My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 78

Since when have I reconciled with Richard? Although it’s possible for me to jump back into a previous relationship, I’m also clear that there’s no use crying over spilled milk—I feel disgusted just by thinking about our past relationship.

Sean winked and held the bowl with his thumb and middle finger, feigning grace. “You don’t have to pretend anymore; the entire barrack already knows that you and Richard stayed over at the infirmary last night.

Not only do we know that the two of you have spent a night together, somebody even spotted him bringing you to the infirmary!”

Hmm? Was Richard at the infirmary last night too? Sophia had no idea about this because she had been sound asleep at that time. Moreover, the barracks’ infirmary was not just a single room; it was an independent building.

The infirmary was almost equivalent to a hospital as the building had five floors with dozens of wards. Last night, Sophia had even stayed at the finest single ward which came with air-conditioning. However, she really had no idea about the rumors between her and Richard.

Michael must’ve been the one who brought me to the infirmary. Heck, Michael and Richard don’t even resemble each other—one of them is a complete gentleman who I can’t even bring myself to bully, whereas the other one is just a useless piece of trash. Whoever mistook them for one another should get their eyes checked.

Sophia tried to explain herself and said, “Nothing happened between me and him. Last night, I was admitted to the infirmary because I was sick. I can prove this with my medical leave certificate.”

However, Sarah simply arched her brow; her eyes longed for more gossip. “Stop making up more excuses. Everyone knows that Zane brought you to the infirmary last night. If it wasn’t him, who else would it be?”

Sophia was unwilling to back down. “I can’t remember who it was. Last night, I did not have a clear head because I got sick all of a sudden. It must’ve been a good Samaritan who took me to the infirmary, and my son followed me all the way. Am I right, Nate?”

Nathan nodded with a long face. He had asked for Sophia to be put in a first-class ward last night; he was planning to stay there overnight because it came with air-conditioning, a television, and a computer.

However, Michael shut the door and locked him out of the room in the end. He then accompanied Sophia Edwards the entire night and only left early the next morning.

He’s forgotten about me after getting himself a wife. Nathan was extremely unhappy because of this.

Sarah tilted her head and laughed. “Stop pretending—I can even see your hickeys from here. Can you explain to me where you got them from?”

Sophia covered the hickeys on her chest calmly and said, “It’s just your illusion.”

Sean was shaking with laughter as he covered his mouth with his hands. With that, Sophia gave up explaining the situation to them because she knew that there was no use.

Just as Sarah was about to say something else, she saw Richard and Xyla approaching them. The couple looked as though they were heading to their table. With their trays of food, they intentionally sat at the table next to Sophia.

Not only were they sitting together intimately, but Xyla even laughed shyly as she played with Richard. Her actions and blushed face made her look like a well-protected fairy, and she emanated a blissful aura that only a woman in a relationship would have.

She greeted Sophia, “What a coincidence, Sophia!”

Sophia nodded drily and said with zero emotion, “Mm, what a coincidence.”

Richard also learned about the rumors in the barracks, but he didn’t know why it had escalated into the current situation. Although he did look for Sophia last night, the latter had rejected him even before he could mention a reconciliation.

How did the rumors spread out then? Sophia must be the one behind this! What exactly does she mean by this? Is she trying to get everyone’s pity? Nonetheless, one thing’s for sure—she’s still trying to gain my attention.

He realized that he could no longer understand Sophia’s mind. Is this what people call ‘love well, whip well’? In his mind, Richard let his imagination run wild and portrayed himself as the male lead of a soap opera.

Even though he had explained it to Xyla multiple times, he knew that this was definitely still a thorn in her heart despite telling him that she believed his words. Hence, he tried his best to cooperate with her in order to clear her suspicions.

The couple was now talking and eating in such an intimate and exaggerated way, making it obvious that they were putting on a show in front of Sophia. Sophia finally understood why Xyla had been grabbing at every opportunity to display her affection with Richard in front of her today.

She must have heard about my ‘reconciliation’ with Richard and thinks that I’m the third party now. She’s now showing off her status as his girlfriend in front of me—the ‘third party’!

Hence, Sophia rolled her eyes and regarded the couple as animals in a rutting season. How many times do I need to explain that I have no feelings for Richard anymore?

Even though Michael is a pervert, he’s much better than Richard. As she lowered her head, Sophia gobbled her meal up and told everyone, “Let’s go.”

Everyone left after finishing their meals, leaving the flaunting couple behind. Watching as Sophia ‘scurried off’ out of the corner of her eyes, there was a glint of complacency in Xyla’s eyes. Hmph, she’s nothing but an embarrassing third party!

However, Sophia was not even bothered by Xyla’s opinion about her. Rather, she was more concerned with the philosophy behind life in the barracks; there were so many rules to learn here. For instance, they could only get their food after scanning their IDs.

After finishing up their meals, they had to scan their IDs once more before leaving the canteen. As a result, their time spent in the canteen would be clearly recorded too. Although exceeding their ten-minute dining time would not cause many issues, these records were eventually reflected in their final assessment.

According to the rules, they only had ten minutes to eat and another ten minutes to shower; students had to scan their IDs before showering with hot water as well, and the time used to complete these activities were then compiled into statistics. Since procrastination was a big taboo in the barracks, those who did things swiftly usually got better grades.

Xyla and Richard had been displaying their affection for each other in public the entire day, and everyone regarded Sophia as an absurd joke now. Of course, Sophia did not tell them who the real joke was.

The weather was as clear as last night the next day; the sun was scorching, the sky was cloudless, and the temperature rose to over 39 degrees. Everyone was getting uncomfortable under the hot weather.

During their morning training, Commander Ford allowed Sophia to rest early because she had been admitted into the hospital due to a ‘sudden high fever’ before fully recovering from her ‘previous sickness’. Moreover, her performance during today’s training was stellar. Hence, Sophia watched as everyone else continued their training while resting in the shady area.

When it was break time, everyone gathered under the shady area below the trees. Meanwhile, Xyla chose to sit beside the 49th Company despite being a member of the 23rd Company. Undoubtedly, Richard followed suit and sat with her.

“I want to drink some water, Richard!” Xyla grumbled flirtatiously as she fidgeted on the ground.

Richard looked at her affectionately and said, “Here, let me feed you some.” Regardless of everyone’s presence, he started feeding her water with his mouth passionately. As they watched the show, the crowd knew who Xyla and Richard’s target was.

Meanwhile, Sophia frowned after looking at the disgusting scene. F*ck. Why can’t they get themselves a room? Not everyone enjoys watching people consume each other’s saliva! As her expression seemed to be the clear evidence of her jealousy and envy, everyone became even more excited and were curious about the ending of this fight between the girlfriend and the third party.


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