My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 109

Chapter 109
“What’s wrong?”
“No… nothing.” Jane replied in a low voice.
She stole a few glances at him as she ate the noodles. She pouted and said in a low, “You really know
the time…”
What was he thinking? How did he know that her period was over today?
Jane blushed even more and looked at him shyly and reproachfully.
Dominic was confused. He couldn’t figure out what had happened.
Why was she blushing?
Dominic roughed lightly and looked up at Jane. He couldn’t help but smile. “You’ve adapted quite well to the Fallon Group these past few days. Why are you so happy?”
When Jane heard this, her eyes darkened, and she gently stopped eating.
She told Dominic everything that had happened in the past few days, including how Fiona made things difficult for her in the
Die listened quietly. He could imagine how helpless she was in the Fallon Group. Although it
was a family business, her situation was much more complicated than anyone else’s.
But she had to endure that.
She couldn’t be afraid or admit defeat.
Moreover, he would always stand by her side.
“Honey.” Jane whispered, “Dad talked to me today and said he would assign the HR department to
Dominic eyes lit up.
The HR department has always been an essential part of the group. Only trusted aides could get this position.
But what David meant was strange…
Dominic smiled with a hint of cun ning flashing across his brows. He asked in a low voice, “Did you agree?”
“Of course I refuse.” Her answer was not slo ppy at all.
He knew it. How could his woman be so s tupid?
Jane glanced at him and said softly, “In a group, the II and Financial departments are the most important departments. According to my father’s character, he has to control people and money himself.
“Joy has been married to him for so many years, and Fiona has also been in the company for so many years, but they still can’t get a place in the IIR department. Why should I be appointed as soon as I come?”
Dominic maintained his composure, but there was already a hint of approval in his eyes.
“I think there are two possibilities. Jane continued to analyze, “One is that he is testing me to see if 1 amcoveting the Fallon Group. The other is that… he is deliberately provoking a war between Fiona
My band is A Secret Déboname
and me.
“Once I agree, Fiona and Joy won’t let me off. The more fierce our fight, the more pleasing it will be to him!
“That’s why I won’t get involved.” Jane took a sip of the soup. “At least now is not the right time!”
Dominic chuckled and took out a tissue to wipe the corner of her mouth.
His voice was h oar se as he praised her in a low voice, “My wife is so smart.”
He said sincerely. He had thought that he would marry a soft and lovely wife, but he didn’t expect that Jane would surprise him.
She wasn’t trying to rely on a strong man, she was a great woman who can live independently.
They could help each other.
However, the more it was like this, the more worried he was about their future..
Jane smiled sweetly at him, and there was also a little pride in her beautiful big eyes.
“Now do you know that you’ve married a good woman?”
Dominic smiled and said nothing.
“Honey.” He rubbed her hair. “It’s a waste of your smart head to work at the Fallon Group! Why don’t you be the boss yourself?”
Td like to…” Jane sighed and ate the rest of the noodles. Then she leaned back on the sofa and touched her full belly.
Dominic came out of the kitchen and wiped his hands. When he saw her leaning against the sofa, he smiled and walked over to pull her gently.
Jane crashed into his strong arms.
The man’s strong arms hugged her tightly. When she met his deep eyes, she suddenly remembered. what he had said, “We have a more important thing to do…”
“Now… it’s about to start?”
Jane blushed instantly. She lowered her head and allowed herself to be held by him obediently.
“Honey,” she said, “let’s…. wait a while.”
Dominic was stunned. “In a while?
“Didn’t you say… Ouch, let’s do it later. I’m too full. I can’t do that thing now!”
It took Dominic a long time to react. Holding back his laughter, he said to her h oars ely, “Who said we were going to do that? I’m going to take you out.”
Jane was stunned and stared at him.
Dominic-caressed her head.
Could it be that they had too much s*x, which made her have a conditioned reflex in this respect? As soon as he talked about an important thing, she immediately thought of…
This was something that he had personally taught!
He curled his lips and could not lude the pride.
Jane clenched her small fist and punched him hard.
“All right.” He gently held her hand. I’m serious, I want to take you to a place.”
“Where are we going?”
“Didn’t you overeat?” He chuckled. “Tll take you out for a walk!”
Jane changed her clothes and went out with him. They took the bus and turned to the subway. After walking for a while, they arrived at a commercial street,
Although it was not as prosperous as the downtown area, it was romantic.
Therefore, this was where many literary and artistic young people gathered.
Although Jane was a native, she rarely came to this place.
She looked around curiously as if she had entered a novel paradise. Dominic took her hand and walked on the stone road under the shade of parasol trees. Not long after, they stopped in front of a shop.
Jane widened her eyes, and her heart ski p ped a bit.
“Honey, this…”
This place was exactly the same as she had imagined!
It was a spacious, transparent French window with a small yard full of sunshine and purple Iris.
Dominic smiled and led her in. The decoration inside was fresh and simple. Behind the wooden bar counter were coffee machines and ovens. All coffee beans were neatly placed in large transparent containers in the closet.
Jane was stunned for a long time. She looked at the man beside her in a daze and muttered, “Am I dreaming?
Dominic pinched her soft earlobe.
She suddenly burst into laughter, hanging almost on Dominic. Her hands were wrapped around his neck, and she was thrilled.
“Honey, did you help me find this store?
“Can I become a boss?
“How can you be so powerful!”
After Jane calmed down, her expression suddenly changed. She slowly loosened, as if she had suddenly thought of something. There was a hint of hesitation in her eyes.
“Honey,” she asked tentatively, “Is this shop expensive?”
Dominic had expected her to ask such a question. He didn’t reply and only smiled faintly.
Jane became more suspicious.
“Can you… tell me the truth.
“What the hell is going on?”


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