. She had gone through everything her peers wouldn’t have expected, so she was already at peace with herself.

She had once fallen deeply in love with Richard, but in the end, he pushed her away without any sorrow.

If she regarded Michael as the person whom she could rely on for the rest of her life, who would be able to make sure that he wouldn’t push her away in the future too?

Relying on myself is the right way!

After an entire day of training, Sophia was feeling tired already as she was overwhelmed with sleepiness. Her eyelids were drooping, and everything Michael said to her became blurry; she was so tired that all of her senses were shut down.

Michael wanted to talk to Sophia and catch up with her. However, before he could even get two sentences out, she started to yawn already.

He watched as she was nodding off. Her whole body was leaning in his arms, sleeping soundly like a kitten.

Michael held her up straight so she could lean on his shoulder. He let her sleep quietly and looked at her as she slept. She looked really calm and as beautiful as a painting, but he still liked the noisy Sophia more.

He looked at her, and the light in his eyes seemed to fade away gradually…

Sophia almost forgot how she had made her way to the room. When she woke up the next day, Michael was already gone. She had been sleeping on the infirmary bed for the whole night in an air-conditioned room. Strangely enough, it didn’t seem like Michael had touched her. Was it because she was in military camp, so it was hard for him to do whatever he wanted?

Juliette had brought her breakfast as she asked in a concerned tone, “How’s your fever, Sophia? Nate said you had a high fever all of a sudden last night, so you’ve been receiving an intravenous infusion in the infirmary. I was so worried about you.”

A high fever and an intravenous infusion?

She touched her head. Clearly, there was no fever nor any pain. Did she have a high fever last night to the point of hallucinating Michael?

She glanced toward the bedside and noticed there was a plastic bag of her favourite snacks. The convenient store in the barracks only sold some daily necessities; and other than some popsicles, there was nothing else. It was obvious that the snacks weren’t from the barracks.

When she opened the plastic bag, she saw a handwritten note that said, ‘There is more in the fridge. Nate will show you where it is.’

The writing was bold and sturdy, looking as if they were standing straight like a soldier. Sophia looked at the note and after a three-second pause, she realized that it had been written by Michael.

Her lips curled up in a smile.

However, she immediately restrained herself.

Juliette seemed to have discovered something huge as she smiled wickedly. “This is from your boyfriend!”

She sounded confident.

Sophia looked at the bag of snacks and felt nothing but warmth.

My boyfriend?

“I guess so!”

That’s my husband!

Juliette looked envious. “It must be nice having a boyfriend who would stay with you all night and not return to the dormitory. He even got you snacks! It is almost impossible to find any snacks here in the barracks!”

No wonder there were rumors about Richard not returning to the dormitory last night. Turns out he was here with Sophia the entire time!

Sophia shared some of her snacks with Juliette as she reminded her, “Don’t tell anybody about this; they might get upset about it.”

Everybody else wasn’t able to enjoy the snacks as she ate it alone. If anybody else found out about it, they definitely wouldn’t be happy about it; they might tell her off, which would even result in a fall out should the commander start an investigation.

Therefore, it would be best if only the two of them knew about it.

Juliette nodded and promised, “I swear I won’t tell.”

After all, Xyla is still Richard’s girlfriend in public. The fact that Sophia secretly got back together with Richard and had even spent the whole night together means that she is the mistress…

Therefore, it’d be better if fewer people knew about the matter.

The two reached a ‘consensus’ and happily shared the snacks.

Sophia returned to the dormitory and simply washed up as she prepared herself for a new day of training. Yesterday, she fell asleep in Michael’s arms in a daze; Michael had probably carried her directly to the infirmary so she could sleep there. If he was to carry her back to the dormitory, it would be too obvious.

Fortunately, Nathan came back to report in time and the infirmary gave her a medical certificate. This way, her scores would not be deducted for not returning to the dormitory at night.

While she washed up, Juliette sneaked to a remote corner in the barracks. There was someone waiting for her already.

Juliette was fearful when she saw the person. She lowered her head and reported timidly, “I’ve asked her earlier. She admitted herself that she had indeed been with Zane, and they stayed at the infirmary the whole night. Zane even got her a lot of snacks that are not allowed in the camp.”


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