My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 77

By the time Sophia came back to her senses, she suddenly noticed a faint hickey on her neck, and her face went red in an instant.

That old pervert!

Why did he give me such a massive hickey? Does he want someone to see it?!

However, Madison didn’t have makeup foundation with her at the moment, so she was unable to cover the hickey up and had no choice but to walk around with it in clear sight.

It’s probably better this way—at the very least, everyone will know that I have a hickey too. The next time Richard and Xyla act lovey-dovey in front of me, I can show them my hickey to fight back!

The atmosphere on the training ground was awkward. Everyone was busy gossiping about Richard and Sophia, but when they looked up all of a sudden, they saw Richard and Xyla walking toward them hand-in-hand.

Everyone wore an army green military uniform that consisted of a green shirt, green pants, green shoes and a green hat. However, the hat on Xyla seemed particularly green at that moment.

They’re here!

Everyone perked up all of a sudden as countless eyes glanced toward that direction.

Xyla noticed Sophia looking at the mirror on the training ground, so she deliberately pulled Richard over to the mirror. “I want to check my clothing in the mirror, Richard.”

The two proceeded to walk hand-in-hand toward the mirror beside Sophia, standing really close to the latter on purpose.

Xyla greeted Sophia as usual and chirped, “Good morning, Sophia!”

“Morning.” Sophia replied concisely, seeming as though she had not realized that the couple was standing next to her. Sophia continued to look into the mirror, and her eyes widened when she realized that there was a faint bite mark at the corner of her lips.

That’s such a deep bite! Is he a dog?!

Xyla noticed Sophia squeezing the hickey on her neck and the bite mark on her lips in the mirror; she was obviously showing it off in front of her!

When she thought about everything that had happened in the pavilion and the infirmary last night, she was so angry that her eyes were burning with rage.

However, she was afraid to show it in front of Richard. She knew that if she were to cause any trouble now, it would be a matter of time before she ended up like Sophia—it would only break her relationship with Richard.

I am not Sophia, and I am not that dumb to expose everything. I want Sophia to beat a hasty retreat; I will show her that I am the woman Richard cares about the most.

Sophia is nothing but Richard’s mistress, his paramour, and an underground lover. I am the one who will be engaged to Richard soon! In the future, I’ll even get married to him!

She purposely fell into Richard’s arms and coughed weakly. Richard immediately asked, “Are you okay, Xyla?”

Xyla felt aggrieved as she displayed an innocent look on her delicate face. “It’s all because of you—I couldn’t find you all night yesterday, so I shouted until I lost my voice.”

Richard’s eyes dimmed, and he subconsciously glanced toward Sophia. He would always go out for a walk with Xyla every night, but he didn’t tell her that he went to look for Sophia yesterday, let alone the fact that he wanted to get back with her secretly…

He replied guiltily, “I won’t do it again.”

Xyla was very pleased and overjoyed. She showed it off to Sophia silently, looking as though she wanted to let the latter know that what happened last night was simply a one-sided romance, and Richard didn’t care about her at all!

This disgusting couple is going to act all lovey-dovey in front of me again! Sophia thought to herself.

She was not interested in their affection at all, and she was definitely uninterested in Richard. She only wanted to give the couple her blessings and hoped that they would stay away from her!

Not wanting to feel overwhelmed with their public display of affection, Sophia deliberately pulled down the zipper on her uniform slightly. Since the collar was covering her neck, it prevented her from showing off the hickey that would suggest she had a sex life too. Who would’ve known that by flapping her collar and revealing a little bit of skin, Sophia realized from the mirror that her chest was covered in hickeys under her uniform!

All of a sudden, she remembered what had happened last night. She thought about the hands that unzipped her aggressively, as well as the hot lips that steamed her soft skin; it was as if he had attempted to imprint his exclusive signature on her body with the heat from his own, wanting to let everyone know that this woman belonged to him!

She covered her chest in surprise and immediately zipped up her shirt before running away in embarrassment.

How embarrassing!

From Xyla’s perspective, it was a whole other story. That woman has so many hickeys! How dare she show it off in front of me!

Xyla was so angry that she would’ve chased after Sophia and shredded her into pieces on the spot, but she knew that she couldn’t; it’d be stupid to do that. As a smart woman, she must learn how to endure it!

She would endure, endure, and endure!

Hence, she swallowed the gushing flame that was rising from her throat!

The brief ‘exchange of fire’ ended with Sophia revealing her hickeys and running away from them, showing off her victory. Although there were only two to three moves, the group of people watching the scene felt that it was way more interesting than any other TV show.

Sophia seemed to have won this round.

However, what could she do about that? She was only the paramour and the mistress. The person in Richard’s arms was Xyla, and the Harper Family would certainly not allow a commoner like Sophia to become their daughter-in-law.

Richard was completely unaware of Sophia’s abnormality, and he didn’t notice the hickeys on her snowwhite chest. His gaze was fixated on Xyla, looking as though he wanted to redeem himself from the guilt he felt for her last night.

Undoubtedly, everything in the camp spreaded like wildfire. By noon, the fact that Sophia’s chest was full of hickeys had become the headline in the barracks during lunchtime—several drill instructors had even caught wind about it.

Nonetheless, they would usually turn a blind eye to the students’ private affairs. Unless it went overboard, they weren’t bothered by it too much and did not intervene.

Sophia was completely in the dark about what was going on, and she didn’t know that the incident last night had been twisted to that point. It was not only until lunchtime did she hear something about the rumor.


Sophia was having lunch when she heard someone calling her name. She turned her head around and realized that it was Sarah and Mitchell, whom she had just met the other day. The two sat down beside her.

Mitchell greeted Sophia flamboyantly and said, “Hey, girl! You’ve become the talk of the town today! I’m so jealous of you since you’re always the hot topic. You make the headlines so easily!”

Sophia did not admire guys like Mitchell, so she buried her unpleasantness and asked, “What headline? Why do I not know this?”

Was it because of the hickey on her neck and the bite mark on her lips?

There were so many new students this year who would go out to the woods at night to make out; she was not the only one with hickeys, so why was she the only one who made the headlines?!

While having her lunch, Sarah asked in a puzzled manner, “Richard and Young Mistress Huff are getting engaged soon. Why did you choose to get back together with him now? If you get back together now, you’ll be the mi…”

The word ‘mistress’ was immediately swallowed back down before it was uttered.

Sophia was puzzled. “Since when have I gotten back together with Richard? Why am I not aware about this?”

Was it because she had gone out with him for a while last night? She felt that she no longer had any feelings for Richard, so going for a walk with him was nothing—she would’ve kept it a secret if she was really guilty. However, Sophia did plan on bringing Nathan out for a walk last night and get him a popsicle along the way.


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