My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 107

Chapter 107
A ruffian’s face was revealed under the black cap, and there was a hint of arrogance and contempt in his evil eyes.
Dominic was stunned and greeted him in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing. “Mr.
“What?” Aaron was slightly surprised as he laughed coldly. ‘Did 1 hear you correctly? You called me Mr. Wilson?”
Dominic smiled faintly, his eyes deep and cold.
He had a cold aura, and those who were close to him felt an invisible sense of oppression, including Aaron.
This feeling made Aaron very uneasy.
“Boy, have you forgotten what kind of person you used to be when you lifted my shoes?” He patted. Dominic on the shoulder. “Oh, you keep calling him Sir. Now you’re f ucking pretending to be civilized!”
However, as soon as Aaron’s hand touched the shoulder of Dominic, he was grabbed by the wrist! Aaron was startled, but his expression didn’t change. He tried to break free, but he was firmly gripped.
“Dan Murphy!” He growled, “What do you want to do?”
Dominic sneered and twisted his wrist!
The pain made Aaron’s face turn red. He stared at Dominic with a fierce look in his eyes.
“Mr. Wilson, please pay attention to your words,” Dominic emphasized. “In the past, no matter how useless I was, it was all in the past. You should know that I’m changed now.”
“Even if I’ve lifted shoes to you before, you’re not qualified in the future! So don’t come looking for trouble with me again, or don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
Aaron’s expression changed.
Dominic let go of him and snorted. His gaze was so sharp that Aaron was frightened.
Aaron looked at his back and was stunned for a long time. The scar between his eyebrows seemed to be more ferocious.
“Mr. Wilson.” One of his men hurried over.
“What did you find?”
“Dan gambled and refused to pay a year ago, which violated the rules of the underworld. It is said that… he has been killed!”
Aaron paled. ‘Is the news reliable?”
“I’m not sure.” The subordinate licked his lips. “Tve inquired about several places. Some said that he was dead, and some said that his finger had been cut off, leaving him to fend for himself… But in my opinion, he might die.”
Aaron was serious.
That’s right. If he offended the underworld, even if he was alive, it would be impossible for him to be like the person just now, standing in front of him with so much strength and almost breaking his
Chapter 107
But if that person was not Dan, then who was he?
“Continue the investigation,” Aaron ordered coldly. “Be careful.”
Jane stood outside the bright conference room, wearing a simple and elegant dark professional suit, which made her look elegant and charming.
She took a deep breath and walked in.
Although she was me ntally prepared, she was still timid in the face of so many strange gazes.
“Is this the other daughter of the chairman?” Someone whispered. “Is she the illegitimate daughter?
“Shh… You can’t say that! Who can know what the chairman is thinking? She is now an illegitimate daughter. I’m afraid she will inherit the family business in the future!”
“Then our Miss has completely last her power?”
“Who knows… In short, she was cheated of tens of millions last time, and the chairman was already angry. Well, how can she manage such a big group with such a brain?”
Jane heard the whispers of the crowd.
She tried her best to ignore all of this.
Dan told her that she had to stay calm no matter what happened. The calmer she was, the better she could think of a countermeasure. People would lose their minds in a panic.
At the thought of her husband, Jane smiled slightly and looked much more relaxed.
The board of directors began as scheduled.
At the meeting, David gave a brief introduction and arranged corresponding work for Jane. All the shareholders kept silent. Although they had doubts, they pretended to welcome Jane.
After all, the overall situation was still uncertain. No one could guarantee what would happen in the
It was wise not to offend anyone.
After the meeting, people went out one after another, Jane packed up her things and followed them, ready to get familiar with her office environment.
However, as soon as she reached the lobby on the first floor, she suddenly heard someone calling.
She turned her head and was slapped!
Her mind went blank, and she covered half of her burning face. At this moment, she couldn’t think about anything, and many people were fixed on her.
When she looked up, she saw Fiona standing arrogantly in front of her. Her eyes were fierce as if she wanted to eat her alive.
“You b itch!” Fiona cursed her loudly. “You usually pretend to be uninterested in the Fallon family property, but now you’ve finally shown your true colors! You’re just a sl ut as your shameless mother!
“Fiona!” Jane trembled slightly. “Don’t slander me! I’ve never been interested in the property of the Fallon family, but the chairman asked me to do so today, and he was the one who gave me the shares! You can argue with the board of directors. Don’t show off in front of mel
“Oh, you want to threaten me with Dad? You bi tch, don’t think that I don’t know how you instigated
Chapter 107
me in front of Dad!”
“By the way,” Fiona turned around to face the crowd with a sinister smile, “Do you know what kind of person her husband is?
“He’s a notorious gangster! He always fights and goes to jail!”
Jane clenched her fists tightly, she was angry.
“But my sister likes to keep good for nothings! No matter how useless her man is, she gives him a lot of money!” Fiona laughed shrilly. “Oh… why? Do you like him so much? Is it because he had good s*x skills?”
She deliberately said loudly so that everyone in the hall could hear her.
Jane blushed, and the discussions around her cut her like knives. Those sarcastic and contemptuous eyes were thrown at her like hail.
She bit her lip and looked into Fiona’s sinister eyes.
However, at the same time, she saw David coming down the stairs from the corner of her eye.
Jane was stunned. She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.
“Sister,” she said in a low voice, “Please be careful. I’m afraid it’s not good for you to say such things in the company.”
“Oh.” Fiona crossed her arms in front of her chest and rolled her eyes at her. Are you afraid of being affected?”
“I’m afraid it will affect the Fallon family.” Jane deliberately emphasized the word “the Fallon family”.
David cared a lot about his reputation. No matter how chaotic his family was, he would never allow others to know those things.
However, Fiona made such a scene in public, which made him angry.


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