My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 76

Before Juliette could even finish her sentence, she felt a chill go down her spine as she experienced goosebumps.

Xyla had a frosty look on her face. She clenched her fists as hard as possible, and she didn’t even realize that her nails were already piercing through her flesh.

The scene of Sophia and Richard kissing each other at the pavilion last night kept replaying in her mind; she really wanted to slash Sophia into pieces every time she thought about the latter lying in Richard’s arms and calling him ‘hubby.’

After a while, she turned around and looked at Juliette impassively. Juliette was afraid to look up into her hawk-like eyes.

From an outsider’s point of view, who would have thought that someone as adorable as Young Lady Harper was actually a woman with a wicked heart.

“Are you sure that’s what she said?” Xyla looked at Juliette coldly, looking as though she was about to kick Juliette if she said anything wrongly.

Juliette nodded immediately. “Yes, I’m sure of it—she said it herself. She even gave me a pocket-full of snacks so I wouldn’t tell anyone about this.”

She was sweating all over her back as she finished her sentence.

Xyla did not reply. The atmosphere became unusually dead and after about a minute, she finally said coldly, “Ha! It seems like the nails were not enough to teach her a lesson last time. You should head to your training first; don’t give her any trouble just so you don’t let the cat out of the bag. Meet me here after training at ten o’clock tonight.”

Juliette felt a sense of relief as she turned around and left.

She didn’t want to be Xyla’s accomplice, but her mother suffered from several heart attacks and required surgery. On the other hand, her father was working in Huff Technology; they were relying on the company’s sponsorship to fund her mother’s surgery. If she offended Xyla in any way, her whole family would be ruined.

Richard had stayed out all night thinking of ways to get Kayla out. Since Sophia refused to help, Kayla couldn’t clear off her allegations. In other words, his sister would definitely fail military training because of it and have a hard time graduating.

He kept thinking about it and came up with countless solutions, but all of his ideas were soon discarded by himself immediately.

The Fletchers! The Fletchers! If only he had a wider network of connections and knew someone from the Fletcher Family, the situation could be resolved. Unfortunately, he could only admire their presence from afar.

Since he was too engrossed with his own thoughts, he missed the time when the lights went off in the dormitory. Once the lights were off, the doors would be closed.

He didn’t make it in time to return to the dormitory, but Richard did not have to worry about getting his scores deducted because he was the student leader. Instead, he went to the infirmary and reported his ‘sickness’ in order to get a bed and slept through the night.

However, he did not expect to see Xyla crying as she came to get treated when he was about to leave the infirmary the next morning.

He felt bad when he looked at the way she cried and immediately went to comfort her. “What’s wrong, Xyla?”

When Xyla saw Richard coming out of the infirmary, her eyes dimmed for a split second, but it was quickly replaced with her pitiful tears. She showed him the wound on her hand and said aggrievedly, “I accidentally injured myself this morning.”

Richard accompanied Xyla as she got her wound treated before sending her off to the training ground. Xyla was so aggrieved that she kept holding onto his hand, unwilling to let go of him.

The two were acting lovey-dovey as they went to the field.

When it came to the couple’s mushy behavior, everyone was already accustomed to it. The marriage between the Harper Family and the Huff Family was bound to happen, and they had already released the news of their engagement to the public; it would probably be held after Kayla’s birthday dinner party.

There were many well-informed people in the camp. Last night, some students saw Richard going into the dormitory to look for Sophia before they went out together.

Richard and Sophia were both gone all night, and someone else saw a man dressed in his army uniform carrying Sophia into the infirmary; the man in his army uniform was a hundred percent Richard.

Because the two of them were old lovers, rumors about Sophia and Richard getting back together and spending the entire night in the infirmary started to spread.

It turned out that everything Sophia did was all because of Richard.

Since it was almost training time, Sophia held Nathan’s little hands and deliberately hopped their way into the field. She had initially wanted Nathan to learn a bit of childishness from her, but she didn’t expect Nathan to remain impassive the whole journey—he even looked at her as if she was a crazy person.

A woman in love would always become crazy; with the help of some snacks, she had become even crazier!

If it were up to Nathan, he would need at least twice the amount!

As she skipped along, Sophia asked, “Darling, why are you not as lively and cute as other kids your age?”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “I am not a three year old anymore.”

Sophia seemed to look different from yesterday. She was in a very good mood, and she felt that her body was as light as a bird—she could probably almost fly.

It must’ve been the snacks Michael had given to her. The thought of having so many snacks that she could eat in secret made her extremely happy, so she hopped into the training field unknowingly.

The atmosphere in the training field seemed to be different today, and everyone looked toward her direction as if nothing had happened.

Sophia looked extremely unusual today; it was obvious from her look of her face, which beamed and blushed madly. Upon closer inspection, there was a faint hickey on her neck and a tooth mark at the corner of her lips that was less obvious. One could tell at first glance that she had definitely been kissed aggressively last night.

She was even skipping around when she walked—these were all typical signs when someone crazy in love got back with her ex-boyfriend.

Although everyone had heard about the rumor, they chose not to believe it. After all, Sophia’s relationship with the Harper Family had become incredibly awkward. But now, it seemed like Sophia was indeed a devious woman who would go out of her way for love.

Sophia seemed to have not noticed the unusual atmosphere as she greeted everyone like usual and started to prepare for training. Several full-length mirrors were placed at the side of the field so the students could check their outfits anytime. After all, tidiness and cleanliness of their uniforms were included in the scope of the assessment.

Sophia looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her cap and belt. She pulled down the brim of the cap slightly, blocking half her eyes and leaving her high-bridge nose out as it reflected in the mirror. She suddenly realized that she looked quite ‘handsome’ in her military uniform.

She didn’t know why, but the moment she thought of ‘handsomeness’, the first person who appeared in her mind was actually Michael. Dressed in his military uniform last night, he stood under the moonlight and was covered in a layer of silver frost. That look was incredibly handsome!

Sophia blushed as she thought about Michael. While holding her face in front of the mirror, she smiled inexplicably.

As Nathan watched her actions from the side, he rolled his eyes again.

He thought he was about to get a sister very soon.

Several nosy girls kept staring at Sophia, and when they noticed her smiling at the mirror inexplicably, they knew that what happened between Richard and her must be true. As they surrounded Nathan, they asked him teasingly, “Good boy, Nate. Is your mom in love?”

They were always under the impression that Sophia had taken money from Nathan’s family to take care of him, so she was considered his nanny. Furthermore, they always played computer games together. Sophia was Nathan’s father in the game, so whenever they brought up the question to Sophia, she would say she was Nathan’s ‘father.’

Nathan told them the truth and said, “A woman in love has an IQ equivalent to a crazy person.”

Even Nathan had admitted to it. In that case, it must be real! Sophia and Richard were really back together!


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