My Husband Is A Secret Billionaire By Wiuu Chapter 110

Chapter 110
Dominic looked at her quietly.
Jane suddenly saw a trace of complexity in his deep eyes. She was nervous.
After a long time, she heard her husband’s deep and slow voice.
“I’ve been looking for this shop for a long time. I negotiated with the landlord several times before renting and decorating it.”
Jane was slightly stunned.

“You said that you wanted to run a cafe.” He looked gently and stroked her face. “I’ve always kept it in mind.
“So I found a few stores and finally chose this one because I felt it was very in line with your requirements.”
“Honey,” he said in a low and doting voice, “I will try my best to get what you want at all costs.”
Jane was moved and held his hand tightly.
“It must have cost a lot of money.”
“Well, it’s a little pricy.” She wouldn’t believe it even if he said it was cheap. So he said, “The bonus from the previous two competitions, plus my salary and commission during this period, is just enough
Jane was a little distressed.
She knew that he would have a lot of money after the competition, but he earned it with his physical. strength. She didn’t want his salary because she didn’t want to waste his hard-earned money.
She wanted him to treat himself better and buy things for his own enjoyment.
He didn’t have to save money.
She didn’t expect him to spend it on her in the end.
“Didn’t I tell you to keep the money?” She pretended to blame him.
“It’s for you.” He smiled. “Fortunately, it’s worth it to fulfill your wish.”
“I have many wishes!” She pouted. “Can you help me fulfill them all?”
He hugged her tightly.
Jane smiled like the warm sun. She could hear his strong heartbeat, but she couldn’t know his fear.
She didn’t know. She just wanted to do a better job now. In this way, when his identity was revealed, she might not be able to leave him.
Dominic led her to the back of the bar, selected some light-fried coffee beans, and put them in the coffee machine.
“Let me be your first guest today.” He raised his eyebrows and smiled, “One iced coffee, please.”
Jane agreed with a smile and prepared the beverage.
It was gradually getting dark outside, and the French parasol tree at the door swayed with the breeze. The fragrance of coffee wafted in the room. Jane snuggled up to Dominic and looked at the sky in the distance with a faint smile.
She seemed to be walking step by step into her colorful dream.
On the weekend, a small opening ceremony was held in the cafe.
Jane and Dominic had been thinking about the name of the cafe for a few days and finally gave it a simple moniker.
It was called Purple Iris.
It just so happened that the courtyard was filled with this kind of flower, and the language was full of happiness and love.
The weather was sunny that day, and the white clouds were like large clouds of cotton candy floating in the blue sky, surrounded by colorful colors in summer.
Linda was the first to come with a gift. Before she entered the door, she asked for coffee and desserts. She also wanted to pack some for supper.
However, as soon as she saw the serious face of Dominic, she immediately stood still at the door.
“What’s wrong?” Jane tugged at her and chuckled. “By the way, you haven’t seen Miss Campbell yet, have you? Let me introduce her to you!”
Dominic was dragged to Linda by her.
They looked at each other, and Linda tried her best to suppress her laughter.
“Honey, this is Linda Campbell. She saved me last time.”
“Linda, this is my…”
“I know!” Linda put one arm around the neck of Jane and smiled at Dominic. “This is your husband, Dan Murphy!”
Dominic was expressionless.
“Honey?” Jane nudged him with her arm. “Linda is greeting you!”
Dominic glanced at Linda and replied with a “hmm” in a muf fled voice. Then he turned around and went to the back of the bar to check the oven temperature.
Jane frowned. She was confused and felt a little embarrassed in front of Linda. “Did she think that they didn’t treat the guests well?”
“Linda, I’m sorry.” She smiled apologetically. “My husband is usually serious and not very enthusiastic about people… But after getting along with him for a while, you will know he is a good. person!”
Linda held back her laughter and nodded.
Since he was young, Dominic had always been referred to as a “brat” by her second uncle, and “cold-faced man” and an “evil demon” by the other members of her family.
And Jane thought he was a good person.
It seemed that her brother could make a woman happy!
Jane made a cup of coffee for Linda and told her husband to keep an eye on the time. Then she turned around and went to clean the yard.
The smell of cream wafted from the oven. Linda quietly walked over and wanted to launch a sneak attack from behind. However, Dominic turned around first, crossed his arms, and frowned. His eyes suddenly became sharp.
Linda cried out in a low voice and quickly covered her thumping heart.
“Hey Brother.”
The man raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, “Don’t call me that. I’m Dan.”
Linda stuck out her tongue and laughed dryly.
His face darkened. “What are you doing here?”
“L…” Linda was very innocent. “I really came to congratulate you! Besides, it was Jane who asked me to come. I didn’t come uninvited!
“It’s fine if you’re here to eat and drink for free.” Dominic looked even gloomier, “Watch your tongue in front of my wife! Understand?”
“Got it!” Linda laughed and said, Tm your sister. How can I make things difficult for you? You’re Dan, and we don’t know each other! OK? Hey, brother… Is my strawberry biscuits ready? I’ll eat two pieces and bring the rest with me…”
“Why did you bring so many?” Dominic glared at her. “How can we do business when all of them have been taken away by you?”
“Don’t be like that, okay? There are just a few biscuits… In the past, when you helped Grandpa manage the Campbell Group, you didn’t feel sorry for spending so much money then!”
“How can that be the same?” Dominic rolled his eyes at her.
When the time came, he didn’t have time to argue with her. He put on thick gloves and took out the food.
Linda leaned over like a greedy cat, but Dominic didn’t give it to her. Instead, he took the plate and walked away.
Jane happened to see this scene when she entered the door to wash her hands.
“Honey!” She was shocked. “What are you doing?”
Linda immediately pretended to be wronged and ran to Jane.
“Jane, he won’t give me any biscuits… He thinks I ate too much!”
Jane glared at Dominic.
Dominic pursed his lips. Although his face was dark, he still obediently put the plate on the table.
“Jane, it smells so good in here! Can I come again in the future?”
Jane agreed with a smile, turned around to wash her hands, and warned her husband in a low voice to take good care of her savior.
Just as she turned around, Dominic caught a glimpse of Linda making faces at him and even said to
him with a smirk.
“So you’re afraid of your wife!”


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