my Dreamy old husband Chapter Chapter 1059-1060

Chapter 1059-1060

Bayside University received positive feedback. Natasha, the fool, had once again gone overboard.

When news broke, it gained the attention of influential people like Taylor, Ethan, Nicole, and other celebrities who called on child molesters to undergo chemical castration, promoted the implementation of sex education for youths, and the like. As for a pervert like Liam Johnson who harassed his own niece, he still had to be held accountable for his crimes, regardless of how long ago the incident happened.

However, Liam and his whole family had vanished into thin air. People claimed that he had fled the country, but he was now forever pinned with shame.

People also claimed that Natasha had fled the country, but no one, even the Mitchell Family, knew where she was.

While there was an uproar amongst the public, it was still quiet in Villa No. 8 at The Imperial. At this moment, Sophia had finally woken up.

Her body was weak, she was not alert, and she ate very little. Michael continued to feed her liquid food, one spoon after the other.

She found it hard to swallow anything. But seeing the concerned look on Michael’s face, she still forced herself to swallow the food he fed her.

When she was done eating, she mustered up her courage and asked, “Hubby, are you disgusted by me?”

Her childhood had always been her skeleton in the closet. She never brought it up to him for fear that he would be repulsed by her.

Placing the bowl aside, Michael dabbed her mouth with a handkerchief. When he heard her question, he smiled affectionately and said, “Silly chica. It’s not like you did anything atrocious. Why would I be disgusted by you?”

Sophia lowered her eyes and burning hot tears started to stream down her face. She started to choke up and was unable to speak.

She thought that everything was in the past now. But, after she was exposed so abruptly today, she was afraid that Michael would detest her for it.

Wiping off the tears on her face, he placed his forehead against hers and soothed, “You didn’t do anything wrong. Why would I blame you? The people at fault here are those who hurt you! You’re not the one who should feel ashamed; they should!”

She burst into tears once again.

Later, Sean and Stanley came to visit her. Sean had even brought with him the latest update.

“The Mitchell Family is still looking for Natasha, but it seems like someone is trying to stop them from finding her. With the family head’s daughter missing, though, it’s chaos in there. The Michel Group also took this chance to form several business partnerships.”

Upon hearing his disclosure, Michael fell into deep thought.

The person who was stopping the Mitchell Family from finding Natasha was none other than himself, but Linus’ sudden advancement on the Mitchell Family was not something he saw coming.

Looks like Linus is planning to use this incident to defeat the domineering Mitchell Family.

The Michel Family’s first task since coming to Bayside City was to defeat the leading group, the Mitchell Family, who were also on the same playing field. Once they destroyed them, the Michel Group could easily take over Bayside City and the entire market in Cethos. They had to gain the upper hand by taking over Bayside City.

Michael was also uncertain as to whether that was good or bad.

But he was quite satisfied with the way Natasha and the Johnson Family were handled.

The noble Natasha was now a communal uterus to four men to carry on their lineage. To her, that was worse than death itself.

As for the Johnson Family, since they enjoyed harassing little girls, karma was going to deal with them.

If Linus intervened, he would definitely not let them off that easily.

Upon hearing Linus’ description of the place, it sounded like they were against mankind.

Michael was busy on a daily basis, but he would always make it back in time to keep Sophia company. It might have been because she had not been sick for the whole year that she ended up falling terribly ill after catching a cold the other day. As she was malnourished as a child, her hidden illnesses had surfaced and she spent quite some time lying in bed now.

In a blink of an eye, it was already New Year’s Day. It was freezing cold outside and it was even snowing heavily. The heater in Sophia’s room was set at the most ideal temperature, making it feel as warm as spring. While holding her cat, she was busy gossiping with Sarah.

“Oh, you. Stop thinking so much. It’s just one picture! When I lived in a shoebox apartment as a seven-year-old kid, we were so poor that we didn’t have a proper bathroom. My mom used to boil water and bathe me in the corridor. People walked past us and no one was surprised by the sight. Some of them even watched me and pinched my butt cheeks! Is there anyone who didn’t run around naked as a child? When my brother misbehaved, my dad used to take off his pants and gave him a good beating. He was ten at the time, but he went running out the corridor, crying and jumping around with his butt exposed.”

Sarah held the Garfield cat given to her by Linus as she reasoned with Sophia. The humorous story succeeded in making Sophia laugh.

“Try to let go a little. When final exams end in a few days, let’s go on a trip! We’ll bring Sean and Stan with us. If Linus isn’t busy, we can bring him along too. It’ll just be us few young people. We won’t take those old men with us.”

Sophia nodded and murmured in agreement. Putting down the cat, Sarah proceeded to take out her new sketchbook from her bag to show Sophia.

“They’ve been cracking down on pornography lately so I haven’t been able to upload anything. I’ve just been drawing for my own amusement. There are copies at home. I’ll only send them to friends.”

Sarah was a well-known illustrator online. On Instagram, she was known as “The Great Hand”, or “The Great Empath”. She illustrated and drew covers for online game merchants, artists, and the like, and she even sold art collections. Official collections she released definitely did not contain anything inappropriate for children, but Sarah would draw some indescribable things to entertain herself with.

Lately, she had a breakthrough and landed a position at Stanley’s company as his personal illustrator. She stopped accepting other jobs and releasing her own art collections, but she still could not abandon her hobby.

Her new sketchbook contained explicit drawings as usual—Stanley and Sean; Sean and Linus; Linus and Harry; Harry and Stanley.

Sophia was speechless. She even draws actual people in her life!

It was better if it was someone she was well acquainted with, though. The more she knew the person, the less she had to worry about copyright issues.

After entertaining themselves with those drawings for a bit, Sophia suddenly remembered the issue with Harry’s girlfriend. Harry still came home to eat occasionally, but he had never once brought his girlfriend along.

The tweet he sent was still there which only showed a view from the back. Some fans had taken pictures of Harry with a mysterious woman going to the pharmacy to buy a morning-after pill. That girl looked a lot like Sarah, but she did not admit it even if it cost her her life.

But even though she did not admit it, Sophia did not force her. After all, she was a shut-in. She might stir up trouble on the internet, claiming that she would not change her profile picture until she had slept with Harry, but whenever she met him in person, she became very timid.

“Harry has publicized his relationship. Are you still going to be his fan?”

Ever since Ethan made his relationship public, many fans had been heartbroken, threatening to take their own lives and leave the fandom.

At the mention of Harry’s name, Sarah started to get antsy. “I am a diehard fan. I won’t stop being his fan that easily! Oh, right. His new movie is releasing soon. Are you going to do anything before?”

Little Kitten was Harry’s number one stalker fan and the president of his fan club. If his movie was going to be released, she would have to grace the scene with her presence.

When Sophia heard that, she also remembered that Michael’s movie, ‘Doctor Invincible’, was coming soon. It was going to be released at the same time all around the world and had garnered much attention. Another international production with a lead actor from Cethos. It was estimated that the film would reach 6 billion at box offices worldwide.

She had to get into action!


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