My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 106

Chapter 106 

Jane tilted her head, and a trace of indifference flashed across her delicate face

I will refuse him.” 

She said without hesitation

This answer was beyond the expectations of Dominic

But he wanted to hear what his lovely wife was thinking 

I grew up in an abnormal family.Jane leaned against him and said slowly, Dad never cared about me. Mom is delirious, and I have to take care of my brother. I have to hear the bullying and humiliation from Joy and Fiona. I really don’t know what the Fallon family has given me

I don’t like that family, and I don’t need to work for the Fallon Group now.She looked up at him. I am already your wife, and I have nothing to do with them anymore. In addition, my father asked me to go back with bad motives, so I don’t want to be used by him.” 

Haney.. She wrapped her arms around his waist. I just want the two of us to live a good life.Dominic stroked her back gently

Although he couldn’t fully empathize with her, he understood what kind of psychological trauma it would bring to children if they grew up in an abnormal family

On the surface, the Campbell family seemed to be rich and powerful, but in fact, it was not a good family. In fact, it was even more dark

He didn’t want her to feel wronged, but she had to learn to live with dangerous people. This was the law of survival

I don’t think so, Jane,he sighed softly and said in a low voice


I can understand that you don’t want to have anything to do with the Fallon family anymore, but your connection with the Fallon family couldn’t be changed.” 

Jane was suddenly stunned

Have you ever thought about your mother?” 

Her face changed and she bit her lip

Dominic gently stroked her cheek with his rough fingers, he looked at her carefully

You said that David raped your mother to give birth to you, and she was delirious and had to stay in the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. This is all caused by David

But it’s been too long, and it can no longer be investigated. And you have the blood of the Fallon family, which is a fact

What you can do now is to take back what you deserve…. You have to seek justice for your mother!” 

Jane stared at him blankly with a complicated expression on her face, looking a little shocked

No one had ever said those words to her, and she had never thought about it

She had always lived in her sorrows and joys, but she had forgotten what her mother had suffered.. 

With tears in her eyes, Jane timidly leaned into his arms. This had become her habit. When she was uncasy, she would lean into his arms. His hot and strong chest was her best haven, giving her a sense of security


My tholand by A Street Milimair

Chapter 106 

Honey,she asked in a low voice, Am Igoing to compete with Fiona for the family property?” 

It’s not the purpose.He said lightly, Your purpose is to teach those who have hurt you a lesson.” 

The little woman did not say a word. After a long silence, she looked up at him firmly and nodded hard. Yes, I know!” 

Dominic was stunned

He knew Jane was already knew how to do it

He looked at her gently. She was smart, strong, soft, and powerful inside, tough and unyielding, and. had kindness and sharpness

The old lady was right. Such a woman certainly would be rich.. 

The man standing next to her in the future would definitely be him, the heir of the Campbell Group

Dominic laughed, took her back to the bedroom, and patiently coaxed her to sleep

A few days later, Hector made an appointment with Dominic to tell him about the piece of land in the western suburbs of Central City

Dominic looked even gloomier. He squeezed his fingers so hard that the cigar almost snapped in his hand


Tristan hurriedly coughed to stop Hector from continuing

Uncle, you’re crazy.Dominic snorted. How dare you incite my grandfather’s family!” 

His grandfather’s power was in Osanna and Sendilant, and Spinelli’s five major groups were established with the support of his grandfather’s family

Recently, Edward had been playing all kinds of tricks in Spinelli. His grandfather doted on his grandson, which caused dissatisfaction among the legitimate grandsons in the family, especially the uncle of Dominic. He always thought that his father had given all the benefits to an outsider

As a result, Edward used this to sow discord, and his uncle did some tricks, causing the Sendilant’s funds to not be able to arrive on time

The things in the piece of land were delayed again and again, and in the end, it would become the possession of Edward

Don’t worry, Dominic.Tristan comforted him. Your uncle doesn’t have that much money. It’s not easy to get to that place. If he doesn’t do it well, it will hurt him. We just have to wait and see. We can deal with him.” 

Okay.Dominic nodded. This was exactly what he was thinking

The only thing he could do now was to stay calm and deal with all kinds of changes

By the way,Hector smiled and changed the topic, I feel that your wife is as bold as you! I heard that she has resigned from the Hizack Company.” 

Really? Dominic looked at him. Only now he smiled

Why did she resign?” Tristan was puzzled. Isn’t she already a director there?” 

You underestimate my sisterinlaw too much!Hector said, What’s the point of being a director? I heard that Jane negotiated with David and asked for the shares of the Fallon Group to enter the board of directors, and David actually agreed!” 

Tristan widened his eyes in disbelief


Chapter 166 

Dominic smiled faintly

She really did it. It seemed that she was a smart girl

Well, you can continue to talk. It’s time for me to go home.Dominic got up and strolled downstairs

Hey, Dominic, it’s so early

Yes,he said in a low voice. He turned around and chuckled. It’s time to go back and cook for my wife. Let’s celebrate her joining the board of directors!” 

Hector and Tristan were shocked, Can you cook?” 

However, after taking a few steps, Dominic turned around and looked at Hector, saying. Let the kitchen downstairs cook a few dishes. I’ll pack them up and take them back.” 

The two of them were speechless

Expressionless, Dominic strade into the elevator

When the elevator reached the lobby on the first floor, he felt a pair of sharp eyes staring at him from behind

He suddenly turned around, and he didn’t say anything

Dominic frowned, his heart full of doubts. Just as he was about to walk forward, a black shadow suddenly flashed before his eyes

Oh, it seems that you are doing well! You can even come to such a place?” 


Chapter 107 


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